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The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader Pt 8

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Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader.

Genre” Mafia, angst, suspense.

Member: Jongup.

Word Count: 3500.

Description: What happens once Mr Moon is dead? The attack of revenge of course.

“Y/N, though you may feel you are in debt. and can’t be friends with my family, please never hesitate to come to me when you need me. Because I will always have the power and the will to help you with whatever you need. And I’m afraid one day I’m going to have to ask you to do the same for my son, you may not remember me telling you this, but already it is obvious my son Jongup, will never be good at communicating with others, Y/N”

You couldn’t remember your first meeting with Mr Moon’s son, the one where you were sitting so shyly in the shelter of your parent’s arms, only to rant and rave to Jongup about all of your favourite toys. Because you were never well off in the social department. You were never a strange child, one that other children feared, for some reason you were just someone they all ignored. And though you wished to change that, there was your growing shyness keeping a tight grip on you and stopping you from doing so.

Maybe that’s why you remembered, maybe that was why the only thing you could think about right now was Mr Moon, everything he had ever said to you and Jongup, at home, doing who knows what to help himself deal with this pain of losing someone you love.

There was one hand on your collar bones, the small pendant providing comfort under your fingers, your phone was in the other hand as you watched Jaeho’s back. The way he was rushing in his steps earlier all seemed to be reasonless, he was casually strolling now, walking down the street with the same pace as the people doing their window shopping.

Your phone vibrated in your hand and you quickly answered, putting it your ear just a few meters behind Jaeho.

“Yo” You answered and Daehyun’s serious voice answered you.

“There’s another corner not too far from you, I have a feeling he’s gonna go right there, keep following him and just tell me where he is going. I can’t let him see the car”

“Oh ok that’s cool” You answered, you were just in hearing range of Jaeho. You kept the phone to your ear, and just as Daehyun predicted, Jaeho made a right, you didn’t know how Daehyun knew he was gonna do that, but he did and as you slowed down in order to not make your stalking obvious.

“Ok, how far away are you?” You asked, Jaeho briefly glanced back at you as you turned your corner, continuing to walk towards the crossing as he continued on the way he was going.

“We’ll stay just around the corner; tell me each time you make a turn” Daehyun commanded.

“Ok, I’ll do that” You responded and quickly crossed the road. You didn’t have to talk to Daehyun when you were on the other side of the street, out of Jaeho’s sight as you followed the direction he was walking in.

The office was big, you didn’t know what Mr Moon wanted to talk about for your father to have brought you here, but it must have been important if you weren’t meeting at a restaurant or answering the front door of your house to greet him.

“Mr Moon!” You exclaimed, at the tender age of seven, you ran into the office, ignoring the scolding voice of your father and missing the confused eyes of Mr Moon’s assistant.

“Y/N is that your sweet voice I hear?” He responded, spinning in his chair and standing, he put a phone down and you quickly rushed to hug the older man.

“So it was you, where is your father Y/N?” Mr Moon chuckled, picking your small figure up in his arms and pinching your cheek.

“I’m right here, I’m so sorry Lee Jong, she hasn’t been listening to me ever since I told her where we were going” You father immediately bowed in apology as he rushed in after you.

“We both know that’s no problem, now is it Y/N? Come on over and have a seat, I have something to tell you”

“Take another right” You spoke up, coming back to your senses and following Jaeho around the corner by crossing the road again, Daehyun hummed and you could hear Zelo cursing at the cords and wires surrounding him in the back seat. You didn’t know this area, and Jaeho kept his leisurely pace, you looked for any street signs to help you tell Daehyun where you were. There was another corner and your mind became blank as you walked through the seriously unknown area.

It was starting to look dangerous, like the men with their senses drowned in alcohol and minds spinning with the effects of drugs would start lurking around, looking for trouble and victims. You were tense and it was obvious to the people around you if they were to look at you.

