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Let's Talk: Onani Master Kurosawa (Alternative Title for this post: How A Fap Story Made Me Cry)

So if you follow me on Twitter, last night I tweeted about a certain manga that ended up making me cry. Yes, I cried legit tears. (note: It’s hard for me to cry reading manga. Sure I’ve felt sad or had slightly teary eyes for some works. But to actually cry -tears falling, nose wet- it hardly happens. Only two works before this one have managed this: Yuu Watase’s Sakura Gari and Kaori Yuki’s Boys Next Door.)

The manga I read yesterday was Onani Master Kurosawa (transl: Masturbation Master Kurosawa) AKA Fap Note.

Yes. A manga about fapping made me cry yesterday….. I’ll let this sink in for awhile.

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