If anyone has happened to purchase Mr.Mr album on iTunes already, please do not reupload or spread it on any form of social medias especially YouTube. iTunes has taken it down and we all know how important this come back is to SNSD so please do your part as a Sone, a fan or just as a music appreciator to NOT RELEASE IT ANYWHERE. Please wait for OFFICIAL RELEASE even though it’s hard because it’s teasing with the fact that some may have already heard the song/samples. KOREA MARKET IS ESSENTIAL to the girls for this comeback so if it leaks, it will be a serious and undoable mistake. We have already waited for so long for this anticipated comeback so let’s just do our part and wait a little bit more for the officials. We have been declared war upon so this isn’t just a comeback. It’s THE comeback.

I would like to seek cooperation from people who has the music to not spoil it for the girls. They had to film the music videos twice and been through long waits too so we should show appreciation and support by waiting for officials.

Please help to spread the message and reblog. Thank you!


 Happy 26th Birthday to the one and only, Stephanie Young Hwang

Thank you for always welcome us with that beautiful smile despite whatever bitter people might say about you. Thank you for always work hard for us, SONE and for always improving to be the best “PaTiNi”.

Be happy and keep on smiling. It’s  #ToujoursBelleTiffanyDay

(ps : since it’s #onmybirthdaywewearpink I made you this special pink gif sets.)

Today was as good as a huge emotion roller coaster ride for So-wons, not all but probably most of us because of the huge mistake SM made; the miscommunication between SM and iTunes. Some may think that it’s no big deal because it’s just song leaks, it’s not like it had never happened before. But this time round, it really IS different.

We have a war declared against us, and it is a war that we are all anticipating, ready to fight for our girls. SNSD themselves also had to re-film the music video again, then it was said that SM had lost the MV data. The comeback was delayed again, something that both sones and SNSD didn’t want. We all have our questions towards SM but I doubt we can actually have any answers. Forget it, let bygones be bygones about the delay, because for our girls, we know we will wait.

But today, we have people who are uploading download links on social media. Many of us sones including myself did our best to do “damage control” before SM even realised that iTunes had made a mistake by telling, or going as low to beg people to stop spreading. Nevertheless, we always have that few shits that disrespect the girls’ effort, the sones’ anticipation and upload it everywhere and anywhere, spoiling charts and sales (In a way or so). Fine, forget it since people who disrespect shouldn’t have our attention. I hereby hope that people who happen to come across those download links to not give in to temptations and wait for the OFFICIAL comeback as a form of support and show of appreciation towards the girls’ hard work. But of course, I’m in no position to tell you what to do. I’m just trying my best to defend my idols, my angels, my Girls’ Generation. If I’m offending in anyways, I apologise. I also DO NOT speak behalf of my fandom but MYSELF.

I’m disappointed at SM, at how they managed to screw this entire comeback so badly. I was originally ecstatic because of their indirect way of accepting the declared war because it shows that they have confident in our girls and their artistes, but apparently there were so many holes that they overlooked. Such a major corporation can actually screw up a comeback, something that they actually do for a living. Excuse me, SM, you need someone more capable in your management department.

I’m also anxious for this comeback, hoping that the leakage of songs will not affect the charts too badly or the sales of albums when it officially releases. We have waited for more than a year for this album and even if it’s only a mini album, at least we see something from the girls. They are stepping into their 7th year in 2014 and it’s a great thing. Looking at all the groups that debuted around the same period disbanding, missing members or more made me treasure my girls even more. They are my OT9 from the beginning and I’m extremely proud to say that they are still OT9 7 years after debut with no disputes or conflicts within group.

Now that the damages are done, I’m only praying that our girls aren’t affect or hurt in any ways. Hopefully this fandom will come together and be stronger than ever, strong like when we came together to bring YTMA award to our girls, to make this comeback a blast. Support them the legal way by purchasing digital or physical albums AFTER OFFICIALLY RELEASE, or the very least, DO NOT REUPLOAD, DOWNLOAD OR SHARE the music now.

I have to let this out of my chest before I die from inner bleeding from the anger I have towards SM and people who are spreading the music, disregarding the importance of this comeback. I’m sorry for any contents that have offended anyone, and I hereby clarify that my words ONLY REPRESENTS MY OWN STAND, nobody else.

To my dearest Soshi, I will be ALWAYS HERE, patiently waiting for the work you all have done. Till then, himnae. ❤️

I would like to say thank you Tiffany for existing. A lot of people don’t like me for the fact that I’m loud as well as cheery for others 24/7 despite secret my depression. I love your smile, voice, hard work, and optimism among the hate and threats you receive for no reason and I hope to be strong as you when I get older. I don’t want you to leave GG because if you do, I’ll cry like no tomorrow. I’m not a Fanytastic, but I can definitely relate to her more than the other 7, who I also love. <3