“Keep going up” You commanded and you could still hear Zelo trying to organise himself as the motor of the car travelled through the phone and behind you. You looked behind you, they were slowly travelling down the black behind you, parking and waiting for your next instructions. Jaeho seemed to be picking up his pace again now, he looked around him, not checking behind him as he took up a light jog towards a fancy looking building. It was the fanciest among the other average looking buildings, as he approached the steps to the building he looked around again, eyes sweeping over you who still had your phone to your ears and your eyes on the other side of the road, walking to the side of the road as if you were about to cross again.

“Come up to the next block and he’s gone into that really fancy building, hurry up and get here I feel like I’m gonna get jumped at any second now” You muttered into the phone. The was the rattling of a can being kicked along the ground, you had this curse/power where you practically predicted what was about to happen based on your feelings, hence the can being kicked against the ground wasn’t something you should ignore.

You looked in the direction of the sound, not too far from the big fancy building was a really tall person staring you down and you instantly pretended to have only seen the can, not him. He was almost as tall as Zelo and though he had a soft featured face, he looked scary and you weren’t about to get in a fight with him.

“I’m crossing the road some creep is staring me down and I am not dying tonight” You rushed, you crossed to the other side, hardly feeling safe as it only took a few seconds for the other man to do the same. He was walking towards you, you were beginning to shake, were you going to be able to shake someone that size off of you?

You heard the roar of an engine and looked behind you as you took a couple steps back.

“Daehyun, a bit of speed might be nice” You muttered and the car sped up in response. Daehyun could see you now, and he recognised who was approaching you. The car was moving too fast for it to be legal now and Zelo didn’t have to be told anything. There was a classic black beanie with the holes for eyes and a mouth in the back seat amongst the giant’s mess, and when he found it he pulled it over his head, throwing the cords off him and swinging the door open when Daehyun snarled at him.

“Get her Zelo we aren’t gonna die by Jongup’s hands tonight!” Daehyun ordered and Zelo was out of the car before it had come to a complete stop. He was close, you were stepping away as if you couldn’t see him but you were shaking. You screamed as someone grabbed you and you punched them several times until you were falling into the backseat of a car with them, feeling the cords dig into your skin and hearing the familiar growl of Daehyun’s angered voice as the door swung shut thanks to Zelo’s feet, your eyes widened as you looked at him over your shoulder, his panicked eyes meeting your own.

“Oh my god Zelo, I’m so sorry! Take that damn thing off” You ripped the beanie off him and Zelo groaned as he rubbed the places you had managed to hit him.

“Jesus Christ woman where did you learn to punch like that?!”

“I thought you were that freak trying to steal me and hide me in a rusty old shed for the rest of my life!” You exclaimed in return and Zelo groaned as you tried to sit up.

“I don’t think we’ll be getting out until a door is opened Y/N” You looked at the situation you were in and Zelo was right. You were both tangled in the cords because of the struggle you made and Zelo was just too tall.

“Damn, this is gonna hurt later” You sighed and Zelo muttered something you couldn’t understand.

“But do you really have to put your legs on me?” You asked after a beat of silence and Zelo glared at you as he lifted his head.

“I’m sorry little miss short but they have to go somewhere!” He snapped.

“I’m not short!” You yelled back and Daehyun sighed as he turned the radio up to tune out your bickering with Zelo.

“You’re not the only one with cords digging into you Y/N!” Zelo roared and Daehyun only turned the music up louder, causing the whole car to be engulfed with the ear splitting volume he had the music at.

“You’re lucky this is a good song Jung Daehyun!” You screeched but Daehyun couldn’t hear you as he bopped along to the music, turning a corner sharply and causing Zelo to squish you more.

“Jung Daehyun!”


“They should have Zelo spying on the building by now, they’ve been gone long enough” Youngjae muttered between his fingers pinching his bottom lip, it wasn’t hard for the brains to get into the files containing some of Jaeho’s deepest information. He scrolled through it lazily and Jongup pulled the sleeve of his jacket back to look at the gold watch resting on the comfort of his wrist bone. His brows pinched together when he realised just how much time has passed.

“We can’t finish our attack plan if we don’t have an insight of their building” Yongguk muttered he too was clamping his fingers down on different parts of his face to express his stress and the concentration he was putting into the plan for their great attack.

