far away from all the troubles

Affirmation 5/5

Part five ‘All things’ Missing scene Scully POV  (Epilogue) Post ep Mulder POV

Part one ‘Orison’ here

Part two ‘Per manum’ here

Part three ‘Sein und zeit’ here

Part four ‘En Ami’ here


I wake up suddenly, instantly guilty that I managed to literally pass out right in the middle of listening to Mulder waxing lyrical on the potentiality of fate, of the different paths we are destined to take throughout our lives; the paths in fact that we ourselves have taken to bring us right here to this point in time in our strange partnership.

Sometimes I have trouble categorising exactly what it is we share, what exactly is the product of our seven year history together that has seen us fight and fall and push ourselves far away from each other so many times; only to somehow always manage to re-connect once more? 

 More than once I have tried to rationalise this thing we have, this us that is separate from our working lives but at the same time, the threads of our professional history are still wound tightly around us, refusing to fully separate, to allow us to be the people we both yearn to be.  I’m not stupid, I know that a normal life can never be for us, that what others take for granted – a home, a family, simple pleasures that are nothing and everything at the same time – are distressingly unobtainable.  

Because even if Mulder and I had chosen to keep hold of the feelings for each other that we had denied for so long and instead turned to others to help fill in the blanks in our lives that our work on the X-Files had brought upon us, I still believe that those simple life expectations could never be for us.  Too much has happened and too much has been lost and I came to realise a very long time ago that I could never risk bringing in anyone from outside this frightening world we inhabit; that enough innocents have been lost to our quest already.  The blood on my hands is ever present and I know with a certainty that paralyses me at times, that I will never be able to completely cleanse myself of the guilt I carry around with me for the part I played in the destruction of the relationships and the people I loved. 

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I serve only the Lord of the Mark, Theoden King, son of Thengel. We do not serve the Power of the Black Land far away, but neither are we yet in open war with him; and if you are fleeing from him, then you had best leave this land. There is trouble now on all our borders, and we are threatened; but we desire only to be free, and to live as we have lived, keeping our own, and serving no foreign lord, good or evil.

Making sense of spoilers  (part 1)

Okaaay! I have trouble tying a sensible narrative together with all these spoiler pages that are out of order.(Not to sound ungrateful or anything, coz I’m sooo happy to be able to read them!)

So to make our fangirling easier a little bit, I’ll just make a patched up version of what I’ve seen and read so far.

Take all of these with a grain of salt. No, make that a mouthful of salt.

Anyways, here goes nothing.

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General Hux x Reader Headcanons : You are his bounty hunter ex

Requested by: Anonymous

-The two of you had a messy break up to say the least. Both of you are stubborn, and honestly, the fight was stupid, but it escalated because neither of you back down, and it ended with you storming out of his quarters in the middle of the night, onto your ship, and far away from Armitage Hux.

-Being back on the finalizer is weird for you. You’ve been hired long term to sort out some trouble for the first order. Let’s face it, you’re good at your job, and Kylo Ren was all too happy to hire the one person who could do their job so efficiently while still managing to torture his rival.

-You mostly stick to yourself, using your ship in the Hangar as your living space and only once in a while joining the three top officers on the bridge.

-But when you do go on the bridge, oh boy Hux is SHOOK. The sexual tension is so high that it’s almost tangible. Hux tries to stay calm but most of his orders come out as stuttered barks when you’re around.

-You’re an equal amount of shook, decently, but your style is more joking, and often you mask your feelings with hard jabs at Hux that drudge up many memories for him.

-The banter, my god, THE BANTER. The two of you are sharp tongued and wit and insults fly left and right between the two of you. Kylo regrets hiring you soon because he can both see and feel what is happening.

-Despite the tension, he always sends a note to your data pad telling you to be safe when you go on missions. You never respond and it’s never spoken of, but he cares about your safety. It’s a bit nerve wracking, and you blush every time.

-One day it’s really bad though. You’re screaming at each other on the bridge. He’s inches from you and every officer is frightened as to what is going to happen.

-As the argument hits its peak, you lose your patience and turn to leave.

-“ No one walks out on the General!”
“I already did once, watch me do it again”

-That’s done it. He’s livid and hurt and it’s like you’re dating all over again.

