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the creatives and innovators. If Thunderbirds are adventurers, Thunderclaws prefer to adventure via stories - sitting curled up with a good book as their mind takes them to far off worlds beyond anything that can be experienced in reality. They are dreamers and idealists and can often get their heads lost in the clouds. It can be painful for them when their dreams do not match up with reality and perhaps the oft-found obsession with fiction is an escape. (source)

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I always wondered how Aang would react if Aaron Ehasz did indeed get to make Zuko and Katara together, Aang would probably be all butt hurt and everything and probably explode at Katara and probably be pissed off at Zuko forever, I don't think he'll really accept the fact that Katara loves Zuko and not him, that'll make him even more unlikable, what do you think?

I think maturity would eventually settle in… a 12/13 yr old might be pretty jealous and upset, but Aaron had plans to keep Zuko and Katara at a ‘close friend’ level for years following the war (granted, in his world, there never would’ve been Mai.ko or Kat.aang). Plus, Aaron had plans to develop Aang, far beyond what Bryke pictured for the airbender. 

In Aaron’s world, Aang may have been upset at first, may have been jealous at first, but he would’ve had the maturity and the growth to handle his childhood love and best friend coupling up— he probably would’ve learned to be happy for them, too. 

When something hurts us or we lose that which we love,
our instinct is to contract internally. To allow less in.
But what if, instead of constricting our chest, we
expanded it? Expand it to take in, rather than repel.
Expand it to take in a larger glimpse of the vastness
of our situation, the vastness of the world, the vastness
of our existence far beyond this life, and so far beyond
this singular moment. What if instead, we expanded it
to embrace—rather than deny—our own vulnerability
and need?
I think if we did this, we could heal.
—  Yasmin Mogahed
How Yosuke Hanamura broke my heart

It’s incomplete, but I had to get this out of my system:

How Yosuke Hanamura broke my heart

Persona 4 is a funny game. It is also a long game, and that allows the social simulation aspect of it to really work, allows you to feel at home with the characters, through charm and repetition - grumpy Dojima, overly energetic Chie, confused heart of gold Kanji. Through little bits of interaction, day by in-game day, you at some point start to realise that when this is over, you might actually miss them. All of them. 

And then there is Yosuke. 

You play Persona 4 as Souji, a quite detached guy moving in from the city, hand on his hip, jacket slung over his shoulder, and while you, the player, grow fond of the game’s characters, Souji always feels like he doesn’t quite belong. He is the leader, the one who pulls the strings, the one grown up far beyond their age, with the world’s weight on their shoulders. 

You juggle realtionships, help people out, they call you senpai, sensei - and then there is Yosuke. 

Yosuke, who somehow, magically, manages to transcent Persona 4’s charming but game-y relationship system and becomes something else. Yosuke, who calls you Partner, and rings you up at night asking about your dreams or which girl you like. Yosuke, who does and says so many silly things that you never quite know what to expect - Yosuke, who ultimately breaks the boundaries of Persona 4 and makes Souji/Yosuke the most unexpectedly real-feeling relationship within a video game that I’ve ever encountered. 

I don’t know what I thought when I first laid eyes on him, it’s likely that it was something along the lines of “Hey, this is quite cool-looking for an anime video game guy. Nice headphones.”

Then, in quick succession, things happened that made it clear that Yosuke was many things - heartbroken, repressed, funny, lazy, loyal, competitive, insecure, reckless - and that there was something building between him and Souji that seemed like a stunningly natural depiction of friendship. Somehow, this is rare - a video game showing two guys becoming friends, a process that just like falling in love requires making first moves, and opening up, and getting comfortable with each other. It seemed like Yosuke was the person in the cast that always wanted to know a little more, the one to push Souji a little bit, willing to ask stupid questions just to get a reaction, and unlike the other characters, he seemed to always act out of a desire to be level with Souji, to break through the calm, collected, leader-shell of his and address the human being inside. 

Now, that alone would be a remarkable thing for a video game to depict, and worthy of high praise. What complicates things is that Yosuke, no matter how much he might deny it, seems like the most obvious case of a closeted gay person the world has ever seen. 

When I started playing Persona 4, I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into, through reading about it and actually having played a bit in the past. I also knew about the game’s realtionship system, and was aware, or thought I was, that you could only get romantically involved with girls. Thus, when the game started to tease the possibility of a gay option, I raised an eyebrow, then another one, and then I lost my marbles. 

