sometimes i forget our size difference… i am a fool
he wears my clothes ALL the time but the minute i try on anything of his, my shoulders nearly split it down the back ;w;


‘Pretty Little Liars’ Diagram Every On-Screen Hookup and Murder | Vanity Fair

bubblesbythebeach  asked:

Is 'hipster my fair lady' a url or a tag for personal amusement, or is my dream coming true and there's a 21st century My Fair Lady being birthed into the world right now?

It is…Well. *I* thought it was a 21st century My Fair Lady, so that’s my tag for it. @bookshop thinks it’s a 21st century Emma, so that’s her tag for it. In reality, it’s kind of a mash-up of the two. With a weird, weird, weird dash of 21st century Three Musketeers thrown in. 

I don’t even know. 

anonymous asked:

Does that Louis&Armand live in Trinity Gate with fledglings make u remember the 65 years in Rue Royale, Lestat?

♛Trinity Gate. Whatever goes on there, they can only ever have the palest shadow of the love we shared at Rue Royale. The two are hardly comparable.

X Bed time Story by Endymiasyzygy

frenchtherainbow  asked:

No but you can tell us about it

Mmkay so a couple months ago my friend bought this guy over to our house and he’d been building him up for several weeks because from what he could tell he was relatively normal (whenever he dates anyone they literally always turn out to be the most raging asshole ever somehow) but then he comes over and is like “oh yeah I actually have a sixth sense and can tell when there are spirits in the house” or something and I’m like.. okay buddy.. and he walks around the house and then goes into the empty bedroom and starts doing all this “IF THERE IS ANYONE HERE PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN” and it was Wild but we didn’t think anything of it. 

ANYWAY after this happened we kept hearing random noises in the kitchen and would just be like “haha maybe your booty call woke up a demon in the house” but it was mainly a joke because kitchens make weird noises all the time BUT THEN one night I’m sitting in bed minding my own gay business at like 3am knowing full well that my friend is asleep in his downstairs bedroom and that my other roommate is out for the night and suddenly someone starts fuckin pounding on my bedroom door (which was locked) like to the point where I could actually see it shaking as they hit it. So I thought maybe it was my friend being an idiot and just shouted “what the fuck do you want?” but nobody replied it just went silent so I opened the door and there was nobody there and all the lights downstairs were still off, and there was no way my friend would have been able to get back down those stairs that fast without me hearing him?? So yeah that’s the story of the time I accidentally sassed a demon.