-You’re almost to your ship when he reaches you. He starts to yell but when you turn to face him something overtakes him. He pushes you against the wall and the intense passion of your kiss is enough to make you melt then and there. It’s as if you were back at the peak of the most passionate parts of your relationship.

-The sex that ensues is amazing and rough and insanely emotional (I can expand in another post if y'all want)

-The two of you rarely speak of your relationship or break up from that point on but it’s not to be brought up by anyone.

-If the general is seen leaving your ship in the morning no one is to speak of it unless they want to be demoted.

-Kylo regrets hiring you to try to piss off Hux.

-Although you aren’t dating again it’s safe to say you aren’t exes anymore. He can’t keep his hands off you or stop loving you, regardless of his insecurity about your job or your argumentative past.

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After years of trying to save up money and after several jobs falling through i finally have a job offer in Bellevue, Washington. Some of you might know that my sister lives in Seattle, and I eventually want to live with her. Since i live in California and there is a lot of housing shortages in Washington, and it is very expensive, I’m having trouble finding something. I’d like 2 have a couple options by next week so i can tell my employer for sure whether i will be there or not. 

Here’s what i need out of a room: 


my job is in Bellevue but my sister is in Seattle and i don’t want to be too far away from her that i can’t see her on weekends. 

Thank you for all your help !!! 

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child au! how would they react if they got sent to their rooms for the first time when they're in trouble?

Admin Mawile:(・□・;)


-Just because it’s the first time with you doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near his first time being sent away. His mother tried to lock him up for misbehaving all the time, and it still makes him feel sick to see his door shut. You’re probably too nice to do it, but it feels like you’re going to just leave him there. 


-It’s far from the first time he’s been sent away and forgotten about, and all he can assume is that you no longer want to deal with him. Even worse, now that he’s all alone and waiting, he can’t get rid of the image of the beating that would usually be his punishment afterwards. 


-”Sent to his room” probably just means you’re going to come hurt him later. He can’t bear to just sit and wait for it, and most likely, he’s going to try to escape and hide, rather than stick around and see what you decide to do to him. Waiting just brings back all the worst memories. 


-He’s used to hiding out in his room anyway; the real punishment is being forced to be away from you. He panics as soon as the door shuts, screaming and crying and breaking anything in range to try to get you back. The fit will continue until you pay attention to him again. 


-It doesn’t seem like he has much of a reaction at all, beyond obediently doing as you said, but inside, he’s just short of panic. Alone in his room, all he can think about is being left at her mercy again. He’d never want to admit it to you, but he’s absolutely terrified. 


-Shutting him away reminds him a little too much of what happened to his mother, and you only catch a brief, glassy stare before he’s panicking and curled up in a corner. Even worse than the memories is the now persistent idea that you’re going to hate him. 


-Aside from how humiliating it is to have to be punished, there’s a sickening sense of worry that now is when you’ll turn cruel. Sitting in his room feels like waiting for an executioner, and he can’t help but jump at every noise, shaken and fearful of what you might decide to do to him. 


-As soon as you even mention punishment, he’s a shaking mess. Even if all you do is make him go to his room, there’s the absolute terror that you’re going to come back and make him hurt. You’ve been nice so far, but surely this is the line where that will all change. 


-It’s not that bad a punishment to be sent away for a little while, but it’s still terrifying that you might be really mad now. He knows you’re probably too nice to do it, but the sickeningly familiar idea of being starved or beaten or just forgotten about won’t leave his mind. 


-It would be so much better if you would just hurt him. Physical pain is fine; at least it means that you wouldn’t be ignoring him. Shut in his room, kept away from the one person who’s been so nice to him, it’s more miserable than the worst beating you could have given him. 


-You’re certainly not going to let him off this easily. No, being sent to his room is just giving you time to think of what to do to him. It’s just pathetic to fear a punishment that he surely deserves (for someone as kind as you to even need to do it), but he can’t stop shaking. 


-He’s seen the kind of things that happen to Carla when he’s in trouble, and getting shut in his room has to be the precursor to something worse. You’re mad at him, he messed up and he’s going to suffer for it. Hiding in his room won’t do any good, but he can’t help it. 

