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What ethnicity/nationality are you?

// Heyo! My ethnicity is Chinese & my nationality is American (born in the US). aka I’m an ABC (american born chinese lol) idk if they even still use that term any more lol

English is my first language and I still suck at it. LOL

I can speak Mandarin and understand it, but I can’t read or write for shit lol

I’m also a beginner in Spanish since I had to take that in middle school / high school but I forget most of it regrettably (I just remember conjugations were the hardest part for me lol)

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hey sorry to bother but i didnt see a faq and i wanted to say that i love your gifs! theyre so smooth and colorful and as a gif maker myself i was wondering if you had any tips on how to keep gifs looking nice and under the 2 MB limit. thank you have a nice day

I used to have faq but i think people don’t need to read that shit so i deleted it XD
I realize that the less color blending the smaller the gifs’ size, don’t try to change the color. If the gifs sizes are too big, try to use “level” to make it lighter and try to make dark colors turn to black, well if you still want to keep those frames. The more black colors the smaller the gifs’ size.
When you save gifs, try “no dither” first to see if the gifs look good, because without dither the gif has smaller size, if not then use “partern”.
I make gifs within 30 frames which is always under 2mb.

Omg my english sucks, sorry :( and thank you so much for your question, i hope you will do well in the future :D

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Holy moly I love your art work like you inspire me so much...but at the same time...I get kinda sad because no mater how long I practice and try I can't be at your level 😧

sweet anon, please don’t stress! (;´Д`) 

if you have the time, i’ll let you in on a little secret… (aka digging up gunnys’ art graveyard/abandoned WIPS, prepare yourself!) 

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when white ppl on tumblr purposefully dont put the “im white” in their faq LMAO and instead include some random wack shit as if ppl more frequently ask them abt their favorite jam than if theyre white lets not kid ourselves here come on its 2017

TATINOF Preparations: US/UK vs Australia
  • US/UK: We see dan and phil all the time! We do lots of meet ups, it’s just a normal day. We have Updatedphan to help us anyway!
  • Australia: OK!!! Let’s create multiple chatrooms and create hashtags to find friends to go with!!! ALSO, lets create MULTIPLE updates / FAQ accounts that accommodates each state SINCE WE HAVE TO RESEARCH THIS SHIT ON OUR OWN!!! ALSO... MULTIPLE MEET UPS!!! LETS MEET EACH OTHER ANYTIME POSSIBLE!!!
  • US/UK: Wow... chill bro.
  • NZ & Philippines: Why dan and phil ignoring us?
Pet Opossums

A lot of people ask me about pet ‘possums every day! I have something about this in my FAQ, but people don’t read that shit, so here’s a post. I know I tend to sound preachy when it comes to this kind of thing, but let’s be real: If someone offered me an opossum, I wouldn’t be able to resist. So here we go.

Yes, you can have an opossum living in your home, BUT:

  • I do knot know of any breeders
  • Opossums are illegal to have in many states
  • Occasionally you can get a permit, which will cost a couple hundred dollars
  • If you volunteer as a wildlife rehabilitator, you will be very likely to come across an injured opossum and get to care for it for a while until it can be released
  • There will be unreleasables who have some injury or sickness which makes it unsafe for them to be released (like Metabolic Bone Disease, which is a result of poor nutrition and makes their bones grow odd so they can’t run around)
  • Unreleasables will need a forever home, aka a loving human <3
  • Opossum diet is very specific, failure to give them proper food will result in MBD which can be fatal
  • They require protein, fruit, vegetables, etc. every day
  • They sleep 18 hours a day and are awake at night
  • They need lots of space to roam 
  • Some can be tamed, some can’t
  • Their lifespan is only up to 2-4 years and that’s if they’re healthy
  • They’re prone to a skin necrosis that, again, can be fatal

If you still want to take care of one:

  • It will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it
  • They can be very loving and many love to sleep in their human’s bed!
  • Please please please get in touch with a wildlife center, volunteers are angels among us and you get to meet cool animals = win/win
  • Just keep your expectations somewhat realistic and keep the animal’s health in mind, don’t pick up a wild animal, always consult an expert
  • If you’re seriously interested in getting started, contact me with some details and I’ll help you get in touch with someone!

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Were You Having A Bad Dream…?



your post:


Its a bit unnecessary, you don’t have to read them. You’re going to look like you’re tucking your tail between your legs…

Well the post was more so about its influence it has on our videos, not so much the mean comments. If this was 100% about the mean comments, we wouldn’t even touch the comment section. It’s more so about us altering the way we wanted videos to be. 

When you have sooo many voices in your head telling you what to do, it clouds our vision on what our videos were intended to be. We WANT feedback, but we just don’t think comments are how we should be fed our criticism.

We want the comment section to be valuable, but this is a typical comment section

User1: First

User2: First

User3: Fuck you and your first

User4: Why don’t you upload more

User5: (Insert Faq Question here)

User6: cool

User7: Shit video unsubbed

99% of the comments are basically that, and we have to sift through them to find the criticism, and when we do find it, sometimes the advice isn’t always good, but we accept it because they’re the only one’s speaking up. 

If this makes us look like cowards, we’d rather be sane, happy, and cowards producing good videos. Then tough, sad, and crazy posting subpar videos. Out of sight, out of mind

On Witchcraft Resource Blogs...

Are people seriously getting pissy at resource blogs for directing them to FAQs/tags/resource pages? Shit. I’d get fed up of the same questions over and over in my inbox too, not to mention the ones who use people as a search engine or get mad when they don’t respond quickly enough.

Always remember there is a person behind that screen. A person who probably has other shit to do and a life outside of Tumblr. 

Hate to be that person as well but when I started out I didn’t have Tumblr and I certainly wasn’t aware of how many resource blogs there were, let alone that it had a witchcraft community at all. I had to research things myself, get books, read. The usual shit. People don’t realise how lucky they are - there is a wealth of resources here that people have worked so hard on for you. I’ve learnt so much more than I would’ve done otherwise thanks to these amazing blogs (cheers!) and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Little bit of respect goes a long way, I think. I wish people were more considerate.


Skipps here, telling everyone I’m going to be fixing a couple things in the blog (I.E updated tags, episodes, FAQ maybe? Crazy shit.) 

So if the blog or anything else looks janky and incomplete, that’d be why.

Don’t worry, there’s also requests coming in as well today as well!

Thanks everyone, we love you and your patience. 

EDIT: And we’re done! Updated tags, went through other posts to put in episodes, so we should be good! Took longer than expected, unfortunately. Posts coming today! Thank you all!