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I can’t copy and paste these questions since I’m on my phone, so you have to make do with the answers. (THIS BETTER POST THIS TIME)

1) Alice in the middle of sex.
2) we’d have each others nudes as our backgrounds tbh.
3) I would do this, but as you and Alice write cute romantic shit, I draw dicks.
4) we come home to far and a giant crate of plums.
5) we don’t kiss, we fuck.
6) I’d do that at 5 in the morning just to piss you off.
7) far definitely but Alice would enjoy it whilst I keep a stoic face.
8) There’s no need to ask, hehe
9) I’d violently throw plums at you yelling ‘HERE’S YOUR LUNCH, BITCHES.’
10) wtf is dating, I started talking to far with smut but possibly Alice I think. But since we all know each other well, probably not haha.
12) all of us, but definitely you, far.

Poe Dameron x Reader

Title: On Falling and Flying / AO3
Length: 7k
Rating: T for language
Summary: Pilot Reader has been transferred to D'Qar with high praise from General Organa for her flight skills. And Poe is eager to get her to prove it. But she tries her best to ignore his teasing, certain that he’s only jealous. She has no interest in taking away his precious title as best pilot in the Resistance. But when Reader crashes and almost gets herself killed, she glimpses a side of Poe she hasn’t seen before and she realizes she was wrong about him all along.
Masterlist / WIP List

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In The Heat Of The Moment

Summary: Bucky confesses his feelings for you when he’s sure he’ll never get another chance to.

Word count: 2144

Warnings: swearing, almost dying?

A/N: this is for @just-some-drabbles 4k rom-com challenge, my prompt was ‘well… this is awkward’. Hope you like it! ☺️

‘It’s a simple mission if we do it properly’ Steve’s authoritative voice pulls you from your sleepy stupor and you turn to face him. ‘(Y/N) tell me again what you have to do?’ he asks and you sigh as all talk of the coming mission slips out of your mind.

‘I don’t know Steve’ you mumble sleepily, rubbing your eyes as your mouth stretches wide in an exhausted yawn. He tuts in disappointment and your eyes drift to Bucky sat opposite you, his head in his hand, elbow on the table and his eyelids about to fall closed. You know how much trouble he’ll be in if Steve catches him sleeping in a conference so you nudge his shin with the tip of your toes, his eyes fly open and he looks up and you, grinning from ear to ear. You smile sleepily in return and look to Steve who’s eyes are flitting from you to Bucky as if waiting for an explanation. You had stayed up all the previous night talking Bucky through a nightmare and whilst he’s used to the little sleep you are most definitely not. You’re not about to tell the team this though, they already suspect you and Bucky are secretly dating and this would just fuel their teasing. You’re not of course, Bucky is your closest friend and nothing more and, no matter how much you want there to be something more, you knew he just didn’t feel the way you did.

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Lyste booping Eli’s nose, because that’s what i like.

Zoom in (Gosh darn…Eli’s hair is complex and you need to stare at it):


“FOSTER UPDATE: I just adore this little hippo! She is pretty darn perfect so far. She is totally crate trained and housebroken, has not had one accident. She is perfectly well behaved and quiet in her crate and goes happily right in when you ask her to. She is good with other dogs, and takes treats extremely gently from your hand.“

I usually don’t make posts like this but do you see this cat? Her name is Briar and she’s a rescue from a family with a really terrible kid who wouldn’t leave her alone and I’m absolutely so in love with her. She came to me all the way from the far back of the crated cat adoption section and she stayed with me until I had to leave for the bus to get back home. I’ve wanted a cat for so long and animals have always given me a sense of comfort and calmness when it comes to my anxiety and depression, and I’ve never felt so drawn to an animal like this before. Adoptions go for $195 and she comes already spayed, she has her shots, and she’s chipped. I just need to get a carrier, lint rollers, litterbox, and food for her. But all together will cost almost $400.

I don’t have enough this coming paycheck to adopt her or to get supplies and I hate just straight up asking for money without giving anything in return.

So please, commission me. You can choose how much you want to pay, I’ll draw anything you want.

It would mean so much to me if people could pass this along by reblogging or even messaging me for a commission. Thank you so much.

Tales In And In Between Battles 4/? (Rexsoka)

A collection of fluffy drabbles about Rex and Ahsoka during the Clone Wars. No over-arcing plot, but all set in the same timeline. Rex/Ahsoka

Part 4/? - 17 at 79′s

Rating: T

Summary: Rex and some of the boys of the 501st take Ahsoka to 79′s for her first legal drink on her birthday.