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Do you happen to have any Voltron fic recs? I've only just got into the fandom and I'm having trouble navigating through the porn-without-plot fics to find the big plotty ones x_x

(As a caveat, some of these are porny, but definitely not all of them.)

Sweet Quiznak

A Fish and a Bird



the electric synthesized pop ballad of why keith can’t have nice things

Laws of Gravity need not apply

Depth Perception

the whole town’s sleeping

the fear of falling

nothing can breathe in space

The Dead End Nation

Far Away From Nothing

Pardon Me

Another Word for Never

The Boys of Summer

stars at the end of the universe

(To warn you - I am multishipper trash, so this has a bit of everything. It’s fairly Lance-heavy, though, because he’s my favorite. ^-^)

Day 39

I find the best form of manipulation is to underestimated. When I was young, I would often spend a good few days complaining I felt ill before acting as if I had a really bad illness. I would cry and everything. My parents would pity me and do exactly what I wanted, and would happily let me take a few days away from school to recover.

During this time I could do anything I wanted because I wouldn’t get the blame for it since I was far too ill to be doing anything like that. I would come across as emotionally and physically weak so my sibling would have to do all my chores.

I would also do things like steal sweets we were not supposed to have. Since I generally didn’t have a ‘sweet tooth’ and preferred savoury, whereas my sibling adored anything sugary, they would always get into trouble for it.

All of this is because no one expects anything of me, people let heir guard down and trust me easily because nothing malicious is in my nature, and when I do something 'bad’, people assume it isn’t me because that simply isn’t the sort of person I am. Or so they think.

Giving off this impression will get someone much further in life than narcissistically proving to everyone what you are capable of.


‘I serve only the Lord of the Mark, Theoden King, son of Thengel. We do not serve the Power of the Black Land far away, but neither are we yet in open war with him; and if you are fleeing from him, then you had best leave this land. There is trouble now on all our borders, and we are threatened; but we desire only to be free, and to live as we have lived, keeping our own, and serving no foreign lord, good or evil. We welcomed guests kindly in the better days, but in these times the unbidden stranger finds us swift and hard. Come! Who are you? Whom do you serve? At whose command do you hunt Orcs in our land?’

Misunderstood (Part 2)

Originally posted by skinon-skin

Enjoy and love me pls. Feedback is highly appreciated. 

Summary: I hate asshole Bucky and ur gonna hate him too.

You were furious. Not angry, not mad, furious. You were having trouble understanding who the hell he thought he was. He thought he could humiliate maybe even upset you. He was wrong. If he wanted to play dirty, you could play dirty.

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Request: Not going anywhere

Request: Imagine the reader and Kozik are messing around in Gemma’s office and they get caught by her 

Consider this imagine as a sequel of “Hard to Get

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by kellylambert01

You had grown up around Samcro, that was your family, and you knew troubles were never too far away. Your mother, Gemma, was recovering at the hospital and she would be home soon, Tara had said. However, the boys could still face a time in prison, and it wouldn’t be a short period.

All the troubles were keeping you and Kozik away from each other, but you couldn’t forget your first time together, you were falling for him more and more every day. The distance and the busy routine made you keep the secret, not wanting to deal with your brother, Jax, and your father, Clay, yet. You didn’t even know how things were between you and Kozik, so it was better that way.


Your mother coming back was the best thing that had happened around the club in days. The mood wasn’t exactly perfect for a party, but everybody was happy to have Gemma around again. You had organized a little family dinner at the clubhouse and after that the boys went to Chapel, talk about the awful next day the club could have.

You were tired, ready to go home and went to the office to grab your purse. A few papers caught your attention and you stopped for a minute to put them in their places. You closed the drawers and was ready to leave when someone opened the door. It was Kozik.

“Hi”, he said, closing the door behind him. “Are you going home?”

“Yes”, you said. He nodded and you noticed his worried eyes. You let the purse on the table and walked towards him. “Something wrong?”

“We had another vote”, he took your hands in his and kissed the fingers. “I don’t know if he is ever gonna let me patch in and if he doesn’t… I’ll have to go back to Tacoma”

His eyes focused on yours and his words were the last thing you wanted to hear. It was like you knew something like that would happen. You started to walk backwards, but he didn’t let you go, Kozik pulled you to him, an arm strongly wrapped around your waist. His hand held you neck, keeping your lips inches from his own.

