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Imagine confronting Jim about his flirting

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It had weeks, no months of endless flirtation between the extremely charming Captain and yourself. But it was at a current stand still, because neither of you really knew if the other was truly interested. Or the flirting was just platonic fun. But for you, it was far from platonic. Jim was adventurously fun, extremely kind and well, the man was looker.

So feeling fed up with the entire situation and with a little liquid courage from Chekov, you waltzed into the turbolift and headed to the Bridge. Once the lift doors opened, you looked over to the Captain who was sitting in the command chair.

“Permission to come aboard, Captain.”

Jim looked over his shoulders and smiled when he saw you standing there, he granted the permission and asked what he could do for you. Oh, the things you wished you could tell him.

You walked over to his side and he smiled up at you. “Everything okay, Commander?”

Taking a deep breath and let’s face it, a leap of bravery, you spoke. “No, franky everything’s not okay.”

Jim shifted in his seat, his eyes blinked in panic. “What’s going on? Are you hurt? Is everything okay down with Scotty?”

He attempted to rise from his seat, but you held out hand to stop him. “I’m not hurt and everything is fine with Scotty. It’s just, well.”

“Tell me,” he smiled softly at you.

“Well, Jim. It’s just we’ve been doing this back and forth flirting for months now. And I really do enjoy spending time with you, I think you’re a great person.” You paused for a brief moment to a get sense of his disposition. The man was just smiling contently, nodding his head to your words. You gazed around the room and lowered your voice before speaking again. “And I understand you’re the Captain and you might not want to mix business with pleasure. So if that’s the case, then for the love of god stop flirting with me.”

You gripped at your red uniform dress and waited for a response from your Captain. Jim chuckled and stood up from his seat, “Are you done?”

“Yes,” you replied with fake annoyance.

“Well,” he stepped toward you, filling in the space that separated you from him. “I was just telling Bones this morning that it was about time I asked you out on a date. He had graciously offered to give me a few culinary tips for the meal I was planning to cook.”


“You do like chicken? There are a few benefits when it comes to being Captain. I had a mini kitchen set up in my quarters. Sometimes a home cooked meal is needed.”


Jim laughed and smiled toward the ground before looking up at you. “So, what do you say? Dinner tonight?”

Your heart beated fast and your hands were a little sweaty, but his blue eyes beamed at you and that was all you needed. “God, yes.”

Jim smirked and reached for your hand, giving it a light squeeze. “Tonight, then.”


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