Really should draw more stuff from FC3&4 since those are one of my fav games. Also what I’ve learned about being a baddie in FC games when drawing this; apparently you need to be a homicidal maniac (which is nothing new) with a partially shaved head, have a drug problem, and apparently, use eyeliner.

Also, I love how Pagan is canonically something like 7cm/2.8inches taller than Vaas haha.

Looking For Gaming Blogs

My dash only has like three regularly updating gaming blogs.
If you reblog or post:
-Dragon Age
-Mass Effect
-Assassins Creed
-Far Cry games
-The Elder Scrolls
-Harvest Moon
-Horror Games
-Wolf Among Us
-Walking Dead (GAME)

Oh, hell, anything game related. Any games. Reblog this and I’ll check your stuff out and most likely follow your blog.