Links: Fanfiction.net | AO3

A/N: Do mozzarella sticks exist in the Star Wars universe? Probably not, but I wanted to slip in a 30 Rock reference.

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Dash hasn’t figured out how to take good selfies yet so I had to get down on his level for this one. And then he licked my ear. 


Oh you know, same old, same old. I GOT A DOG. AND HE IS NAMED DASH (capslock of excitment)!

I’m not going to lie, it’s been quite a tumultuous week so far because as I alluded to earlier, Dash has been taking his time getting used to life here with me. He came from a foster home with eleven other dogs (two of them were his littermates) and basically was just allowed to run amok. Not that it was a bad home, it seemed wonderful. But we’re changing a lot of things: schedules, potty training. lots of quiet. But he’s slowly opening up to me and to everything here.

The biggest obstacle so far: crate training. Oh my God, it’s just a combination of struggle and heart break. I have spent the past two days just getting him used to being in it and sleeping in it. It got better last night but I still don’t know if I can leave him alone for more than 5 minutes. I mean, I physically can but I feel like I’m going to complete stress him out and maybe give him a heart attack.

Needless to say, this is a problem since I would like to leave my house for more than 5 minutes. You know, seven miles take some time. I actually pushed today’s speed session to tomorrow because I want to give him one more day to get comfortable with the crate (it also snowed this morning so the roads are really slick so it kind of works out). Well, as comfortable as he can be. Sigh, poor baby.

But I got a pretty nice trail run in over the weekend! I picked Dash up from North Carolina so I went down there on Friday night and stayed in a hotel. I ran through the Lake Johnson Park which was a combination of single track and paved trails. And oh my God, some absurd rolling hills. Which yes, are good for me, but bad for my self esteem to say the least.

trainwithmarc has come up with my marathon training plan which is also exciting. It’s just such a balancing act right now between getting in the miles and doing the work and making sure my dog is going to survive alone. 

Stupid pink frog

A/N: I’ve been lacking motivation recently so I haven’t been writing. I’ve had this idea for a fic in my head for a while so I hope you guys like it! I really hate Liam so it’s kind of shown through this aswell. It’s around 3.2k words
Peace out and much love xxx

You guys need to listen to my favourite song at the moment! If you don’t know it search it up - THE BOY WHO BLOCKED HIS OWN SHOT - BRAND NEW

