Reconfiguration - Phoebe Delos - Yu-Gi-Oh!
A few minutes delay is all it takes to change the course of lives, and Atem is not certain if he should thank the gods or curse them for this shift in his destiny. For what did it mean for his fate, this chance to know the world again in his own flesh? What good can come lingering so solidly in a world he is meant to leave? [Puzzleshipping, Canon Branch-Off]
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Did you bring the clothes I asked for?” Yuugi asked, wiping the scrutiny from Atem’s gaze as he turned his focus down, onto the duffel at his side.

“Yes, I think I got it all.” He shrugged the strap off of his shoulder as he stepped forward, offering the bag to his partner. “Pajamas, travel futon, and two sets of clothes, including an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt.” He turned an uncertain eye Honda’s way, looking at him over Yuugi’s shoulder. “I had assumed aibou was staying at your place tonight.” It wasn’t something he got to do often, but Yuugi had gone over to Honda’s a good dozen times or so in the last couple of years, when weekends were quiet enough, homework was light, and he wasn’t working in the shop or going to museums or tournaments for Atem’s sake. Jounouchi was always a third on the trips, but sometimes Bakura or Otogi would tag along, too. Now and then Anzu would even join them for the evening, though she usually avoided the place since Honda’s sister lived at home and Johji would toddle around after her, demanding all of her attention if she were there.

And yeah, Atem couldn’t join them since he had to work in the game shop, but he was happy to meet Yuugi and bring him his clothes. Honda’s house was the opposite way from school, after all, and it was always a pain for Yuugi to have to come all the way home for his stuff, and double back to Honda’s. It was just practical to ask Atem to bring the clothes halfway, so Yuugi wouldn’t have to cram them in his shoe locker all day.

But Honda was shaking his head, a rather satisfied grin on his face. “Close, man, but no cigar.”

“Right,” Yuugi agreed… and reached up to push the bag back into Atem’s arms. “And the clothes aren’t for me.”

Atem blinked. “What do you mean?”

Yuugi grinned. “They’re for you.”


Chapter 7 is up!

May Your Days

Author: RobinRocks

Summary: “Ugh, seriously, who arranges a meeting the day before Christmas Eve?” USUK, Christmas fic. America and England verbally maul each other in a hotel room.

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Pearlrose Week 2017

Are you ready? For the third year in a row, we’re going to spend a week celebrating the beauty that is Pearlrose! If you’re new to us, welcome! If you’ve participated in years past, welcome back! 

What is Pearlrose Week? Glad you asked! Pearlrose Week is an event by fans of the ship, for fans of the ship! To celebrate Pearlrose, we encourage fans to create fanworks (music, writing, art, cosplay, etc) and post them during the week! Fans submit potential “themes” to us, and then we all vote on themes for each day. Examples of past themes are “Discovering the Earth”, “Folklore and Fairytales”, and “Healing Tears”. Submissions can fit the themes or not, but it’s fun to try and follow them. 

The dates we decided on are November 6th to 10th! Theme submission will open up on September 3rd and close on September 16th. Then we’ll vote on which themes are best! The first round of voting will open up on September 17th and close on the 23rd. The second round will start on September 24th and close on the 30th! The final five themes will be announced soon after, leaving everyone a month or so to get their fanworks ready!

We’d love it if you reblogged this post to spread the word. Mod Ginger and Mod Petri back again and signing off! 

CAROLIGHT FANWORK WEEK ~ 7th - 13th August 2017

BOY OH BOY OH BOY, IT’S HERE AGAIN! The second annual Dwight x Caroline appreciation and fanwork week! 

The up and down of it is, for every day in the week after the series three finale there will be a prompt/theme for you to play with and post a fill of Dwight x Caroline fanwork for! 

No real rules, just produce as creatively as you can for the themes as you like and post your work on the corresponding day. You can do every day, one day, a few days–as many as you want. It can be fic, gifs, graphics, meta, fanvids- I do realise that many of these prompts lend themselves more to fic than anything else but feel free to think creatively around them or post these kinds on free choice day if they don’t fit any other day.

7th August - MISSING MOMENTS/FIX-THAT-PESKY-CANON - And good god is there a lot that needs fixing! -side eyes Debbie Horsfield- Anything the series missed or did badly goes here.

8th August- ALTERNATE UNIVERSE/MODERN AUs- Dwight and Caroline: modernised? Or in a whole different time period? Coffee shop AU? Or making things different in the canon story? All goes here!

9th August- CAROLIGHT WITH HORACE!- anything you want as long as it involves everyone’s favourite pug <3

10th August- PINING/ANGST -  Jerk some tears! Anything about Dwight’s absence from either POV, his PTSD at home, even… maybe… dare I say it? What might have happened if he didn’t come back…

11th August- HAPPINESS- Get them and us smiling for a change.

12th August-  SMUT/INTIMACY– What happened after those fade-to-blacks?? ;) Or if smut isn’t your jam, any of kind of intimacy- physical or emotional will do the trick.

13th August-  CREATOR’S CHOICE DAY!– You have free rein to do whatever kind of Dwight x Caroline tickles your pickle!

These themes are guides to give you some ideas but don’t feel confined by them-  anything goes as long as you take part! Again, you don’t have to do all of them, or even most of them. Anything you feel you can contribute will be much appreciated :)

Tag your work with ‘#carolight’ or with both of their names and I’ll be sure to find it.

Let me know if you have any questions but other than that, happy creating!

Dwigth Schrute Lines that Sound Like Mountain Goats Lyrics
Dwigth Schrute Lines that Sound Like Mountain Goats Lyrics

I’m not a dedicated Mountain Goats fan, but I thought this post by @twentybrightpansies was hilarious, so I snagged some bars from John Darnielle performing You Were Cool and recorded Dwight’s lines over them for kicks. Anything can sound like a Mountain Goats song if you try hard and believe in yourself!