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kiridifferent  asked:

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“Historical role model?”
Oh God this one is legitimately quite hard…

It’s a fight between Albert Parsons, Lucy Parsons, Nestor Makhno, Errico Malatesta, Maria Nikiforovia and Erich Mühsam, but if I had to choose it would probably have to be Mühsam, purely for his tenacity, and the dramatic times in which he lived. I also really like the clarity of a lot of his writing.

Honorable mention to Fanya Kaplan for coming closest to killing Lenin, which alone qualifies her in my book. 

2. Favorite underrated historical figure?

If it’s under-rated as in unfairly unknown, I’d definately say Maria Nikiforovia, or, further back,  someone like Winstanley of Diggers fame, or alternatively, Chief Joseph, whose heroic fight against the american army deserves far greater recognition than it has been given.

But if it’s under-rated as in Unfairly maligned, I’d have to say Makhno.