Summary: Finn reminisces and misses Rae awfully

Finn is in his room, trying to find something to do that will take his mind off the subject of her. They’ve been broken up for exactly one week and Finn is out of sorts. Everything seems to remind him of her and he hates it. He flopped down on his bed and covered his face with his forearms and memories of their breakup came flooding in.
–1 week ago—
The gang were up the pub as they usually were on a Saturday night. Izzy, Chop, Archie, Chloe and Finn were all sat around their favourite table when Rae walked in.
“Where have you been?” Finn asked worriedly
“Got caught up”
“Is everything ok?”
“Yeah, course. Do ya want a drink?” she didn’t give him a chance to reply, she just turned and walked towards the bar. Finn was confused as to why she was being like this so he walked over to join her at the bar.
“Rae tell me, what’s wrong?” he put his arm around her and she leaned into him.
“Nothing’s wrong” she smiled small
“When why you being like this?”
Rae sighed heavily “it’s Liam” she said, finally meeting his eyes
“What’s gone on?” Finn didn’t know how to respond. He knew nothing about this lad.
“He says he wants to be friends with me.”
“Oh yeah?” Finn took a swig of his beer.
“Yeah. He’s changed – he’s nicer now”
“What do you mean ‘nicer NOW’? Was he ever not nice?”
“Finn, it doesn’t matter”
“Yeah, it does Rae”
Rae sighed again and grabbed his arm “come with me” she said
They both sat in the empty beer garden behind the pub. They both sat down on one of the benches.
“Who is this lad Rae? I know nothing about him?”
“He’s my friend. I met him in Group”
“I thought ya said that he wants to be friends now. Rae what’s going on? Tell me”
Rae took a deep breath “You when we broke up, me and him got quite close and the whole thing with Amy happened and lots of things were spread and I don’t know. He just gets me.”
“Right, and I don’t?” Finn was angry
“No, that’s not what I meant. I meant that he has the same things that are going on with me and I guess he can relate to me I suppose. Like we both have things in common and stuff” Rae shrugged and Finn scoffed
“What was that for?” Rae said in a higher tone than usual
“You scoffed at me”
“Rae” Finn breathed heavily out of his nose “it seems like you’d rather talk to him about what’s going on in ya head than me. I’m your boyfriend Rae, you’re meant to tell me these things” Finn felt defeated
“I do talk to ya!”
“No ya don’t! I don’t know anything about Liam! What has he got to do with you? I don’t know what happened between you two, I’ve heard rumours though”
“Finn, Liam was there for me when me and you broke up. I don’t-“
“Why did ya break up with me Rae?” Finn interrupted
Rae knew that this question would have come up at some point, she just wished it wasn’t now.
“Finn, you know when the gang was at the chippy the morning after my mums wedding reception and you all asked me questions about me being ill” Finn nodded “well I lied in saying that I was better. Finn, I’m not better. And I think that having you there, wanting me, kind of pushed away all of those negative thoughts and stuff. It felt like having a boyfriend would solve all of my problems. And it did, for a bit, but then when collage started, all of the sniggers and people talking about me and you together just got to me and I couldn’t do it Finn. It reminded me of how ill I actually was. So I broke up with you so it would stop. And it did, and then I met Liam and he help me. He showed me how him and me were so similar in our problems. He understands me. Me and Liam are both fuck ups.”
Finn just looked at her for a while before speaking “Rae, you’re not a fuck up” he looked her deep in the eyes.
“Yes I am. And so is Liam. That’s why we get on”
“What ya trying to say?” it seemed to Finn like she was going to break up with him to go out with Liam.
“Really? Because it seems like you want to go out with Liam instead of me because he ‘understands you’ and you’re both fucked up. And you don’t want to go out with me because people laugh.” Finn felt defeated, but also angry at this Liam guy.
“I’m not saying that at all!”
“Well it sure sounds like it!” they were both shouting now
“You asked me ‘what’s up’ and there I said it! Don’t shout at me Finn!”
“I asked because I’m worried about you! I care about you Rae!”
“I know you do, I care about you too” both of their voices were lowered now. And they were both smiling coyly at each other
“Well, what did ya mean by he’s ‘nicer now’?”
“Rae tell me.”
“It doesn’t matter Finn”
“Yes it does Rae!” Finn shouted
“Can we just go inside please?” Rae really didn’t talk about it
“No, you’re going to tell me what the fuck is wrong!”
“I don’t want to”
“Wha’?” Finn stood up, voice lower now
“Yeah! Me and Liam fucked when you and me wasn’t together!” Rae spoke loudly, but the vulnerability was still in her voice
“You and him had sex?” Finn didn’t want this to be true
“Yeah, when you was fannying about in Leeds, Me and Liam had a casual relationship!”
“You mean, I wasn’t your first? He was?!”
“Why didn’t ya tell me?”
“It was none of your business!” Rae yelled
“Yes it is! You’re my girlfriend!”
“Me and you weren’t in a relationship at the time! So it doesn’t concern you!”
Finn just stood there, he didn’t know if he was angry, upset or confused.
“Wait, what do you mean by him being nicer NOW?!”
Rae stood there, tears brimming her eyes “He made me keep my clothes on, because I’m not an oil painting am I?”
Finn felt gutted “he said that to you?”
“Yeah. But he’s okay now! He’s nicer! Yeah! He’s changed! Honest!” Finn had never seen this side to Rae. She looked scared and vulnerable but her voice and actions were saying otherwise.
“He says he wants to be friends! Which is great isn’t it!” Rae laughed but it didn’t meet her eyes. She was crying but it seemed like she didn’t notice
“Is that why you were late? Where you with him?!”
“I saw him near the shop on the way here, he was talking to me and wouldn’t let me leave. He says he wants to be friends and that he has changed”
“Rae…” Finn could see Rae falling apart right in front of him. She was breaking, crumbling. He went to walk towards her but her eyes were wide and she stepped back
“Do you understand now Finn? I’m not like other girls! I’m crazy – MAD!” tears were flowing freely.
“Rae, I don’t care tha-“
“No. No.” she wiped her face with her hand and sniffed so that her voice returned to normal
“No I think it’s best if me and you break up Finn. I can’t do this to you.” She didn’t give him any time to respond or talk back. She had fled through the back gate of the beer garden and started to run home (or so he had supposed).
Tears trickled down Finn’s cheeks but wiped his face as soon as they leaked out of his eyes. He turned away and entered the pub again.
“Oi Finny! Where’s Raemundo?” Chop called
“She felt sick, went home” Finn replied looking blankly at the table in front of him.
Stop thinking about her. She doesn’t want to go out with you! She’s broken up with you twice now! Get it in to your head!
Finn sprung up from his bed and crouched down under his bed where he was sorting through all of the stuff that was blocking the way. He reached far back to the crate in which had his favourite prized possession records. He smiled small when he picked one of them up and started studying it. He had looked at these records a million times, but he needed a distraction from her. He needed to get over her like she did with him. Stop thinking about her you twat.
He sat on his bedroom floor with crossed legs while he continued to sort through his special records. It was then when he glanced up slightly he saw the box. The box in which he filled with Rae’s stuff when she said that it was over. He had crammed that box full with her things that she had left at Finn’s, or they were just things belonging to Finn that he no longer wanted due to the fact they reminded him to much of her. He hadn’t looked in that box since he angrily had shoved it underneath his bed when he first filled it a week ago.
He moved his crate of records out of the way and pulled the box in front of him. In it, it had her Bowie album, a few of her hair pins, an oasis tee shirt - when she came over and they decided to bake a cake but it had went horribly wrong and the cake mixture went everywhere - especially on her top and he had offered to wash it. It had been drying on the radiator when he had thrown all of her stuff in the cardboard box. There was also her round sunglasses and that soft toy that he had won her at the carnival that time. He picked up the stupid looking pink frog from the box and the memories replayed in his mind…

