Grimes Fanzine includes illustrations, an article and a pull out paper doll activity page!

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Launch: Table D5 at True Believers Comic Festival, Cheltenham on Saturday 6th February!

Contributors A-Z: Angus Medford Art, The Astral Gypsy, B. Mure, Bryan Hemmings, Chaz, Chibi Shibby, Drew Askew, Jack Devereaux, James Johnstone, Julia Scheele, Kayleigh Causton, Kellie Huskisson, Laura Watton, Paddy Johnston, RAMZEE, Sammy Borras, Sarah Burgess, Siobhan McKenna, Yen Quach and Zain McMillan

Cover illustration and compilation by Sammy Borras

Printed by Elyse & Reece from Rope Press

A5 staple bound zine (148x210mm/5.8x8.3inches)
24 Interior pages (risograph - black ink)
Double sided cover (risograph - black and fluorescent pink ink)
Double sided pull out activity sheet (risograph - black and fluorescent pink ink)

Special thanks to everyone who sent their work! The zine is beautiful!


I love these issues of The Science Fiction Fan, ca. 1939-40.  These are nice examples of hectography in fabulous condition.

The Science Fiction Fan. Ed. Olon F. Wiggins. Vol. 4, No.9, Whole 45. April 1940. 

The Science Fiction Fan.  Ed. Olon F. Wiggins.  Vol.4, No.10, Whole 46. May 1940.

The Science Fiction Fan.  Ed. Olon F. Wiggins.  Vol.4, No.5, Whole 41. December, 1939. 



We had a request to feature more media fanzines, so here is a box, chosen at random, from the incredible Mariellen “Ming” Wathne Fanzine Collection (MsC 313).  [Read about the AMAZING collection here!]

This particular box includes Beauty and the Beast and B&tB crossover fanzines dating from 1988-1992.  Beauty and the Beast was a CBS show from 1987-1990 starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Pearlman with George R. R. Martin as a writer and producer!

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Light was a long-running and highly influential Canadian zine published by Leslie A. Croutch.   Like Fantascience Digest, Light maintained a strong and fairly consistent aesthetic across many issues.  Light features a well-executed and busy layout, brimming with compelling illustrations from a variety of artists. Of particular note is issue # 135, an “all-girl” issue featuring content from female artists and writers.  

From top photo, left to right:

 Light. Ed. Leslie A. Croutch.  Whole # 34. January, 1948.

Light. Ed. Leslie A. Croutch.  Whole # 135. Fall, 1945.  

Light. Ed. Leslie A. Croutch.  Whole # 35. April, 1945.

Light. Ed. Leslie A. Croutch.  Whole # 133. Winter, 1944. 

-Laura H.