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anonymous asked:

Do u think most people would still ship Ereri if Eremin became canon?


They would.

Eren and Armin could literally have sex for three chapters and people in the snk fandom would still claim they’re just good buddies.

Good buddies give each other handjobs and promise to love one another for eternity ya know.

I’m like 110 percent sure that if eremin became canon, all these yaoi fangirls who claimed they just want “a canon gay ship Bc representation uwu” would riot.

They would scream that it was unfair and made no sense and ugh it’s fine Eren hooks up with Levi right after.

Because at the end of the day.

Yaoi fangirls don’t care about healthy gay relationships.

They don’t care about how FUCKING amazing it would be for an extremely popular action apocalyptic manga aimed at teenage boys and grown men…

To have its main couple be two men.

They don’t care.

It’s not fap worthy.