I kind of agree with this. Not that being a fangirl isn’t great, but I like to be a fan warrior! #fangirl #no #fanwarrior #tvshows #books #movies #actors #comics #superwholock #doctorwho #sherlock #harrypotter #hungergames #lotr #disney #avengers #marvel #ships #geek #nerd #nerdy #talknerdytome

This person is amazing

Guys. I met this fanboy who is amazing. He is always super nice to me. He always asks about my life. He watches amazing fandom stuff. He is adventurous. Please give him a chance. Trust me, his blog is amazing. He gives great advice. You"ll love him just as much as I do. His blog: phi-upsilon-kappa
Another lovely person I forgot to mention is shalini-m she is one of my biggest fans on tumblr and her support is just amazing. Please go check her out as well. Last but not least my-airexci, I can’t tell you enough how special he is to me. He has a great taste for music/fandoms/books/tvshows and boys. He is an amazing friend who is always so positive. If you want people who can become your tumblr friend then you should totally message them. Tell them I sent you. They will love it. Show them love. They have been there for me when I needed them. I want to make them feel special.

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1. how tall are you? 5'8?? ish??
2. which colour and style is your hair? technically its brown but i dyed it blonde in 5th grade and its almost shoulder length 
3. which colour are your eyes? depending on the light like blue/green/grey
4. do you wear glasses/contacts? probably should wear glasses but too afriad to wear contacts lol
5. do you wear braces? I HAVE TO GET THEM IM GONNA CRY
6. what is your fashion style? i really really really really fucking LOVE flannel and plaid and jeans and boots for fall/winter but for spring/summer definitely croptops muscle tees nikes and lace its cute af
7. what is your full name? elizabeth claire lewandowski but i go by elle lol
8. when were you born? april 12th 2000 son
9. where are you from/live now? born in canada now live in michigan but have lived in ohio :/ north carolina and maryland
10. do you have siblings and what are their names? jack and sam both younger and we act like triplets because we’re so 
11. what kind of student are you? sophomore in high school *cries* pretty good tbh i get all my hw done after school and its always on time bc freak the fuck out when i wait too long lol
12. do you even like school? hell yea its good depending on the class and teacher 
13. what are your favorite class subjects? tbh math its weird but im really good at it plus history science and orchestra
14. what are your favorite tv shows? oH BoY ok um supernatural Sherlock dw the 100 parks and rec the office new girl malcom in the middle merlin stitchers probably more but i can’t remember lol
15. what are your favorite movies? moulin rouge ACROSS THE UNIVERSE literally all marvel movies kingsmen PRIDE AND PREJUDICE OMG pirate radio
16. what is your favorite book? too many tbh
17. what is your favorite past time? ive recently picked up drawing but i love singing writing listening to music and netflix occasionally 
18. do you have any regrets? ALL OF MIDDLE SCHOOL I WAS SO FUCKING WEIRD but there were some good parts to those years
19. what is your dream job? i really wanna be a teacher but if i had to chose then movie star, singer, etc
20. would you like to get married one day? and where? definitely yesyesyesyes idk beach? tbh just not traditional
21. would you like to have kids someday? and how many? minimim 2 maximum 5 but 3 is pretty good
22. are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or more of a tomboy? tbh it could be any it depends on who im with or what day is lol
23. do you label yourself female, male or something else? female
24. do you like shopping? HELL YES
25. what countries have you visited so far? bc im really fuckin lame 2 canada and usa
26. what is the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had? idk, i tend to forget nightmares as soon as i wake up from them but usually terrfying
27. do you have any enemies? not that i know of??
28. who are your best friends? mia lauren siena imani grace erika kate so many more lol
29. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? sadly no
30. put your phone on shuffle and write down the first 10 that come up without skipping! snowblind, styx; everyday people, sly and the family stone; juke box hero, foreigner; daydream believer, the monkees; thunderstruck, ACDC; i’m alive; the hollies, cleo’s mood, junior walker; come what may, ewan macgregor; a little less coversation, elvis presley; i want to hold your hand, the beatles

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The Real Sherlocks are proud to present SuperWhoLock the Musical: Act One. 

SuperWhoLock the Musical: written, casted, directed by, composed by and acted by The Real Sherlocks.

When the villains of the three popular television shows join together, even Sherlock isn’t quite sure how to solve the puzzle. As the rest of the crew arrives, The Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack, Sherlock, Joan, Deane, Sam, and Cas have to join their talents together to solve the crime.

Look for Act Two at the end of September 2015! In the meantime, please like, comment, subscribe, follow, reblog, retweet, share, and let your friends know, because the game, fellow fanwarriors, is on!

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Hello! We’d like to introduce ourselves. We are The Real Sherlocks. We make musicals (well, one musical, never again), music, and short sketches. We hope you enjoy our videos!

Sarah Oslick, Marissa Oslick, Conner Bickford, and Maria Hudson talk about their insane summer project that got out of control: A project we called “SuperWhoLock the Musical.” 

Yes, we wrote, casted, filmed, directed, and edited a full length musical over the course of one summer. After a huge amount of work, we finally have the first act ready to show the world. And show it we will! Look for it on our YouTube channel The Real Sherlocks tomorrow (August 28th, 2015) evening. Be sure to follow, subscribe, reblog, retweet, share, and tell your friends, because the game, fellow fanwarriors, is on!