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kookie! this valentines day, will u be sweet? or spicy? ;)

// Sorry nonny, the answer seems to be savage & sinful this time around lol

credit to @ask-bts-rapline & @copybookink for coming up with the lines for the cards <333 LOL imdedlaughing



i love when it looks like they’re about to claw each others faces off

but honestly topias, from the moment he saw taika, when he was like 4 months old, he loved her so much, every time he saw a climpse of taika he’d whine after her AND HE DID THAT FOR NO OTHER DOG

and now me and taika’s owner managed to go on three walks together and let them play on this field twice as well ´-` and dang does topias love this gorgeous ball of fluff

Trish took a seat at one of the stools in front of the bar. It wasn’t often that she found herself exploring the nightlife of Hell’s Kitchen. But with everything going on over the past few days, it seemed like as logical a choice as any as a way to calm her nerves. Waving down the bartender, Trish gave the woman a weary smile. “Whiskey, please. On the rocks.”