Jongup continued to pace, arm bent in front of him so he could watch the time pass as he stormed from one end of the room to the other. There was a knock on the door and the three of them looked up at the sound, Jongup swung the door open in his stomp towards the front of the room and Himchan greeted him with several barrels and bags containing tubes surrounding him.

“Should this be enough?” He asked, there was an arrogant grin barely being restrained from his lips and Jongup stared at the gunpowder surrounding him.

“Eh, should be” Jongup shrugged as the look on Himchan’s face flattened and they stared at each other for a few silent seconds.

“Bring it in” Jongup sighed, moving through Himchan to one of the barrels, it met his waist in height and Jongup remained silent as Himchan watched him move the barrel, rolling it through the door and into the weaponry room. He passed Yongguk who looked up at him with curious eyes when the door to the side room for the already large weaponry room was opened. Jongup turned the light on and Yongguk continued to watch him disappear through the door with the barrel before looking back down at all the paper scattered on the lit up table in front of him.


“How long are we going to sit here before anything is done?” The music was turned down again, but your ears were left ringing and you had never felt so stiff in your life.

“I’m pulling over now so you can get out, then we’ll circle the building and see if anyone is in there. That’s where you come in Zelo”

“Yes sir” Zelo did his best to salute Daehyun as the car came to a stop and you groaned as he began moving. You didn’t know how Zelo managed to use his foot to open the door, but he did and as you opened the door at your head your crawled out of the car arms first as Zelo rolled off of you and onto the gravel at his feet, sitting and rubbing the sore spots before getting up and stretching.

“We better never have to do anything like that again” You hissed, hands massaging the sore places, constantly moving to aid each part of your body.

“I can’t promise you anything, now get back in the car you two” Daehyun commanded and you stood up slowly and moved back to the front seat as fast as your pained body would allow you to. As the three of you sat in the car your body began to ease up and you soon stopped noticing the pain that was fading away.

Like Daehyun said, the car circled the building as Zelo stuffed everything neatly into a bag. You looked at the building each time you passed it, not sure how to feel as you laid your eyes upon it. It was the fifth time circling the area when Zelo spoke up.

“Let’s start looking for a way in” Daehyun pulled over immediately and you all got out, walking towards the building as Daehyun looked around, then nodded for the two of you to follow him down the side of the building. He took the two of you to the back door, testing the door handle and then looking at Zelo. He nodded and Zelo stepped forward, shoving two wires into the door there was some sort of box in his hand that once pressed down on a few times, caused the wires to unlock the door.

“What are we now? Some sort of mafia spies?” You hissed in a whisper and they both shrugged at you, not understanding how a device capable of unlocking any door was a big deal. The door was slowly pulled open, you couldn’t see any lights on from the inside so you doubted if anyone was really in the building, or if this was even the main building you were meant to be searching for.

But as Zelo pulled out a torch, the light met with a black flag, the white splash of paint and two female faces mirroring each other, a crown and the word history in capital letter scrawled across a line of red paint seemed to prove Daehyun right as they grinned at each other.

“We’ve got it” Zelo chuckled and you stared at the two of them.

“You. Take her with you” Daehyun pointed at Zelo then to you, pulling his finger towards Zelo as if it were some sort of rope that would pull you towards him.

“I’ll wait here and give you the signal if anyone shows up. You two are on your own if someone comes, got it?” The two of you nodded, Zelo nodded in understanding whilst you nodded in a stupor, baffled that you were being given some sort of big job on a such an important mission.

“You’re here for a reason, aren’t you Y/N” Daehyun grinned and you nodded as you met eyes with him.

“Don’t let that fear cloud your reason” Daehyun kept his smile and you nodded, turning to follow Zelo’s retreating footsteps.

“I already set one up at the back door while you were having your moment of skittishness, we need one at every angle of the area so no mistakes can be made” Zelo whispered and you nodded, reaching out to hold the fabric of his jacket as he shone the torch around the area.

“Hold this” He shoved the torch at you and you shone it on him before following where his hands were going to work under a bowl of fruit.

“Isn’t that to typical?” You asked under you breath and Zelo shook his head.

“Everyone tends to avoid the typical. So they won’t even see this little guy nestled in here” He waved the small go pro in his hand and you watched as he set it up.