“And there is you…”, he said. “I thought you would finally tell about us to someone, now that your mother is back. She is the first person you would tell, right? Your father, your brother…Nobody told me anything, so that means nobody knows. Why?”

“I don’t know where we are Koz…What we are…”, you blurted, your hands on his chest while you tilted your head back to look at him. “We had sex and that was great, but… We barely spoke in days…”

“And I missed you like crazy”, he groaned, his grip tightening on your waist. “You knew we both had things to deal with and we still do…I meant it baby, I meant it what I said…”

He was kissing you, his lips hungry on yours and you couldn’t hold your moan. Your fists held his kutte and two hands grabbed your ass cheeks as you walked together to the table, Kozik lifting and sitting you over it.

“Koz…”, you whined as his mouth explored your neck. “I missed you”

“Damn baby…I missed you too”, his hands cupped your breasts, squeezing them as you worked on his belt and jeans. You pulled his boxers down, your fingers closing around his cock.

“I want you Kozik”, you whispered. He groaned and held you closer as his fingers slid inside your jeans and panties. His fingertips found your clit rubbing circles, his mouth muffling your moans. “Koz…Baby, please…”

“Do you want me?”, he grinned and you could only nod, desperate for more of him. “Do you want me to take you here, at the table? Someone could hear us…”

“Yes…I want…And I don’t care”, you let your head fall back as his fingers slowly slid inside you. “Kozik”

You whined when he left you, lifting your hips for him to drag you pants down your legs. His fingers were on the sides of your jeans, ready take it off when the door opened.

“Hi kid, are you… Jesus! Y/N!”, Kozik backed away and pulled his pants back on, your mother catching both, and worst, in her own office. “How could you…”

“Mother!”, you stopped her before Gemma could put her hands over Kozik. You buttoned your pants again, pushing your shirt down and stood next to him, facing your mother. “Don’t blame him, we are both… Damn, we are not guilty of anything! We are adults for Christ’s sake!”

“Don’t talk to me like…”, Gemma started to talk but then stopped, realizing what you had said. “Wait! You both…”

“It’s not the first time, mom”, you said. “I should had told you, but…”

Gemma sighed, hands on her hips. Kozik took a step forward, standing by your side, his hand on your lower back.

“We were going to tell you Gem”, he said. “To Clay and Jax too, but these days had been crazy. We barely had time to talk about us”

“You?”, she raised an eyebrow.

“Yes”, Kozik said. “We are together and I care about your daughter Gem, I really do”

You looked up at him, smiling and you mother didn’t missed that. You couldn’t hide how happy you were, even with all the troubles you seemed to be founding something good there, with Kozik. You would make it work, both of you.

“You better tell Clay and Jax soon”, Gemma said and looked at Kozik. “I swear I will kill you if you hurt her, blondie…Go home kid, your dad won’t sleep until you arrive”

You watched as your mother walked away, the noise of her heels echoing through the parking lot. You felt Kozik hugging you and kissing the top of your head.

“So…We are together”, you smiled, relaxing against him.

“Yes we are”, he said, his arms getting tighter around you. “I want you to know baby…I won’t give up on you or my patch”

“I know”, you turned around, cupping his face. “They will patch you in, you will see”

He smiled and kissed you again, making you realize that you still wanted him. You pushed Kozik inside the office again and closed the door behind you.

“What are you doing?”, he grinned, grabbing your ass again as you pressed your body against his.

“I don’t wanna go home yet”, you whispered, unbuckling his belt again. “I wouldn’t be able to sleep, you know… Now… Where were we?”


Kozik was sit at the picnic table, waiting for you or Clay, whoever arrived first. You had said you would told Clay everything that morning and he was nervous. He wanted to patch Samcro more than ever and he wanted you too. He never thought he would fall for you so hard.

He stood up when your car arrived and didn’t bother about his brothers were there too. You walked to him with a smile and he finally breathed, relieved.

“Morning”, you grabbed his kutte as his hands held your waist.

“Morning”, he grinned. “Did you talk to him? How did go?”

