satedenigma asked:

Do you get your collars special made or do you just pick a fanzy one out from a store?

I got 2 from kittensplaypenshop , a lockable light pink and silver day collar and a really gorgeous pink one with a bow and a bell in the front, sort of like what Happy wears except in collar form. And I bought a custom from thecollarfactory. :3 I don’t buy from the shops because a lot of collars not made specifically for people look really tacky. Yis. I got the one I currently wear from fangpony as a bit of a trade. Payment for art in the form of cute jingly collars.

Audio:- Dr Cliq - Lovina

Audio:- Dr Cliq – Lovina

Dr Cliq is here with his hit single title ‘Lovina‘ a song he also produced in other to express his singing ability

Dr cliq is a top music producer who has produced various artists like Vector, Charass , Fanzy-Papaya, Dialect, 2sweet,Z orosplash and so on.”


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