“We have one camera coming in” Youngjae notified and with heavy breaths Jongup rushed out of the side room to look over his shoulder at the computer.

“Don’t make to much noise, we don’t know if they’re in here” Zelo demanded and you rose an eyebrow at him.

“So this is a suicide mission?” You snapped lowly.

“Basically” Zelo shrugged before using one of the office chairs to plant a camera behind the bar holding the curtains up.

“There’s our second” Youngjae pointed as another box popped up on screen. The two of you could be seen putting the chair back and scurrying to another part of the room, setting up a camera and creating a third box on the screen of Youngjae’s laptop.

“They’re getting there” Yongguk muttered, grateful nothing had gone wrong so far.The two of you left the room and only seconds later there was the view of Zelo’s nose too close to the camera. The four watching cringed as he breathed out and the screen became fogged up.

“We need to keep moving quickly” He pulled away blinking as he adjusts the camera and rushed to another section of the hall, shoving one of the cameras in a pot plant as you lit the way for him.

“Bring it over to the computers” Jongup demanded and everyone followed him as Youngjae rushed to connect the laptop to the widescreen computers. More boxes popped up as the two of you made your way through the building, reaching the second floor at a high speed.

“Zelo, if you have these camera’s what the hell were the cords for?” You asked and Zelo turned to grin down at you.

“You’re just gonna have to wait and see about that” You rose an eyebrow at him and he stepped away from the camera, shoving your shoulder to keep you moving. You followed him with rushed steps as you got to the last room in the building, the most important one of all. Zelo opened the door and the light from the torch shone on the objects of Jaeho’s office as you trailed it around the room.

“Let’s be quick so we can get out of here” Zelo muttered and you nodded, quickly opening the door wider as the two of you stepped into the room. Jaeho’s office was the place with the most hiding spots and the most cameras. You shoved things at Zelo and shone the torches in areas for him to put the cameras. There was a sudden, high pitched flow of melody and Zelo looked at you with wide eyes.

“What the hell is that? Who the hell would be singing at this time of the night?” You asked and Zelo shook his head.

“That’s Daehyun’s signal”

With his hood covering his face, Daehyun brought his fingers to his ear. His mouth fell open as he hit the high note, causing two sets of eyes to fall on his figure leaning against the car, parked rather closely to the back door of their building. When he was done, he got in the car and drove off before the two could say anything about what they just witnessed.

“You think that’s something we should be worried about?” The tall silhouette looked down at Jaeho and he scoffed, shaking his head as he chuckled.

“No one’s brave enough to challenge us, of course we don’t have to worry about freaks like that”

“Zelo what the hell are we meant to do?” You panicked as Zelo rushed you out of the office and towards the stairs.

“It’s important we get as close as we can to one of the exits, we’ll hide somewhere downstairs and leave through the back door just like we came in, if we can” With his hands on your shoulders he forced the two of you down the stairs and onto the main floor as you both looked around.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me” Jongup growled, pinching the bridge of his nose as he watched through the cameras.

“Why do the two specialising in the jobs on the site have to be total fucking idiots?” Jongup snapped as Yongguk shrugged.

“Hey, you asked for them”

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How did we end up here? || Luke OS (smut)

Pairing: Y/N | Luke
Smut: yes | no
Request: yes
Plot: there’s just something about that guy, maybe it’s his stupid quiff, or his cocky smile, or maybe it’s just the fact he’s a complete douchebag. It’s simple, you hate Luke Hemmings. But what happens when your archenemy turns out to be exactly what you need ?

As I woke up from what felt like the longest slumber of my entire life, I could feel my head pounding and every single muscle of my body aching. When my vision finally adjusted to the bright light, I looked around only to realize I was laying on a bathroom floor, half naked next to an unidentified body. The cold tiles had turned my back into a numb mess. Right now seemed like the perfect moment to stab me in the spine as I was pretty sure I couldn’t feel a thing, that area was dead, just like my brain.