“I’m going to win you that frog!” Rae said to Finn, a grin prominent on her face.
“You don’t have t'do that” Finn replied, he didn’t care about the frog, he just wanted to spend time together.
“I want to do it, besides, I’m great that these games” Rae said as her eyes drifted over the carnival game where you had to throw a number of balls at a stack of cans.
Finn just smiled lovingly at her as she paid the man running the game. He gave her 3 balls and she whispered to Finn “watch this Finnely”.
She threw it and it missed completely. It had gone way too high and not even knocked one can down. Finn laughed hysterically and doubled over.
“Oi! Don’t laugh! I’m just warming up is all!” Rae said finding it hard to hide her smirk
“Alright alright, try again” he said still chuckling.
She had nodded at him and turned to this the next two balls in which they both missed. He thought it was adorable how bad she was at it.
“Trust me! I’m normally good at this game” she said with a pout
“Okay, lemme have a go”
And there he had done it. The first ball had knock all of the cans down and Rae just stood in utter shock, mouth hung open.
The man running the stood had handed over a medium sized pink frog that looked pathetic, but they had both looked at it and smiled.
“For you” Finn said smiling looking over at Rae
“I hate you” Rae said annoyed at the fact that she had epically failed.
“No you don’t” Finn replied and stuck his tongue out at her.
She scoffed and grabbed the frog off him. He had swung her arm around her and made their way over to the Ferris wheel.