When it started, the closeness between Souji and Yosuke had already been established, and since I’m a sucker for guys not actually hating each other, I started to favour Yosuke a little bit - choosing him to eat lunch with on the roof, studying together, spending afternoons at the Junes food court, talking in the soft glow of the sun on the Samegawa river bank. When Yosuke asked which girl I liked, I chose “neither”, cheekily, thinking I was playing the metagame, when the next midnight channel story twist came up, I bet each time that Yosuke would be the one to call Souji, outraged, worried, flustered, and each time when the phone rang and it was indeed him, I smiled to myself. But surely it was all in my head - I was starting to ship it, but it was just a fun little thing to do, to spare a thought here and there and layer it on top of these two characters whose interactions I enjoyed way more than expected. 

Then, these little moments started happening - the group sitting together at Junes’ and Yosuke remarking how good Partner is with his hands, a comment that might not even have stuck out so much if weren’t for the fact that immediately after saying it, Yosuke became a hot mess of backpedalling embarrassment. His insistence to know whether Souji had a crush on somebody, and who it was, despite the awkwardness. His remarks about inviting a third person to their activities, “or else people might think we’re gay.” And ultimately, the sheer time the game devoted to the Souji/Yosuke relationship - way more than any of the other characters got.

Persona 4’s social link system is fairly rigid. You choose to spend time with people, and if things go well, and even sometimes if they don’t, it raises your relationship level with said person, allowing you to climb the social link ranks, which has gameplay and combat benefits and also allows you, in some cases, to pursue a romance. What is remarkable about Yosuke is that the game spends a significant amount of time showing interactions between Yosuke and Souji outside of this system, building their relationship beyond the confines of you walking up to a person after school and answering “yes” to their proposal of hanging out. This not only serves to create a markedly more natural and complex relationship, it also sets Yosuke apart from the other characters - he is the one to choose to interact with Souji while the other characters can only wait to be chosen. 

And then Kanji entered the picture, Yosuke freaked out completely and I looked on, amazed at the fact that this game would dare to introduce a gay character, who, despite being closeted, met up with dates after school and whose dungeon was, of all things, a gay bathhouse, with sexual content that wasn’t even the slightest bit concealed. Of all the characters, Yosuke reacted most strongly to this, outright refusing to enter and making a big fuss about being afraid of Kanji taking advantage of him. 

It culminated in the camping trip - Kanji, Yosuke, Souji sharing a tent - a scenario that could have been used very easily for a gay romance movie of questionable quality, full of the usual tropes of late night talks, denial, confrontation and very real confusion on my part of where exactly this was going - the game laid on the armored gay homophobia on Yosuke so thick that it seemed almost impossible to read what was going on in any other way. Combined with the unusual qualities that had been established in the realtionship before Kanji joined the group, it started to feel like an entire plot was going on behind the scenes, inexplicit yet persistent and increasingly impossible to ignore. 

A few in-game days after that camping trip, Yosuke broke another boundary the game had set up to this point - he visited Souji’s home. More importantly, his room, a place that up until then you, the player, had always been alone in. The conversation that followed, in that intimate space, can’t adequately be described as subtext anymore, it’s text, and very gay text at that. I was streaming the game at the time, and I bet if that session’s video was still up, you’d hear my breath hitch when Yosuke, no homo Yosuke, asked about Souji’s porn stash and teasingly, suggestively stated he’d find it while Souji was out of the room. That was only the top of the iceberg, the whole scene and its context hit me like a 10 ton truck - could it be real? Was there really, explicitly something going on? The fact that I, after learning through research that there was no gay option, felt the need to double check after that scene, to make sure there wasn’t one, should speak volumes. 

That’s when I learned of the fact that Yosuke very likely was a gay option, that there were unused text and voice lines left over on the game’s disk that turned the inexplicit explicit, both in english and japanese, suggesting the developer changed their mind after the localization was done, i.e. very late in the game’s development. Only, they had ripped out very little, leaving in tons of sublte and not so subtle parts of the relationship, and that was when I realised that Persona 4, beyond being one of the best games I have ever played, would also have the potential to make me very sad, and very angry.

It wasn’t just that gay rights had been dear to my heart for as long as I could remember. It wasn’t just that the progression of Souji and Yosuke’s relationship eclipsed any other possible pairing in the lineup by miles in terms of complexity and depth and just feeling right. It was the loss of an incredible story being told, a story that would have been unique in the history of video games - the story of two fully realised, multi-faceted male characters that you, as a player, like, falling in love, and dealing with the fact that they both happen to be guys, with all the issues that might bring in a society where homophobia and hate are still so prevalent. 

While this has been done in movies to great success in recent times, mainstream video games haven’t dared to show male homosexual relationships in positive light and up front and center. Persona 4 does dare to spend significant time on very progressive subjects, including homosexuality and transgender issues, but it falters and pulls back just on the brink of being truly groundbreaking, which, to anybody playing the game with an open mind, can only scream injustice both in a worldly and in an in-game sense. 