Trying to compose myself, I slowly sat up, pushing a few strands of hair from my face so I could take a proper look at the guy resting next to me. Was he even breathing? Was I in some psychological thriller when the girl wakes up with amnesia only to find out she’s committed some awful, barbaric murder? He looked pretty clean except for a few red scratches along his back… Hopefully I wasn’t the reason behind those. Still, I was pretty much naked and so was he. Anyone walking into this bathroom right now could easily connect the dots.

Suddenly, my John Doe groaned and turned his face towards me so he could rest his cheek on his hands, using them as a pillow. Then reality hit me pretty hard. Not only did I know this guy, but I also hated him with all my guts. Shivers ran down my spine as I tried to remember how the hell I had managed to wake up naked next to my archenemy, Luke Hemmings.

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He Saves You From Someone Yelling/Following You In The City (Calum/4)

Request: Hey can you do a 4/4 where you’re friends and you call them to come pick you up bc you’re out in the city alone and someone’s following/yelling at you?



“Can you show me your ID please” You say to a young-ish looking guy who just asked for a vodka and coke at the bar you work at.

“Why do I need to show you my ID?” He asks

“Because I need to make sure that you’re eighteen or over. Just regulations, that’s all.” You repeat

“Well I don’t have any ID on me. But surely you can tell I’m over eighteen” He spits

You’ve worked her long enough to know that this kid is obviously lying. You could tell the second he approached the bar.

“I can’t legally serve you if you have no ID” You state

“But that guy hasn’t had to show any ID” He argues

“I’m sorry if it seems unfair, but I am well aware that you are a young person which means I have to ask you for ID. If you are under eighteen then you should never have entered here in the first place as it’s after eight. If you are eighteen or over then I am really sorry but I can’t legally serve you if I have no proof of your age” You reply, as calmly as possible.

The boy hits the surface of the bar, “God, couldn’t you just serve me as a one off?”

And there it is, the truth is out. You were right to ask for ID because he’s just admitted to not being eighteen or over.

“No, sorry. I can’t. And now I have to ask you to leave because you’ve just admitted to being younger than eighteen” You say

He tuts, “Oh come on, my eighteenth birthday is literally in two weeks time”

“Well in that case, come back in two weeks time with ID and I will happily serve you. But for now you’re still not eighteen yet, and I’m still not allowed to serve you, and I still have to ask you to leave.” You continue “So could you please leave before I have to call security to escort you out. You’re making this far too hard for me and for yourself”

“No. I won’t go anywhere until I get my vodka and coke!” He yells

You discreetly press the small red button that is placed underneath the surface of the bar, which will alert security. Within two minutes, a bouncer is stood next to the boy.

You nod to him and he turns to the kid, “Come on kid, not today. Out you go”

He lightly takes hold of the boys arm and escorts him out.

“THIS ISN’T OVER!” The boy shouts as he his chucked out the premises.


You finish up your shift and head out.

“Bye Sean” You call to the guy on security

“See you later!” He calls back

You begin to take your walk to the nearest bus stop to the club; it’s a couple of blocks away.

You’ve had a pretty decent shift at work, but now you’re just happy you’re on the way home. You check your phone immediately, and realise you have a text from your friend, Calum.

Text when your shift finishes :) it reads.

You text him back to let you know you’re out the club, and the two of you are now having a full text conversation. You’ve known Calum since primary school, and you’ve always been really close friends. You’re also good friends with his best mates and band mates, but you’re still closest with Calum. You’re sure you always will be.

As you turn a corner, you become aware of the presence of another person behind you. Your initial instinct is that they are just walking in the same direction as you, but you could literally cut the tension in the air with a knife right now, which is what is scaring you.

You pass a closed store and you take a look in the window, seeing your reflection and the person behind you’s reflection. You instantly recognise him to be the boy you refused to serve for behind underage. He got pissed at you and his words, “This isn’t over” play back and forward in your head.

You’re still texting Calum so you delete the message you were about to send before typing a new one up: Calum I’m in trouble. I’m walking to the bus stop and I’m being followed by some seventeen year old boy who I wouldn’t serve for being underage. He was mad and he did warn me that ‘it wasn’t over’ or whatever. What the fuck do I do, I’m really scared Cal :(

You continue to walk a few minutes down the path, the boy still walking behind you, when your phone beeps: Try and get somewhere where there is a lot of people and I’ll come and pick you up. Whatever you do, do not try and talk to him. Don’t be scared. Text me when you’re in a safe place so that I know where to find you.