“He wasn’t happy, at first, but I guess he understood”, you shrugged and pecked his lips. “Mother’s office is off limits though”

Kozik laughed and kissed you, hearing the cat calls behind him. He saw Tig’s surprised expression when you walked together, holding hands, to the clubhouse, but nobody said anything. Soon, you father arrived and the day would finally begin, an important day for Samcro.

Everybody had their own jobs to do and Kozik could see you at the office’s door, watching people coming and going. He was ready to leave and felt Clay by his side.

“You need to solve things with Trager, get patched so you can stay in Charming”, Clay said, putting his helmet on. “I’m counting on you, son. You better take good care of her if everything turns out bad today”

“Always”, Kozik said and looked at you again. He was there to stay, for his club and for you, always.


Seriously, someone help this man; no wonder Anakin is so messed up since he lacks a decent, good sleep. He either dreams nightmares or doesn’t sleep at all…

  • In Rogue Planet Anakin was around 12 years old. Obi-Wan - and I’m guessing Jedi Council too - knew about Anakin’s frequent nightmares / troubled sleep.
  • In AotC - when Anakin was 20 years old, he had constantly nightmares about his mother who by month was tortured by Tuskan Raiders. Via Force Anakin could feel her pain from far away, yet Jedi didn’t let him go to rescue her. Obi-Wan told him the dream will “pass one day”.
  • During Clone Wars era, Anakin didn’t sleep any better. He hated dreams. Also the TCW series at least once pointed out that Anakin was overworking himself; like instead of resting, he was studying holomaps / working on new strategies, etc. In EU he usually was fixing things as a stress relief
  • The dreams of Padme & unborn child death didn’t help at all
  • Even as a Lord of the Sith, sleep never come easy to him. Both because of his health conditions but also because of what Empire does to others. In case above, it was a night when Vader learnt about slavery being a new part of Palpatine’s regime.

I love those songs Paul talks about some hidden truth, that is now revealed or not like:

From a Lover to a Friend
“And when the time comes around
We will be duty bound
To tell the truth of what we’ve seen”

On My Way to Work (more like a dream not coming true)
“But all the time I thought of you
How far away the future seemed
How could I so many dreams?
And one of them not come true”

Keep Under Cover
”Keep under cover ‘til the battle has ceased
Keep out of trouble 'til the prisoners are released”

Through Our Love
“We…wasted time and again
On things…things we already knew
Born to do…I give my love to you”

This One
”What opportunities did we allow to flow by
Feeling like the time it wasn’t quite right?
What kind of magic might have worked if we had stayed calm
Couldn’t I have given you a better life?
Did you ever take me in your arms
Look me in the eye tell me that you do?
Did I ever open up my heart
Let you look inside?”

The Lovers that Never Were
“I have always needed somebody girl,
But I closed the doors to keep out the world.
But for you, I would be here all alone,
Locked in a photograph.
All of the clocks have run down.
Lover beware.
We’ll be the lovers that never were.
I hang patiently on every word you send.
Will we ever be much more than just friends?”

Ever Present Past
“I’ve got too much on my mind
I think of everything to be discovered
I hope there’s something to find”

Tug of War
“In another world
In another world we could
Stand on top of the mountain
With our flag unfurled
In a time to come
In a time to come we will be
Dancing to the beat played
On a different drum”

Some People Never Know
“No one else will ever see
how much faith you have in me,
Only fools would disagree that it’s so,
Some people never know.”



“I-I couldn’t just stand there though…!” Luka answered meekly, keeping her eyes on the ground. With Erika yelling at her, she almost felt ashamed of what she did. “You’re my friend and you were in trouble… I had to help. B-Besides, I’ve dealt with thugs before…!” Though, she had never dealt with ones who were armed.

“That’s no excuse for jumping in like that! Sometimes it’s better to help from far away. What happened if we all got hurt? Then there’d be no one to tell the story later on!” Or call for help, or be a witness…

Erika paused, letting her shoulders drop, “It’s good to want to help your friends, but how will your friends feel after if you get really hurt because of them?”

Hypocrite. She was such a hypocrite.

With best wishes from Tony

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 960

Request: “Do you think you could write a story about how the reader and Tony are best friends and one day on a mission you get hurt and your boyfriends, Steve or Bucky IDK, blames Tony for it.”

