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I need a list on why you hate Jason everyone worships his stupid murder lovin jungle ass bless u 🙌🏻

~Him and his friends are immediately attracted to the prospect of Rook Island after Doug tells them it’s a place they can do anything at. Pretty much, knowing Jason and his company, they were up to no actual good from the beginning. By “anything” they certainly weren’t skydiving there with the sole intention of going on a tour of mere natural sightseeing and some harmless sunbathing. Read - the epitome of those annoying, irritating, troublemaker tourists you can’t wait to finally leave your hometown and never come back again after they spent the entire bloody holiday getting drunk, acting cocky and entitled, breaking stuff, being loud and doing drugs just because they pretty much can. Not gonna say they were asking for it - because nobody is asking to get kidnapped and sold into slavery - but, really, guys? Really?

~The definition of a careless, douche, disinterested boyfriend: Whether you like her or not, you have to admit Liza was attentive, patient, loving, overall okay and almost like a doting mother-hen over Jason, his friends and even his brothers when she really didn’t have to be. She was the more mature, responsible significant other that winded up with an overgrown man-child and still remained by his side and waited for him to grow when she could easily dump him for someone far better instead. Why not, after all? She wanted a a dude in his mental prime. She even implied it herself. Instead - he pretty much neglects her - for the first foreign chick he gets taken with and a tribal-vendetta which doesn’t even concern him to begin with. She deserved more then she got.

~Speaking of which - in truth, he’s a random newcomer who gets far too heavily involved with an old dispute between factions he knows nothing about. Citra was just as bad as Vaas. Vaas was just as bad as Citra. The two of them were just as bad as Hoyt. The Pirates. The Privateers. The Rakyat. None of these people was in the right. None of them was genuinely good for the island when you think things through in the long run. But, lets be honest - Jason succumbs to Denis’ over-idealized coaxing because he likes the idea of being a hero, the generalized “white savior” and getting the “exotic, stereotypical prize” in the end, namely Citra - who knows exactly what she’s doing. All of this happened because of the pussy. The pussy got to his head. Vaas warned him, guys. Several times at that.

~I cant believe I’m gonna bring this up. I hate bringing this up. It’s so cliched on this site and all. But, can anyone actually relate to Jason? At all? He’s overly rich, overly entitled, overly bratty, he’s got an amazing life even the actually wealthy would call going too far, all his friends also have amazing lives as well and amazing parents with great careers and he can afford spending time travelling around the world with his friends and pretty much being Mr. Worldwide Dick with not a single care in the world. I used the phrase “world” several times. World! In today’s economy? Nah! Who can genuinely feel bad for Jason’s plight when his existence thus far has been a big, fat vacation? If you’re a petty person like me - you’ll pretty much feel joy over his sudden misfortune because there’s nothing about him that would even remotely tug at your heartstrings. Even Hoyt’s more tragic - and Hoyt’s - well, Hoyt!

~Actually holding a knife to your crying girlfriend’s throat (even if you don’t choose the bad ending or even if you don’t quite like Liza Snow) and contemplating on abandoning your remaining friends and your little brother to some horrible, awful fate after you went through hell and beyond to save them from the clutches of a sadistic, international drug-cartel just because, again, the prospect of heroism and vagina is going to your head is not something I can overall approve of. Especially considering how his character was barely established. I don’t really see a jungle-torn, broken man when he does this. All I see is a dude-bro who can’t quite decide how many chairs he wants to sit on. Also - even if you choose the good ending, Liza should break up with your ass. Knife to the throat? You ACTUALLY thought about killing her for another chick, mate! Hell, no!

~From a very, very realistic point of view, as macabre as it may sound, burning Hoyt’s marijuana fields and semi-destroying his crime circle probably did more harm to the overall economy of Rook Island then actual good considering these people are isolated by an ocean on a piece of land that’s pretty much untouched by civilization outside of random WW2 barracks, huts, shipwrecks, crashed planes outposts and the like. So, now they neither have what to thrive off (in an, again, rather unhealthy sense - but, still.) and they’re governed by a fanatical, rather backwards matriarch who’s men are armed with guns and an over-bloated zeal. Jason Brody killed off one tyrant to create another tyrant, who just happens to have a major goddess-complex as well. Good job. Basically, absolutely nothing changed and everything still sucks if you’re a common guy living on Rook. Thanks, asshole.

~Ironically enough - I don’t mind him being a “murderous prick”. He had to be. Ajay Ghale was too and nearly everyone loved him (Another debate for another time). You can hardly survive a place like Rook without being one or eventually becoming one. He can hardly combat Pirates, Drug-Runners, Savages, Mercenaries and overall madmen through being a Zen-pacifist and defeating foes through polite words alone, right? That was kind of the entire point of the game, especially one of the Far Cry series. And even if he did have some prior training with weapons - lets be real - he’s kind of a Gary Stu. Pure wish fulfillment. A fantasy. I don’t care who you are or what you are. Cleaning out an entire island all by yourself is something not even John Rambo would do. Even Hoyt Volker needed an army of men behind his back when he first inhabited the place. I mean - c'mon!

