I have huge respect and admiration for those who spend their spare time organising zine events (whether zine clubs, zine fests, zine fairs, exhibitions or markets).

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet plenty of these zine heroes - here are just a few of them ✌🏽

Top - bottom:

Momo Nonaka - organiser of Tokyo’s monthly Zinester Afternoon and co-organiser of the Tokyo Zinester Gathering in Japan.

Anna Sofie Mørch Bendixen - organiser of the Copenhagen Zine Fest in Denmark.

Florian Cramer, Tim Sake, Rachael Sender Wharmby and Amy Suo Wu (l-r) - organisers of the Rotterdam Zine Camp in The Netherlands.

Takao Ogiwara - organiser of Takasaki zine event, Zinphony in Japan.

Chella Quint - co-organiser of the Sheffield Zine Fest in the United Kingdom.

Jes Walsh - organiser of Zinefest Berlin in Germany.

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