Summary: You’re an agent of SHIELD and during a mission with Tony you got hurt now Steve, who’s your boyfriend blame him for it what’s leading to a fight between them. (Decided to choose Steve, because i like him more :D) 

Just to mention: I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m already sorry for grammar mistakes xd

Just a week ago you and Steve were planning your first holidays together. You wanted to fly away, far away from all the work and trouble. Now, the situation is different. The last mission you were on with Tony didn’t turn out like it should. Some terrorists captured hostages and your mission was to free them. Tony thought he could handle it on his own but as he got in trouble you wanted to help but got terrible injured and now were in coma. You got internal bleedings and were very week. Steve was always by your side and hardly ever left your bed. But not only Steve suffered, Tony at the same time felt guilty for what happened to you and came to see you regularly as well. Steve blamed him for failing at protecting you and every time he came to see you Steve was just about to kill him.

Today’s the same. Steve was the whole night by your side and as the nurse said to him that he probably should get some rest too, he always refused to. Then Tony suddenly showed up and entered your room.

Tony: “Hey Cap. The Nurse is right you should get some rest. I’m here to look after her.”

You could feel the anger building up inside Steve as he stood up, grabbed his throat and pressed him against the wall.

Steve: “How dare showing up here!”

Tony: “Steve, I know responsible for this mess, but I just want to help.”

Steve: “Help? After all you’ve done you should be happy that I haven’t killed you yet!”

Tony was gasping for air as Steve released his grip.

Steve: “Leave now.”

Tony knew how much Steve always cared for you but he also realised that the uncertainly of when you will awake kills him in the inside, so he left and tried not to upset him even more.

The time flew by and it took almost 2 month till your awakening. You slightly started to move your finger. Steve was holding your hand while sleeping in the chair next to your bed but immediately woke up as he felt your move. You slowly opened your eyes and blinked a few times as you saw Steve smiling at you.

Steve: “Welcome back sweetheart.”

You: “Where am I?”

Steve: “In Hospital. You’ve been in coma, for almost 2 months.”

You: “Really? What happened?”

Your voice was shaking and hardly to hear. Steve bended over you and kissed you on the forehead.

Steve: “Everything’s ok. Don’t worry (Y/N).”

You: “You have really dark circles under your eyes, Steve. You’re ok?”

Steve: “Yes, I am now.”

You recovered very slow and had to stay in hospital at least 2 months more until they would let you go, so Steve always brought you books and several films to pass the time. One day the two of you watched a film together at your room and asked him if he could buy some coke for you. He left the room and you paused the film and waited but outside Tony just arrived and stood in front of your room.

Steve: “What do you want here?”

Tony: “Why didn’t you tell me or the others that (Y/N) woke up?”

Steve: “She’s still very weak and can’t handle with much visit.”

Tony: “That’s your excuse Cap? You’re just acting selfishly!”

Steve: “It’s the best for her!”

Tony: “Shouldn’t she decide what’s best for her?”

Steve: “You don’t have the right to see her! After all you’re the reason she’s suffering!”

Tony: “I know! So just let me apologize to her! You can’t forbid her friends to visit her!”

Steve: “Don’t you dare call yourself her friend after what you done!”

You heard the conversation as it got louder and louder and just as Steve was about to punch Tony you walked on your week legs over to the door, opened it and interfered.

You: “Stop it! Now!”

They immediately stopped and looked over to you.

Tony: “(Y/N) …”

You: “Just stop it. You shouldn’t fight.”

Then your legs started to get weaker again and Steve lifted you up and carried you back to your bed.

Steve: “You shouldn’t over do it, you’re still far to weak.”

You: “I know … Steve could you give me a moment with Tony … alone.”

Steve: “Sure.”

As Steve left Tony entered the room but stopped right before the doorway. You never saw him being that way ever before, you really could see that he felt guilty.

You: “Tony, come over. I’m not mad at you.”

Tony: “It’s my fault.”

You: “That’s not true, no one could know that it would turn out this way. Don’t blame yourself.”

Tony: “I just want you to know that I’m so sorry. I nearly killed my best friend with my reckless behaviour …”

You: “Tony, I’m not dea-“

Tony: “But you nearly were!”

You: “It takes more to kill me … and also I knew that you were there, you wouldn’t have let me die.” You laughed.