The level 9 rank of Yosuke’s social link progression has the two of you standing on a hill overlooking the town of Inaba. Yosuke’d probably call it a village, and the two of you talk about coming to terms with your place in the world, literally and figuratively. It’s autumn, and the evening sun plays with the coloured leaves on the trees - it’s a beautiful spot, a wistful song is playing, and despite the Playstation 2’s aged graphics you can’t help but marvel a little. You’ve never been to this spot before, you think Yosuke probably brought you here, and you wonder if there are any other locations in the town you know so well by now that you haven’t seen.

“There is still nothing here,” Yosuke says, meaning Inaba, a place he resented for the longest time, “but I have family, and friends…and you.”

I sat in front of the TV for a long time, the soft piano notes of the song playing making me ache, and then I realised that while Yosuke Hanamura was denied the chance to become part of video games’ first positively framed gay male relationship, he had acomplished one thing:

Yosuke Hanamura broke my heart.

We love you, Vine

Oh Vine. The joy you brought to the world was infectious and real, spreading far beyond your reassuringly green walls. You made Tumblr a better place, too—the current outpouring of love and lament is a testament to that.  

Some popular Vine blogs, and some Vine blogs we just plain love:

And if you missed our 2015 year-end roundup of the most popular Vines on Tumblr, here you go. Bless them all.

They say God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And as much as anyone can say how invincible I seem, or fearless I am, or how brave I must be… I’m still human. And I’ve seen things. And I’ve felt more pain than some will in their entire lives. All before the age of even being able to buy a fucking drink at a bar. But I have to be strong. Not for myself, but, for a greater purpose. Because I feel like my duty is far beyond me… You know? Beyond saving my family. It’s for the world. Because somebody out there really needs to hear this. So to anybody that isn’t here to see how far I’ve gone or how far I have yet to go, to family members that didn’t make it, or friends I lost along the way, or maybe someone I gave my heart to that didn’t know what to do with it. You should be here.
—  “Intro” from You Should Be Here, by Kehlani.
TK’s Curse

Okay! In the middle of studying for an Exam tomorrow but I might as well fill you all in on the curse! I have asked the creator if I can quote their explanation and they gladly said yes! So without any further ado! 

TK’s curse and how he got it.

What is the Curse?

As quote from creator:

“If you need an easy explanation it is just a curse that is placed on those that dare go through the forsaken doors from Origin'stale, its like a defense to deter humans from going into the Obsidian city in the perpetual darkness realm a world far beyond comprehension. The afflicted will become a demon and have all the abilities and senses of that demon it became. They will no longer be the person they used to be. Physically but not mentally…sorta.”

So basically, TK intruded inside the cursed door which happens to be the entrance of a hidden City and has triggered the curse, its way of defense, to be bestowed upon him. XD Now it will slowly spread and consume him until his entire being is no longer recognized as the TK you all know and love. He’ll become a total demon with only very little of himself left inside him!

So unless TK wants to go home in that form and suddenly go berserk over his friends and family, he has to lift the curse. Unfortunately, there is currently NO WAY to lift the curse! And TK’s last resort is to set out to find an AU that has at least a character who lifts curses! X’D It might not work but HEY! it’s worth a shot.

Origin’stale © @lonely-void-flower

Quantumtale © me~


@beyond-far-horizons, @world-of-samsara, @fireeaglespirit


Today in Middle-Earth: Frodo and Samwise escape and begin their journey north along the Morgai (March 15th, 3019 T.A.).

   'Now down we go, Sam,’ Frodo whispered. ‘Down into the valley quick, and then turn northward, as soon as ever we can.' 

   Day was coming again in the world outside, and far beyond the glooms of Mordor the Sun was climbing over the eastern rim of Middle-earth; but here all was still dark as night. The Mountain smouldered and its fires went out. The glare faded from the cliffs. The easterly wind that had been blowing ever since they left Ithilien now seemed dead. Slowly and painfully they clambered down, groping, stumbling, scrambling among rock and briar and dead wood in the blind shadows, down and down until they could go no further. 

The Inevitable

The ground beneath the magister’s feet was cracked, parched, scorched by the felfire spewing forth from craters and crevices pocking the land. The heat was oppressive, stifling, and most of all, unnatural. Even in the Firelands the heat had been more bearable. There, at least, it did not bear the sickly taint of fel.

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Thunderbird & Ravenclaw:
 Thunderclaws are the creatives and innovators. Luna and her parents would all find themselves in this category. If Thunderbirds are adventurers, Thunderclaws prefer to adventure via stories - sitting curled up with a good book as their mind takes them to far off worlds beyond anything that can be experienced in reality. They are dreamers and idealists and can often get their heads lost in the clouds. It can be painful for them when their dreams do not match up with reality and perhaps the oft-found obsession with fiction is an escape.