~He’s incredibly, incredibly selfish. I’m so sorry, but he is. Right to the point where he sends someone else (Oliver, if I remember correctly) to deliver the sad news to his widowed mother that he’s dead and not coming back, thus outright lying and probably breaking her heart twice over in the process due to the fact her other son, Grant, died as well and she pretty much wont even get to see his corpse at this point or give him a proper funeral. You’d think his mother would and heck, even his little brother (and Daisy herself - who also lost a loved one in Grant) need him now more then ever alongside Liza who’s devastated and traumatized. But, nope. He’s staying in the jungle to tap that ass. Priorities. Compared to Ajay Ghale who pretty much climbed the Himalayas to fulfill his mother’s dying wish - yes, that’s very selfish.

~Brody’s journey and arc is not one of self-discovery. We just get the illusion of a deeper meaning with him. The more he progresses, the less we seem to know about him. Hell, we didn’t know that much about him to begin with outside a line-up of negative, childish traits worthy of an 80’s action shooter. And what did he learn in the end? Pretty much nothing outside the fact that he likes killing and that the jungle took over. Something. It took over something. We’d care - except, we weren’t introduced to his personality very in-depth to begin with. You can’t feel anything unless you know the character and end up relating. That’s why most of our sympathy goes to Vaas Montenegro instead - because yes, he’s a psychopath too. But he’s a fleshed-out psychopath.

~Other then that, any character can be made great, underdog or not. But, Jason Brody missed out on that extra mile of plausible development and the lack of a backstory or even a backstory hidden between the lines (See Vaas, Citra, Hoyt - later on, Ajay Ghale, Paul Harmon and even Yuma Lau). He’s simply a skin you slip on to feel cool - much like a fantasy of escapism. Hell, even Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s comedic cameo made for a more likable possible protagonist in the Vaas Montenegro Experience because he’s the insufferable, clumsy, cowardly klutz who doesn’t get any respect but still manages to overcome that in the time of need to an extent and go after his friend (Barry the Cameraman) with a machine gun and loyally stand up to a band of armed pirates despite of being scared out of his wits. It’s all about that. Relating is key. I personally, felt none of that with Jason Brody. If I was meant to care, I didn’t. Not as much as I was supposed to anyhow.

For real though I don’t get the thought process behind “the resistance”, as the liberal opposition to fascism has so hilariously labeled itself (obviously thinking of themselves as, idk, the fucking Rebel Alliance or some shit because Christ knows these mooks can’t conceptualize actual revolutionary politics). Like, we’re gonna resist fascism by advocating the same econopolitical order that gave rise to it. And day-to-day we’re gonna take our marching orders from the Democrats, who have thoroughly lost over the last eight years (around 900 state legislature seats and 30 chambers, 70 seats across both houses of Congress, 11 governors, SCOTUS, and now POTUS to Donald fucking Trump of all people who ran such an awful campaign that there was honest speculation he was trying to lose), and who are taking their playbook on resisting a fascist regime from Vichy France. And to advance that agenda we’re gonna use the same failed tactics of “peaceful protest”, trying to debate fascism to death, and hugging cops that have gotten us precisely nowhere for all of living memory.

Like…did none of y’all play Far Cry 3? Because Vaas has some choice speeches for you about the definition of insanity.

Oh Snow White~  Even with your tatau and all the blood on your hands and those big motherfucking balls you’ve grown here,… you’re still just stupid American trash

(click title for the song) Fucking FINALLY!! A FC3 sketch from me! I missed all the original hype n only played FC3 last summer for the first time. it’s such a freaking good game! every damn character in it is a treat that feeds right into my darkness psycho loving heart :’3  I still don’t get enough of it n I’m on board with all the peeps that demand a game about Vaas!

With this sketch, I got at least a tiny bit of my feelings out. “American Trash” is THE song for FC3 to me, (n “I think you freaky”) cause it fits jason so damn well. N Vaas totally calls him out on it. n don’t even get me started on him calling Jason Snow White. the dialouges in fc3 are pure gold n everything I’d hope to write for my own chars :’)


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Uncle Pagan here, just checking in on my favorite nephew. So tell me, Ajay, who are you rooting for so far? Have you fallen into Amita’s honey pot, or have you been dazzled by Sabal’s flowing locks and bad-boy jawline? Hey, each to his own. That’s your lifestyle choice to make. He isn’t my cup of tea, contrary to the rash assumption some may make about my appearance. I am indeed batting for the other team. You, more than most, should know that there was only ever one woman for me, my boy.