Hey guys, it is with great regret that we prepared a text for some of the “locksmiths”, yes, in quotes, because we are referring to false “locksmiths” false “SONES”, and mostly false “Fanytastics”. It’s not new that we(and you) look bad comments and totally misrepresented for TaeNy and especially in relation to Tiffany, however, which makes us upset, frustrated and even angry is precisely because such comments / stupid opinions from those who call themselves “SONES "and” Locksmiths “. Even when these people will act like kids? Even when these people will create an image of the Tiffany? After all, how many years these people have? Eight? Because that’s exactly what it looks like.

Some of us here read fanfics, for example, some of us love Endless Season, but that’s it! Endless Season is just a fanfic and doesn’t represent NOTHING real SNSD’S life Taeyeon and Tiffany. STOP BELIEVING THAT BULLSHIT! Grow up!

You were offended? The opinion of you is so dirty that shames those who really love SNSD. You don’t know who is Tiffany, other than following her, you don’t live in Korea and never even came here and live to distribute your dirty opinion, spreading something that Tiffany doesn’t like and simply putting her as the villain who abuses her ’‘bff” and “boyfriend,” Shut up! Tiffany is not a bitch without feelings, Tiffany doesn’t like to expose life and not her family, Tiffany is not the kind of person who likes to be used, Tiffany has no power to expel any of the SNSD, Tiffany is not a slut who dates half a world and flirts with managers, TIFFANY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY CHARACTER FANFIC FICTITIOUS!

Tiffany is someone who boasts of the good things she has, but she never boasted of her stupid “boyfriend”! She gives her best to get along with anyone, so don’t confuse kindness and her education with a woman fucking bitch!

Is it very difficult for you to trust her?? WHY ????? Ahh, perhaps because she is a “California Girl”! This means that all California girls are sluts? Well, I’m sure not.
Aah !! It must be because some international fans live lying things like “Nk and Tiff were to Disney together,” “the two traveled to the USA”, “KF were seen hanging out on Music Bank in Paris”, “A bff my friend stylist is a neighbor of my cousin who has an uncle who is a friend of Lee Sooman said that she saw KF together hand in hand in the world of fanfic. OMG, SHAKE THE BRASS! KF is so real! ”, And more and more and more lies … Omg … If there was an Oscar for the best lies that some international fans invent, it would be great!
If you are a real Locksmith, then learn to trust ON BOTH and not just in Taeyeon. Tiffany NEVER gave reasons anyone to speak or think of her as a bitch without character.

Think about Tiffany this way is so bad and so wrong as to think that Taeyeon has dated Junsu, Leeteuk or JunHyun. Wake up!
Get out of the fanfic world and welcome to real life, hard and cruel, when Korean idols or not, unfortunately may not be who they want to be.

Ps : For those who think that we are we are the delulus, the truth always comes one day. And you, faithful locksmith, you don’t need proof, you need to continue trusting and following your heart. Don’t worry about rumors and not believe everything that comes out in the media, because the media is lying and there to brainwash us. Be strong and believe in what is real for you! Hwaitaeng!

Before I say anything, I’m not a Fanytastic or a Taeganger. I have nothing against Fanytastics Taegangers. I have nothing against Tiffany or Taeyeon, or any other members. I love them all dearly! Okay:

To everyone saying that Tiffany is heartless, that she is stuck up and cares about no one but herself, you couldn’t be more wrong. When SNSD performed “Divine” without Jessica, she was crying her eyes out. She got her part, and no, she did not “just screech into the mic and call it a high note.” She gave all she had into that part. You can tell if you watch the video.

To everyone saying that Taeyeon hates Jessica and was a b*tch to her, you are more wrong than those first mentioned. She might not have cried during the ballad version of “Into the New World,” but that’s just because of who she is. Taeyeon is not the type of person to show her emotions. But remember that time Jessica passed out at the airport? Taeyeon was there for her. And she cried for her and did all she could to help her.

So stop acting this way! You’re bringing the fandom down even further than it already has sunk. We are the most controversial fandom. You guys are not making it any better. If you love the group or any members, you’ll treat them in a nicer way. That’s what Tiffany wants. That’s what Taeyeon wants. That’s what Sunny wants. That’s what Yoona, and Sooyoung, and Seohyun, and Yuri, and Hyoyeon want. That’s what Jessica wants. Thats what’ll make SONE a better family and SNSD a better group.

I would like to say thank you Tiffany for existing. A lot of people don’t like me for the fact that I’m loud as well as cheery for others 24/7 despite secret my depression. I love your smile, voice, hard work, and optimism among the hate and threats you receive for no reason and I hope to be strong as you when I get older. I don’t want you to leave GG because if you do, I’ll cry like no tomorrow. I’m not a Fanytastic, but I can definitely relate to her more than the other 7, who I also love. <3