“Fuck” Finn said angrily as he threw her frog back into the box. “Stop thinking about her”. A piece of paper caught his attention which was in the box. It was a photo of him and Rae that time they all went camping during the summer. Izzy had given Finn a lot of the photos she had taken with her Polaroid camera because he asked if he could have the ones with him a Rae. This one was previously Blu-tacked to his wall beside his bed. It was his favourite because neither of them knew their picture was being taken. They both looked incredibly happy. But those were the early days. He threw the photo into the box and brought his legs up to his chest, hugging them. He buried his face in between his knees and cried. He didn’t know what to do. He was torn between leaving again and going to see her. He didn’t want to be in that position where she would turn him down but he needed to know. For the benefit of his own health, he decided that he would go and see her. He needed to.
He put all of her stuff back in the box and put his red-plaid jacket and his boots and went into his dad’s room where he explained that he was going to Rae’s. He rushed down the stairs and grabbed the box and opened the door.
“Rae?” Finn couldn’t believe she was at his door
“Oh you’re going out. Course. Silly me, I’ll just talk to ya later then.” She kept her eyes on his shoes but when she went to turn away she looked up at him. Her face was blotchy from tear stains and her hair was mussed up.
“No, I was going to yours” a smile twitched at the corners of his mouth
“Oh right” she chuckled slightly
“Do ya want to come in?” Finn asked
“I’d love to” she smiled and he opened the door wider. She went over to the lounge where she sat on the sofa.
“Look, Finn… I’m sorry about what happened I didn’t mean for it to sound how it did. I would never chose Liam over you. Never” Finn walked over and joined Rae on the sofa.
“I didn’t know what to think? You seemed fixated on this lad, I had no clue what you were thinking, no never talk to me about this kind of stuff”
“L-Liam is a horrible person. I’m not fixated. I hate him” Rae said tears stinging her eyes
“I’m Sorry Rae”
“What for?” Rae asked, she had no clue why he was feeling this way.
“For being oblivious to you. I had no idea you were that ill. I just thought-well I dunno what I thought. I guess I just didn’t want to believe it was real.”
“It’s my fault for not telling you things. I should have told you more about what was going on. I just didn’t want you thinking badly of me. I didn’t want you not liking me because I’m a fuck up”
“Rae” he took hold of her hand “I could never think badly of you. You’re amazing, you don’t give ya self enough credit” he smiled at her lovingly.
“Why ‘av ya got to be so nice all the bloody time. I keep trying to find things that are bad about you but I can’t find any. You’re wonderful.” She chuckled
“I am pretty great aren’t I” he laughed as he pulled her closer
“Ey, now don’t be cocky!” she smacked him lightly on the chest and she sat back so she was leaning on the back of the sofa where previously she was perched on the edge.
“Rae you don’t understand how much I’ve missed ya” he admitted as he stuffed his face in the crook of her neck
“Can we just pretend that conversation we last had never happened” Rae said
“Yeah” finn whispered
“What has happened to Liam? Are ya still talking to ‘im?” Finn pulled away slightly from her.
“I’ve told him to stop talkin’ to me but he ain’t ‘aving none of it.” Rae gulped and Finn’s jaw clenched.
“I’m supposedly meant to be meeting him this evening at the chippy, but I’m not going. I don’t want to” She sounded vulnerable and scared and Finn hated Liam for that.
“Oh you’re going, but I’m coming with ya. I’m going to tell that Liam to leave you alone. Nobody messes with my Rae.” Rae smiled at him and kissed him gently on the lips. It was soft and meaningful and passionate and it felt like an eternity since they last kissed.

Finn and Rae walked hand in hand towards the chippy. As they reached the street which the chippy was on, Rae’s pace slowed. Finn could sense Rae’s fear and he hated that Liam had that effect on her. Liam was standing at the front of the chippy with a cigarette placed between his fingers.
“Oi, what’s he doing here?” Liam pointed a finger to Finn and Rae’s grip on Finn’s hand tightened and he looked at her for reassurance and gently let go.
“You leave her alone mate” Finn said sternly to Liam
“I’m not you’re mate, and you’re not the boss of me.”
“You leave her alone, never talk to her again and I won’t bother you again okay?”
Liam laughed “nah, Rae’s mine” he starred at her possessively and Finn felt Rae shrink beside him.
“She doesn’t belong to anyone. Besides, she’s MY girlfriend so if she’s anyone’s, she’s mine!” Finn was getting angry at Liam, he really got on his nerves.
“ooooh! So you’re going out with him again are ya Rae? Ya gone back to pretty boy?” Liam laughed
“I’m being serious mate, leave her the fuck alone!” Finn yelled
“Oh, what ya gonna do pretty boy?” Liam mocked.
With that Finn let go of Rae’s hand and lunged forwards to connect his fist to Liam’s face. Liam stepped back with blood spewing from his nose and busted up lip.
“What the fuck?!” Liam spat. Finn grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and slammed him up against the front window of the chippy
“YOU LEAVE HER ALONE! OR I WILL FUCKING CURL YOU UP ALRIGHT??!?!?” Finn shouted at Liam and he threw him on the floor
“All right all right! I won’t talk to her again!”
Finn glared at Liam and kicked him in the stomach took Rae’s hand and walked the journey back to his house.
Once they got inside Finn had calmed down from his rage.
“Oh shit Finn, your hand” Rae gasped
“Nah it’s okay. It’s not my blood” Finn smiled
“You didn’t have to do that for me Finn” Rae said looking down at his hand, held in hers
“Yes I did. You’re me girl” Finn said proudly and Rae smiled brightly
“Come on, let me clean your hand” Rae pulled Finn into the kitchen.

The two were both lying in Finn’s bed with their limbs intertwined.
“Rae” Finn mimicked in the same questioning tone
Rae chuckled “I love you Finnley Nelson”
“good.” He pulled her closer, if that was even possible “because I love you” and he kissed her passionately.
They had later named that frog Morrissey. It sat at the foot of Finn’s bed and he smiled every time he looked at the stupid thing.