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 ↳shigatsu wa kimi no uso 「 四月は君の嘘 」 ►  inside spring  ( 03/22 )

“ Whether you’re sad, you’re a mess, or you’ve hit rock bottom, you still have to play! That’s how people like us survive. ” (you exist inside spring. you exist inside a spring that can’t be replaced.)   

Hideo Kojima ships Hannigram/Madancy? oh what a beautiful world we live in

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Where does Keith, lance and pidge participate in the altean!Hunk and Altean! Shiro?

Keith grew up as a Galra with the blade of marmora. Notices he ages fast (like I hc Galrans have long lifespans) Keith discovers he is half human and travels to Earth to find some answers and look into clues for Voltron. Figures out how to shift into his human form, joins the Garrison, gets kicked out (similar in the show basically).

Lance and Pidge are gonna remain human (the reason for this is because Coran is an instructor at the garrison and Allura is a senior office, what position Shiro had and got suspended/fired which was do with with her digging around into her Father’s death. So Allura is Lance’s hero, that I dig and Coran is one of their instructors, their fav one)

I’m thinkin then Altean!Shiro crashes to Earth (maybe escaping the Galra) but also a piece of Altean technology which Allura discovers and links her to the castleship. Gang saves Altean!Shiro, find out Keith’s half alien then find Blue Lion and off they go into space and find Altean!Hunk.

when you feel like you’re on top of the world

I have now identified as aro for a year and even though I still question it, it still feels great. I hope that wherever you are in your questioning phase, whether you’re just starting out or are already confident in your identities, I hope you know that you’re 100% valid and loved

Bering & Wells - On the Run 10 (Flashback 6)

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r u ever doing a math problem and u are hard the fuck at work doing all these fucking math backflips and you have got this and you end up with a fucking monster of an answer that looks like it belongs in a movie on the supergenius theoretical physicist’s board like aw man look at this tough as nails problem with the long answer look how well i managed dealing with all these numbers

then u look in the back of the book and the answer was like fucking 3 or something

Give that girl faith, that she is good enough
—  Norwegian Cedric

Things that are far from ok: Kieran laughing and playing with little children with Mark looking

Things that I’ll never recover of: Kieran playing with Max and Max pulling his hair and Kieran calling him “nixie-like warlock” and being amazed by him