Tony: “You take that way to easy (Y/N).”

You: “Life is to short to take it serious, Tony.”

Steve came back and pulled Tony out of the room and closed the door behind.

Steve: “I guess I overreact a little bit. If she forgives you, I will do as well”

Tony: “Thanks Cap. I would probably do the same if she would be my girlfriend.”

Steve: “But I swear to god, if you ever let someone hurt her again, I will personally kill you.”

Tony: “Got it. Will never happen again.”

On your day of your dismissal, Steve picked you up and told you that you directly driving to the airport to finally getting on holidays together. “With best wishes from Tony.” He said.  


Hope you’ll like it ^-^ <3 After finishing I realized that it’s quite similar to his one, but how cares xd 

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just got the headcanon: mairon has very big strong muscles and can move anyone who is in a wrong place according to him

This isn’t too far away from the truth honestly xD

Mairon is a smith and as such would have humongous arms and a buff body if he CHOSE to (IT’S A CHOICE BROTHER LEAVE ME BE @misbehavingmaiar )

The thing is that he makes the active choice not to let his fana show just how strong he actually is. It makes his enemies lower their guard and it gives him an advantage he’s reluctant to lose.

In other words - he’s buff AF but his strength is hidden. He would have absolutely NO TROUBLES AT ALL moving anyone out of his way. As long as he has the size he could lift a cavetroll out of his way without breaking a sweat)



You and your friends were at the bleachers of the football field. You were working on your Science project that had you doing research outside. Suddenly, the football team came out of the locker rooms and started practicing. You wish you could play football because you and your brother play it all the time and you’re better than he, your dad, and your guy friends. Unfortunately, football at your school is only for guys. “Heads up Y/N!” You turn to see a football hurtling towards you. You reach up and casually catch it with no trouble at all. You hear a few ‘damn’s and whistles. The captain of the football team, Michael Clifford, started coming up the bleachers to get the ball. When he got one step away from you, you throw the ball as far away from you as you can. That just so happened to be about 50 yards away. Michael just stands there, stupidly staring at you. “Damn. Did you just–” You laugh at his expression. “Michael, your girl has a strong arm. You’ve asked her, right?” one of the guys on the team yelled. You look at Michael with a confused expression. His eyes are wide open and he looks panicked. “Shut your damned trap, Luke.” “Asked me what?” you asked confused. “I was wondering…” he looked nervous and he scratched his head. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to Homecoming with me and be my girlfriend. I understand if you don’t want to or think that this is some joke, but I swear it’s not. I’ve loved you for a long time. I just have never had the courage to ask you out.” He rambled. “I’d love to go with you– and be your girlfriend.” His face lit up and he kissed you sweetly and quickly. “See you after practice, babe.” he said and smiled. You blushed and turned back to your project, only looking back up when you heard various butt-slaps and a few ‘about time’s.


Ashton was failing the math class you were both in. “Miss Y/L/N, would you please come here?” Your math teacher, Mrs. Hemmings, asked you one day at the end of class. “Mr. Irwin is not quite passing my class, while you have all A’s, and I was wondering if you could tutor him after school? I’ll give you some extra credit because this is extra work.” she asked. “Yeah, sure.” “Come by after school ends, and he’ll be here.” you nodded and left towards your PE class. The rest of the day was a drag and you could not wait to go home. You went to get your books to go home, but saw a note on the door of your locker: Ashton Irwin – Tutoring (Hemmings). You groaned and went into Mrs. Hemmings room after all your classes and saw Ashton sitting in a chair drumming his fingers against the desk’s top. “Hi.” you said awkwardly sitting down next to him. “Let’s get this over with.” he muttered avoiding your eye contact. During that time you taught him the Pythagorean Theorem, the distance formula, and perfect squares. It all came to him easily, and you questioned on why he was having trouble. At the end of the session, his friend Calum came and got him for some type of intense baseball practice. Ash winked at you and left. “See ya tomorrow Y/N.”  The next few weeks were nice spending time with Ashton. He eventually became your secret best friend because he didn’t want the “embarrassment”. You hated the idea, but whatever. “You maybe wanna go out sometime?” Ashton asked you one day . “Like on a date?” “Sure.” “As long as it doesn’t humiliate you.” you teased. “It won’t, sorry about that by the way.” “No problem, pick me up at 7:00.” this time, you winked and left the classroom.