(description) (for anilah)

  • Armin: [in a crowd and can't find eren] this calls for drastic measures
  • Eren: [screaming from across hall]
  • Armin: There he is

SST 026. 1984. Viewed as something of a vanity release, Family Man is possibly Black Flag’s most misunderstood record. The spoken word tracks whilst being relatively entertaining have not aged well and sometimes border on the cringeworthy. However, the real meat is in the instrumental tracks, especially the mighty ‘I Won’t Stick Any Of You Unless And Until I Can Stick All Of You’. Kira, Bill and Greg were taking us to another universe here, far beyond the punk rock world from which they came.

After hundreds of excursions out of my body with the mind awake, I have been forced to come to the conclusion that we live in a multidimensional universe, one which expands far beyond what we can see with our physical eyes - a world which is grander, more magnificent and which reaches far beyond the realms of imagination. A world where we can talk to the ‘dead’, relive our past lives as if they were happening right now, where our consciousness can expand to merge with the very essence of its origin. A world, whose substance and nuclear matter is so fine and subtle that it can instantly be moulded into anything we desire.
—  Jurgen Ziewe - Multidimensional Man
I just want to say something!! Our whole fandom is so fucking annoying!!

I sit back usually and stay out of the drama because I want to be a blog that not only everyone likes but also just to enjoy my time on tumblr.

I want to celebrate all the Girls’ accomplishments because what they are doing is amazing!! We aren’t reblogging gif sets of competition dances anymore, we are reblogging gif sets and pictures of the girls dancing on SYTYCD, being in movies and magazines and off Broadway shows! These kids are growing far beyond the show of dance moms and the competitive dance world. They are growing and blossoming into beautiful young stars and talented kind young women. They are basically becoming better than their moms :) and for that I’m so proud! I’m honored to be in their fandoms and to celebrate every thing these girls do right. Because they do a lot right!

So why aren’t we celebrating these kids? Why can’t we say Maddie is killing it right now with her magazines and being on So you think? Why can’t we say Chloe has grown so much and I can’t wait to see her improvement from center stage to cowgirls story? Why can’t we say Mackenzie is doing great with her Ralph Lauren photo shoots and I’m wishing her all the best? Why can’t we say I’m so happy Nia is in NYC living her dream and absolutely slaying on an off Broadway stage? Why can’t we say Kendall’s recent photo shoots are absolutely gorgeous and I’m happy for what’s in store? Why can’t we say I’m proud of Jojo for working with Claire’s, a huge well known store in America? Why can’t we say Kalani’s commercial modeling game is strong lately and I can’t wait to see her slay at TDA? Why can’t we say Brynn is killing her modeling lately as well (I don’t know the exact agency she does it for) and she’s adorable and kills Abby’s horrible DM choreo? Why can’t we say Brooke and Paige look so happy recently, especially because Brooke just graduated and Paige has a new boyfriend, so we are so happy for them?


BC NO!! Almost everyone in this fandom is a fucking hypocrite including myself. I’ve been one too. I’m not perfect by any means but I know for a fact that I would defend all the girls and that I don’t talk bad about any of them.

Bc it’s so not worth it and it’s so rude! Why the fuck are you critiquing teenage girls when they’re more successful than you and they’re having the time of their lives?


Let them live and be kids and love their lives especially as kids. They don’t have forever to do this so be good supportive fans plz

Or ignore them and just be civil

You don’t have to love Brynn or Mackenzie that’s cool

But please don’t talk about them badly just ignore any mentions of them if you don’t like them

ignore the stupid people In the fandom too. Answering rude or inappropriate asks or calling attention by screenshotting someone else’s blog is so immature and is just giving attention to the stupidity. Ignore it, block it and move on

If you want to defend one of the girls that’s fine but be civil and use straight facts. AND DONT PUT ANOTHER GIRL DOWN TO DEFEND YOUR FAVE

EVERYONE DOES THIS^^ Maddie and Chloe stans alike

PS I HATE the whole Maddie stans Chloe stans thing why are we calling each other those things and categorizing each other? It’s so obnoxious and makes me uncomfortable. I’m sure it makes others uncomfortable too. It made me feel guilty to follow other blogs Bc someone might hate me for it. But I got over it and now I reblog from whoever the hell I want to. So please can we stop doing this to each other? I’m not saying lets meet up and go out for ice cream Bc that’s definitely not going to happen. We don’t even have to be friends. Let’s be civil though and try to appreciate all the girls for what they do.

Let the girls and our happiness for all of them bring us together as a fandom. We can do it I know!!

Anyway rant over :)

-dancegirlsnotmoms 💜