it’s been said a million times before but how is it that months after bryke confirmed that korra and asami are bisexual people still insist on saying otherwise over and over

like i understand if you didn’t know about the confirmation but still calling them “lesbian babes uwu” and pretending makorra never happened is pretty much the same thing as insisting they’re straight and pretending korrasami never happened no matter what distorted angle you’re looking at it’s still erasure

  • a korrasami:*breathes*
  • anti-korrasamis:first let me just say that I am not homophobic ok so pls do not say I am because I said I'm not and anything I say will automatically not be homophobic because I just said I'm not homophobic I just think korrasami was bad writing and asami is not a great character like she's boring and also a predator and she's rich like wtf and she doesn't really care about korra she only cares about the avatar bc she said "you're the avatar" and I'm just gonna ignore the context she said it in because that's not important plus korra doesn't care about asami either you know because she's not screaming at her every five minutes so there's no PASSION but asami yelling at korra literally one time over a sensitive subject is a BIG RED FLAG like why would she yell at someone she supposedly "loves" and i mean like all their interactions could've totally been friendly like i blush when i compliment my friends all the time it doesn't mean we're gAY and KORRA DIDNT HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO ASAMI i dont recall asami ever saying "you don't have to apologize for anything" in the show at all and why didn't korra apologize to mako he missed her too and she didn't even write a letter to him wtf because im sure she would've been comfortable telling him her fears and doubts like she was with asami and like why did korra and asami go on vacation and not stay and start helping rebuild republic city because im sure things would been put into motion iMMEDIATELY and why didnt they take mako and bolin too its almost like they wanted to be alone wtf ugh bryke only ended it like that to be poLITICALLY CORRECT and to satisFY THE MALE GAZE bc girl/girl amirite i will literally never support bryke again they ruined lok and ruined korras character but like im not saying any of this because im homophobic or anything *puffs inhaler* save me from the gays makorra

maaaaaaaaaan could you imagine if korra was as amped about getting with asami as she was about mako? we’re talking about the girl who went up to the boy she liked and blurted out “lookireallylikeyouandithinkweweremeantforeachother” with no hesistation or fear. where did this fire go?

  • TLO-HOH:*makes a big deal about the blood to raise Gaia, making it sound like an absolute massacre of a body is needed to raise this primordial being that has been asleep for several millennia*
  • BoO:*needs like a drop of blood from a boy and girl*

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WHAT'S THE ANSWER, YARA? whyyy do people dislike asami? :'( it makes me so sad and confused

people are finding ‘excuses’ to shit on her like pigeons but some of them are just angry about the fact that she was the one to end up with korra. basically

Why I love Book 4 Korra’s development

So a few days ago, I made a half-joking post about how Korra’s character understandably changed by the end of Book 4. After months of thought, I’m finally making a post on why, as a woman of color, I am totally here for the change.

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  • bryan:here's a drawing of korra reuniting with raava!
  • half the fandom:........
  • bryan:i made a korrasami piece which will be sold in a gallery and 100% of the money will be donated to an LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline!
  • half the fandom:BRYAN ONLY DRAWS KORRASAMI!!! HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS FANS!!!!! *ignores the fact that he will be donating money to help LGBTQ people, who hardly ever have space in anything ever* FUCK HIM HE'S A FUCKBOY WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE!!!!

I’m not trying to harsh anyone ~finale vibes~ but book 4 was weak and the finale was even weaker regardless of what you shipped

  • korra’s recovery arc was handled horribly
  • mako’s arc was reduced to Wu’s lap dog
  • asami hardly had any screen time
  • they brought hiroshi back to die
  • the Krew dynamics vanished
  • Wu, Varrick, and the beifongs took up screen time that could have went to korra or asami
  • dark avatar hallucinations were never addressed
  • kuvira’s prison camps and ethnic cleansing were never addressed
  • republic city was completely destroyed
  • they hardly acknowledged Korra’s accomplishment of saving the city (instead it was spent at zhurrick’s wedding)
  • korra looked somber and unconfident in the last 5 minutes
  • korra’s very last convo wasn’t about her own journey or feelings, but someone else’s
  • korra going on vacation (with anyone) and leaving republic city in a state of disarray after just vocalizing how upset she was for being gone so long makes no damn sense

and i hate to be the one to pick at flaws and issues but half of these issues could’ve been resolved if the story had stayed about korra and didn’t use some half-assed attempt at buddhist ideals to make her suffering seem like a lesson.

Can you imagine a world where I can ship Korrasami in peace and not get told every time I say I loved the way their love story was written was terrible representation by straight people. Or be told to show proof of why the two ended up together when it was clearly written to be romantic. Can you imagine that? 

it saddens me that if korra was a boy, no one would say “she’s way worse than aang, everyone beats her, she sucks, she’s a bitch”.

i know this because wan’s personality reminds me of korra’s, there are so many parallels between them and he also made some mistakes but fixed them in the end, and no one says a bad thing about him. only about korra. i wonder why… :/

Nothing infuriates me more than seeing people who say they love Korra ignore her mental health for the sake of validating a ship. The three years were not to reflect on missing A/sami or Mako or anybody else. Those three years were a period of rehabilitation and even that wasn’t enough for Korra. Why can’t people talk about Korra’s disability more because book 4 was about her overcoming that hindrance?