You send him a text just to let him know that’s what you were doing. Then you had to think of where you could go. You look around, not so obvious for the boy to notice, to see if you could find a place to wait for Calum.

There’s a square not too far from where you are now, and there are bound to be people filling it.

Ten minutes and you, and you’re unwelcomed visitor, arrive at the square. You were right. There are loads of people walking around and hanging out, so it’s the safest place you could be right now.

You take a seat on one of the benches and text Calum your location, who replies to say that he’s not far from that square now.

“Fancy meeting you here” A voice says

You gulp, “What do you want?”

“An apology for humiliating me would be nice” He states

You roll your eyes, “I’m not the one who made the laws. I was only doing my job.”

“So your job is to make people look like an idiot?” He questions

You shake your head, “No. It’s my job to serve people, permitting they’re old enough and legal to drink. You aren’t legal to drink yet, so I wasn’t going to make myself

responsible for your underage drinking. I’m sorry if it humiliated you but that’s what I was trying to get across when I said that you were making it harder for yourself. If you hadn’t have argued, you wouldn’t feel so humiliated”

He tuts, “You know I think you just did that out of spite. I bet you just enjoy laughing at customers. You fucking bit-”

“Okay I think that’s enough” A familiar voice said sternly, from behind the boy.

The boy swings round, a shocked expression hitting his face, “Who are you?”

“I’m a friend of the girl you’re harassing and I would really appreciate it if you shut the fuck up and left her alone” Calum snaps

“I-I-I wasn’t harassing her” He stutters

“I don’t know about you but following her from the club to here and then verbally assaulting her for doing absolutely nothing wrong sounds like harassing her if you ask me” Calum replies

“S-s-sorry” The boy replies

“I’m not the one you have to apologise to” Calum states

The boy turns to you, a look of realisation covers his face, “I’m s-s-sorry”

You nod, “It’s okay”

The boy turns back to Calum, “Can I go now?”

“You should have gone as soon as you were kicked out that club. Get lost. Idiot.” Calum spits

The boy hurries off, and you jump up and hug Calum, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Honestly, you don’t know how scared I was. Thank you so much!”

You pull away.

“Don’t worry about it. What a dickhead though. I can’t believe someone would actually consider following someone around like that. What an actual creep. God, I’m glad I got here when I did. Imagine what he would have done if I hadn’t” Calum says

“Yeah, I don’t want to think about that Calum. But thanks for saving me” You reply

He shrugs, “It’s not such a big deal. I was terrified myself. Urgh. Well let’s get you home. You need a nice, relaxing bubble bath and a long nights sleep”

You laugh, “Yeah, I sure do”


Ash // Michael // Luke

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Thanksgiving (November 24th, 2009)

It’s time for a feast of abundance and joy
this Thursday is Thanksgiving Day

The entire family is gathered together
some may have come from far away

The fancy crystal and china come out
decorating the table for all to see

The kitchen buzzes with holiday cheer
parades and football to watch on TV

The Turkey is placed in the oven
soon its aroma will fill the air

A time to remember our blessings
a day full of love, a day to share

We pause and say thank you to God
gratefully we know that he is here too

May I be the first of many to wish
a Very Happy Thanksgiving to you

It’s funny reading my old poetry.  This is another one that I doubt I would or even could write today.  Not because it’s better or worse but rather simply because it’s from another time.  I hope you’re having a wonderful day whether or not you’re celebrating Thanksgiving.  <3

End Up Here Chapter 6

Previous Chapters: 00, 0102. 0304, 05

Summary: Karma Ashcroft is practically a household name, currently being one of the biggest music acts in the world. Amy Raudenfeld is just a semi-closeted lesbian in a suburb in Austin, but when Karma accidentally sends her a message on kik, the two of them hit it off really well, and strike up a correspondence where they eventually share almost everything with each other… aside from their names and backgrounds. 

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