This issue about Tiffany went out of control. Yes, she made a mistake but that does not give to anyone to insult and blame her for things that have nothing to do with. The comments about her and her family are DISRESPECTFUL. The important thing is that she APOLOGIZE and she admitted her mistake. Tiffany does not deserve this kind of comments.
My dear beautiful girl @xolovestephi just want to say that I am with you and support you ALWAYS, remember that we will ALWAYS be with you. BE STRONG 😄 #SONEALWAYSWITHTIFFANY #MYSONE #TIFFANY #WELOVEYOUTIFFANY #ALWAYSWITHTIFFANY #SONE #FANYTASTIC

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People who are saying Seohyun is a main vocalist are stupid. Why tf would Tiffany’s vocals be portrayed more if she wasn’t a main vocalist? Why would she get a solo before Seohyun? Honestly just shut up if you don’t know facts.

Similar Confession: When has a mind-blowing high note ever come out of Seohyun’s mouth? Stop thinking she’s a main vocalist and Tiffany’s a lead. And don’t even give me that “Tiffany’s just screeching.” bullshit. I live for her high notes. I’m not even a Fanytastic.