far as the others

Rose: And then ate all that sugar..?
Eskel: Oh no, we used the sugar to buy potatoes and tried to brew our own vodka.

I made an OC, I decided the best way to introduce her would be through a comic, so here. Her name is Rose because she’s a thorny bitch. She’s a cat witcher and she might think Eskel is a bit of a weirdo.

You Can Play confused by NHL’s gay slur double standard on Getzlaf
Everyone knows what Ryan Getzlaf said during Game 4 of the Western Conference Final, to earn himself a $10,000 fine from the National Hockey League. Read his lips. Or, if you need a cheeky euphemism as your guide, think of a vacuum chasing a rooster.

Why the double standard, not only in linguistics but in punishment?

“Because one is more polite than the other,” joked Brian Kitts, president and co-founder of You Can Play.

“I’d be interested in knowing how the League and the NHLPA drew that distinction.”

You Can Play is an organization that works to ensure the safety and inclusion of all in sports, with a focus on including LGBTQ athletes, coaches and fans. It partnered with the NHL for “Hockey Is For Everyone Month” this season, but apparently they ran out of rainbow tape to place over Ryan Getzlaf’s mouth.

The general thought from those who believe Getzlaf shouldn’t have been suspended: That what he said isn’t a homophobic slur, because it’s something that doesn’t apply exclusively to homosexuals.

“When it first happened, you look through comments on blogs and stuff and we saw there was absolute insistence that this wasn’t a homophobic slur. Because it applies to women, and lots of other reasons. Where we came down on it was that any language that was going to offend a part of the LGBT community is unacceptable,” Kitts said.

“These things are a case by case thing, and I don’t know what the difference was, that drew the difference in discipline. I think what everyone agrees on is that, at some point, there was an assumption that it was potentially homophobic. That’s where the problem kicks in.”

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My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)


Favorite relationships: Isak og Eskild
Where are you ↵
on my way home
I’m coming.

The Signs as the Ugliest Ships
  • aries: bellarke
  • taurus: karamel
  • gemini: bughead
  • cancer: skyeward
  • leo: reylo
  • virgo: finchel
  • libra: snowbarry
  • scorpio: chair
  • sagittarius: vauseman
  • capricorn: captain swan
  • aquarius: klaine
  • pisces: snermione

If you thank the Butterfly sincerely, you unlock too-adorable-to-handle-bashful-bug-mode!

Are you happy Anon? I whipped up some Ombre from Delicate Wings by @imthepunchlord and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!!! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY PERSON!!!

I even threw in some Black Plague

I think Ombre has mini panic attacks every time Ladybug is out on her own.


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign

It’s the beginning of the bkkweek too!!!! First prompt was New which was kind of yelling at me for bakunari fluff I’ll be honest with all of you


S12, Ep 16: Ladies Drink Free (Dean Sees Through Mick’s BS Series Part 4/ 4) - My clever boy.

Mick: I did what needed to be done.
Dean: And that means?
Mick: Last night, I injected her with silver nitrate.
Dean: So you killed her?

Dean finally reveals his suspicions and Mick folds. 

Posts I’ve done on art movements, artists, and art techniques so far

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I am positive there is many, many more (especially of the art techniques), however because of tags playing up and my blog had a problem with a whole page disappearing, these are the only I could find at the moment. More will certainly be added. You can exoect another post filled with even more art history info! Hopefully all the links work.