far far away in a distant galaxy

Star Wars Episode 8 end credits scene
  • General: Emperor Snoke, I have disturbing news.
  • Snoke: Proceed.
  • General: We have intercepted a beacon from deep space, a resistance transmission unit. Coordinates have been deciphered from its inner components, it corresponds to an uncharted section of a distant galaxy.
  • Snoke: How far is this galaxy?
  • General: Far, far away...
  • *shows Voyager 1 spacecraft being dissected by The First Order scientists*
  • Snoke: Leave no stone unturned.

bonescaro  asked:

Does Jamie think about outer space very often?

Jamieson would consider space often very little throughout the day, lest his train of thought is directed onto the topic, then one could have a rather enthusiastic conversation.
He has seen many different stars, many meteor showers, many ships and satellites, and even more skies full of new patterns for him to find faces in. In the sweet chill of the night, his mind goes dark as the light from the stars fills his eyes. Mindless patterns and shapes are drawn, dozens created as his eyes adjust and reveal even more of the glowing forms far, far away.
He knows what they are, yes. Back in the wastelands he never really knew. People just said they were balls of gas or distant planets or a galaxy, whatever that was. It was not until Roadhog finally explained in the midst of a breezy midnight when Junkrat had shared the many drawings of his mind with him. Roadhog barely seemed to care about all the things Junkrat could see, and moreso went on to show him the real constellations. Really, Junkrat much preferred his own, but, he does like the Dippers.

The Stars // Luke x Reader

Hi! Can you write one where the galaxy far far away has just found out about Earth and Luke is sent to find out more where he meets the reader(who loves the stars) and learns about earth from her then takes her star gazing far out in the galaxy where all you can see are stars? Thanks xoxo

Earth. Even the name sounded strange.

Luke was sent to investigate the new found planet in the distant galaxy. It was a risky mission, but he was down for the challenge. That night, he hopped into his ship with a quick goodbye to his sister and companions before leaving all that was familiar.

Soon enough, he was in the galaxy that contained this new planet. From space, the planet was blue splotched with green and white. Intrigued, the Jedi lands on the planet.

The area was isolated. It was a grassy, woody area, similar to the woods on Alderaan. He stepped off the ship, his boots coming in contact with the grassy grounds. The ground was firm and the air smelt crisp and fresh.

Looking around, he inspects the area. It didn’t look suspicious.

“Can I help you with something?” a voice says behind him. Turning around, reveals you. Your smile was kind and friendly, your demeanor sweet.

“Um, well. I suppose so. I’m Luke Skywalker. I’m not from…here,” Luke struggles to find the words. “I came here to investigate your planet if you will.”

You were confused by his words, but he had an aura that was trustworthy. Smiling, you speak, “I can help you if you would like?”

Luke smiles back. “That would be great.”

For the rest of the day, you talk to him about the geography of the Earth and how it interacted with the solar system. It was like reeducating a child. He listened intently while sometimes stopping to ask you relevant and hard pressing questions.

At the end of the day, the evening rolled around. “Well, I guess that’s all you need to know about the Earth,” you shrug.

“Thank you, (Y/N) for all of your help. Now, I still have another question,” Luke tells you.

You nod your head. “Yeah, sure. What’s up?”

“I haven’t learned anything about you besides your name and where on Earth you live. I want to learn more about my so-called tour guide,” Luke smiles, nudging you slightly. “What are your passions and goals in life? I’m curious to know about you.”

Lightly laughing, you speak, “Well there isn’t much to my life. It’s pretty average for a normal person here. But, my passions and goals?” You smile. “I love the stars. They never fail to amaze me. Knowing that there is something shining that bright for such a long period of time and inspiring so many people is incredible.”

Luke watches your face as you speak of them. “Go on.”

“I want to see them. Not just look up at night and watch them. I want to go to space like an astronaut would and see them up close and personal,” you reveals as an idea pops into the Jedi’s head.

The man announces, “I can make that happen.”

You furrow your eyebrows. “How?”

Luke stands up and holds out his hand, “Follow me.” You hesitantly grab his hand as he pulls you to his ship. “I’m going to show you something amazing.”

Startled, you are frightened by the strange ship starting as it rises from the Earth’s surface. It soars into the sky as you yelp in amazement. Luke chuckles at your reaction.

And soon enough, you are in space. Thousands and thousands of star surrounding you. You gasp in the beauty of them and look at Luke, “This is simply incredible. Seriously. How did you do this? Is this like a simulator?”

He shakes his head. “We are currently floating through space. Take this as a thank you for teaching me about your planet. Now, I can teach you about the stars.”

So he did. You sat on the floor of his ship as he explained the wonders of space.

Finding out how Simmons landed in a galaxy far, far away won’t be revealed right away, though. ‘There will be some breadcrumbs, and then at some point we will fully explore what’s happened to her in a way that is maybe the craziest thing we’ve done,’ [executive producer Jeffrey] Bell says. 'We’ve very excited. It’s a different kind of episode for us — to give Elizabeth and Simmons the chance to really show what she went through seems really cool.’

I always used to think that “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” was kind of an arbitrary statement just to give some exposition but the more I think about it the more that I buy these are truly, to some distant galaxy, set in the past?

Like even in the force awakens you have droids that SEEM rickety, outdated for their time, and everybody except cool kids on the block Han and Poe dress in old timey robe clothes

You get a little modern w Leia’s pants in empire but like esp stretching back to the prequels if you ignore the tech and space operayness they’re LITERALLY wearing robes and shit and we all know that half this stuff was inspired by medieval shit so like

No I no longer think “a long time ago” was an arbitrary line I truly believe it was on purpose and the Star Wars universe is a story being told to a child of the present in a galaxy far far away, some kid with sick, smooth hologram tech, some kid who wears the equivalent of yoga pants and uggs, man, y'all, Star Wars is a bed time story a myth or a legend set in what would be to us, vaguely, the 13th century