Luke was a popular football player at your school. You, not so much. You were one day out on the field talking with your friends, one of them who Luke didn’t like so much. Luke and his friends were trying to be funny as he threw the football at your friend’s head. You saw the ball and pushed him to the side and caught it. You smirked, knowing it came in handy that your father was a football fanatic. Luke was gawking at you as you leaned backwards and threw the football back to him. He caught it with ease. “You’re not funny, Hemmings!” you shouted to him laughing with your friends. Later, at your locker, you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned around and saw Luke standing there, awkwardly playing with his feet. You rolled your eyes and ignored him.  He hugged you around your waist, catching you off-guard, making your clumsy self stumble forward. He caught you before you hit the ground. You looked up and saw he had flowers in his hand. His eyes were looking over towards his friend Calum. You cleared your throat and he looked into your eyes again. He pulled you up and hugged you. You untangled yourself from him, you were uncomfortable. “Is there anything you want to tell me, Luke?” you whispered. “Yeah– I’m sorry.” His eyes told you he wanted to tell you much, much more than he spoke. “Thank you for the apology and the flowers, so I’ll see you around I guess.” You said and grabbed your backpack and the flowers out of his hand and started walking to your car. Luke thought this was you telling him ‘goodbye’ forever. He swore his heart was breaking. He raced to you. “I love you. About earlier, I just wanted to get your attention, and you know how I’ve been hanging around your friends? Well, I wanted to get to know you more. I love you Y/N.” You stared at him wide-eyed, then leaned up to kiss the corner of his lips and wrote your number on his arm. Now this is the day he likes to look back on. Not because he learned you liked football, not because you two almost kissed, because he told you that day what he never would have had the courage to say.


Calum was your school’s head soccer player. You have had a crush on him since the third grade and kind of stalked him. You had actually never talked to him, but his locker was right next to yours, so you heard him talk all the time. You knew his likes and dislikes, and what he would prefer to do. One day, you were packing up so you could leave school for the day when your locker was shut in front of your face. You looked to see the culprit, but all there was was Calum smirking. You smiled. “Hi, Y/N.” he said. “Hey…?” you said confused on why he was talking to you. “I just wanted to know if you would like to go out on Friday?” he asked. You heard a snicker and saw Michael in the background. You rolled your eyes and said the hardest thing you would ever possibly say with total ease, “No.” you stated flatly. He looked shocked. “I- I thought you liked me?” he questioned with a sad expression on his face. “This is the first time I’ve talked to you, I don’t know you.” you lied. He pouted and retreated to Michael. For the rest of the week he tried to get you to say ‘yes’ to the date, and the rest of the week you said the opposite. “I promise it’ll be fun!” he pleaded. “Calum, go away!” you whined.“C’mon Y/N! Please!” he groaned. “Oh my God Calum! If I say yes will you stop asking me?” “Yeah…” “Pick me up at 6:30.” You said and left a smiling Calum to go to first period.

It was great a privilege as it is a weight to be here. He has come to the Vatican to petition for Henry’s annulment, as coming in person was far favourable to what any mere letter was. He was a sharp man, as evidenced by the fact that he had been the one sent at all, earning a great measure of the king’s favour. But he will surely lose it if he returned without the annulment. And he will no doubt be sent away from court entirely if no way at all can be found for Anne Boleyn to get her greatest desire. Their ascent was linked. This he believed to be the case. 

There was trouble in heaven, or at least, the Vatican. Something that he hoped to turn to his favour. The pope was ill and the man in charge was Girolamo Riario. Someone that he might able to more sensibly negotiate with, who might be able to see past the doctrine.

He’s escorted to the man and left alone, as they had much to talk about. His head bowed down momentarily, out of respect. “I am Thomas Cromwell, here on behalf of His Majesty, King Henry VII.” He spoke in Italian, and his pronunciation was very good for a foreigner. He required no translator. This way, just the two of them could talk. “His Majesty wishes for His Holiness’ recovery.” So he had to say, anyways. Perhaps this pope was not so good for these matters, but that another might be… but he could not say such a thing.