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(1- Faora Ul, Man of Steel - Actress: Antje Traue 2- Real world astronaut Anna Lee Fisher 3- Elizabeth Shaw, Prometheus - Actress: Noomi Rapace 4- Akiko Fuji, Ultraman - Actress: Hiroko Sakurai 5- Ellen Ripley, Alien - Actress: Sigourney Weaver 6- Mako Mori, Pacific Rim - Actress: Rinko Kikuchi)
DC Cinematic Universe Ladies

Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman

Amy Adams/Lois Lane

Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn

Cara Delevingne/Enchantress

Karen Fukuhara/Katana

Viola Davis/Amanda Waller

Antje Traue/Faora-UI

Ayelet Zurer/Lara Lor-Van

Diane Lane/Martha Kent

What makes Man of Steel great

Well, they nailed it, tbh honest. Sure, the movie has it’s flaws, but overall they gave us exactly what we’ve been clamoring for all these years.

Clark Kent(separate from Superman), has not been treated well cinematically. He’s been portrayed as the “bumbling reporter” without any depth. But this time, we get to see his struggle, and because of that we feel it with him too. We feel his terror in the classroom when his X-Ray vision loses control, we feel his confusion and frustration when he wants to save people and doesn’t understand why he shouldn’t. We feel how alone he feels when he finds out he’s from another planet and he wants to keep pretending that he is Jonathan and Martha’s son. We feel the pain and anxiety as he is comforted by his dad. We feel his teenage rebellion and later–his regret. Clark Kent is a real, life-sized being that we relate to well before he takes his first flight.

Speaking of which, man oh man that first flight. The swell of the music, the wind whipping that velvety-red cape, the sun bright on his face–That image is burned into my heart forever as one of the greatest cinematic moments in history.

The women. The women of this movie are PHENOMINAL. Seriously, you cannot fault them on this one. First we have Lara-El, amazing, beautiful, stunning Lara-El, who gives up her first born son and loses her husband in the same day, who does not flinch in the face of his murderer, and faces death with no fear. All while wearing a dress; she’s strong without being made masculine. And Faora! Faora-Ul is right hand, is a warrior in warrior’s garb with no sexulization and has an epic battle with Clark and lots of screen time and cool lines. SHE IS SO COOL I LOVE HER. Lois Lane is 100% the Pulitzer prize-winning reporter she is. She doesn’t need to shout to get her way, she just gets it. She expects respect and takes it, she figures out Clark’s secret within the first fifteen minutes of the movie. She plays a key role in defeating the Kryptonians, of course she is saved by Superman a few times, but honestly, she saves him right back. There’s Jenny the intern, so beautiful, so human, there’s the numerous(though unnamed) lady soldiers, including but not limited to the one who thinks Superman is hot(God bless her she spoke the truth). And Martha, most of all Martha, who took a little baby boy from a spaceship and loved him and treasured him and is a enormous part of the reason Superman is a hero.

This movie is hopeful and realistic, and I think that’s really important. It teaches us that Superman isn’t above us, he is the example of what we could be: Not perfect by any means, but GOOD. Striving for justice, to do the right thing, to give and inspire hope. One of my favorite parts is when Colonel Hardy says, “This man is not our enemy.” Because after all that initial fear, Clark’s undying devotion to the human race, his desperation to keep them safe, has finally bleed through that prejudice and now humanity and hero fight as one. And that is a BEAUTIFUL message. If you didn’t think Man of Steel was a hopeful movie, you glaringly misunderstood the main narrative.

I could go on and on and on about this film, about the just mouth-watering visuals, the crazy impressive action-sequences, the Kryptonians–oh my god the Kryptonians, I will probably right a whole post about just the Kryptonians soon enough–but there aren’t enough words and there isn’t enough time in the world.

Congrats Man of Steel cast and crew: you nailed it.

Why Man of Steel is Hella Feminist: A PSA

You know, I’ve been seeing superhero posts saying things such as, “so-and-so defending girls against street harassment, so-and-so defending women’s rights,” and while they are fun, accurate and uplifting posts that I ultimately hope we end up seeing that and much more on-screen, people tend to overlook a certain superhero in a certain superhero movie that has actually done some of those things, well a lot of them.

Man of Steel’s treatment of women is really quite phenomenal, and given the fact it has received so many mixed reviews, so many people overlooked what has been some of the most beautiful portrayals of women of every kind. In fact, one of the very first things I noticed while watching the movie for the first time in the theater was, “Wow, there’s a lot of women on screen." Clark Kent himself has excellent respect for women in this film. At no point is he derogatory or condescending towards any of the women around him.

  • He shows no surprise at Faora being Zod’s right hand, no one does. 
  • He does not demand that Lois stay behind for some sort of archaic sense of her safety, he respects her choice to come, in fact no one goes "NO SHE’S A WOMAN TAKE ME A MAN INSTEAD,” the only objection to her going on the ship is that she is human.
  • Lois takes an integral part in bringing down the Kryptonians, trusted by both Jor and Clark to do so
  • During the fight with Faora, at no point did Clark pull his punches with her, he immediately recognizes her as a warrior and his is superior in combat, but he does not stop fighting.
  • Martha Kent doesn’t back down even for a second when threatened, she stares the scariest bad guy in their current universe in the eye and tells him to go to hell
  • Lois figures out Clark’s secret almost immediately in the film and is actually treated like the Pulitzer-prize winning reporter she is(seriously Lois has been treated pretty shitty in the past, used mostly as decoration for Superman, and it was AWESOME to see her so well portrayed)
  • In fact, Lois basically saves Clark as much as he saves her, with her ingenuity and her integrity and her resolve
  • Lara-El, is seen giving birth on screen, giving up her son, losing her husband all within HOURS of each other, and still gives a big ‘ol FUCK YOU to Zod, then faces death like a queen, all wearing a pretty dress. You can be a badass and still be feminine.
  • Women on the Kryptonian council, women soldiers, women in the background doing their fucking jobs, not being used as jokes or as short-skirts, or as weaklings, but as equals and as *gasp* HUMAN.
  • At no point does Faora fall into the horrible “strong female character” trope, never once does she mock Clark or the humans with inherently feminine traits as the punchline
  • The only time anything seemingly problematic happens is when Colonel Hardy is less than pleased to see Lois Lane in the arctic, but she immediately SLAMS him back into his place, reminding him that she is going to do her job and there’s nothing he can do about it

Seriously, if you didn’t like the movie, fine. I’m not going to force you, but no matter what other flaws this movie may have, this movie kicked ass by throttling female tropes and stereotypes. You wanna watch a movie that makes you feel like you are equal, not using its female cast to uplift its male hero by making them less important? Watch Man of Steel.