far crate

Best Andromeda bug so far:

This weird, grating audio track of a battle gets stuck in an infinite loop on the Planetside mission. It seems like a bug, but then Liam comments, “what’s that sound?” so I start thinking maybe the godawful cacophony is meant to be ambient noise. I keep playing until my mind can’t take it anymore then quit to desktop. Guess what’s still playing over my headphones? I check the task manager. Andromeda isn’t active. I quit out of Origin. Still no end to the ear-splitting otherworldly screeching. Restarting my computer finally fixed it, but congratulations Andromeda~ I’ve never had that happen in a game before, not even a Bethesda game ;D

It looks like the boy can’t have a daytime pillow anymore, he did this in like the four minutes I was in my bedroom getting ready to take him out. He just goes into that hyper-anxious-excited state and wants to shred. If he comes in the bedroom while I’m getting ready I have to repeatedly yell “down”, because he jumps on the bed and goes after the blankets and pillows. It’s a bit stressful. There’s no safe room to shut him in, all have chewable items, the garage is off limits to him, he’s never been crated as far as I know. Maybe I will just have to put him in the backyard while I get ready????


“FOSTER UPDATE: I just adore this little hippo! She is pretty darn perfect so far. She is totally crate trained and housebroken, has not had one accident. She is perfectly well behaved and quiet in her crate and goes happily right in when you ask her to. She is good with other dogs, and takes treats extremely gently from your hand.“

I usually don’t make posts like this but do you see this cat? Her name is Briar and she’s a rescue from a family with a really terrible kid who wouldn’t leave her alone and I’m absolutely so in love with her. She came to me all the way from the far back of the crated cat adoption section and she stayed with me until I had to leave for the bus to get back home. I’ve wanted a cat for so long and animals have always given me a sense of comfort and calmness when it comes to my anxiety and depression, and I’ve never felt so drawn to an animal like this before. Adoptions go for $195 and she comes already spayed, she has her shots, and she’s chipped. I just need to get a carrier, lint rollers, litterbox, and food for her. But all together will cost almost $400.

I don’t have enough this coming paycheck to adopt her or to get supplies and I hate just straight up asking for money without giving anything in return.

So please, commission me. You can choose how much you want to pay, I’ll draw anything you want.

It would mean so much to me if people could pass this along by reblogging or even messaging me for a commission. Thank you so much.