things that dont break people’s suspension of disbelief:

  • magic powers that allow you to lift shit 
  • laser swords
  • small teddy bears defeating a galactic empire 
  • a boy with minimal skill destroying a super weapon that the predominant galactic force just happened to make with one glaring weakness
  • a space slug having any concept of human sexuality and wanting to put a human woman in a bikini 
  • a man burned to a crisp in lava surviving and being put in a working environment suit
  • lightspeed travel 
  • a small green thing being the most formidable warrior and thinker in the galaxy
  • a walking, talking bear thing that can somehow be understood by humans despite only speaking in growls
  • most beings in a giant galaxy speaking one language with humans being the dominant species 
  • a 94 year old spaceship working just fine
  • a floating city above a gas giant
  • a boy surviving a giant fall and hanging on a random antenna after having his hand severed
  • the entire galaxy revolving around one family in which the three most important characters are inexplicably related 
  • several planets with a singular biome

things that do break peoples suspension of disbelief 

  • a girl being skilled at multiple things despite spending her whole life finding ways to survive in the face of extreme hardship

it’s been said a million times before but how is it that months after bryke confirmed that korra and asami are bisexual people still insist on saying otherwise over and over

like i understand if you didn’t know about the confirmation but still calling them “lesbian babes uwu” and pretending makorra never happened is pretty much the same thing as insisting they’re straight and pretending korrasami never happened no matter what distorted angle you’re looking at it’s still erasure

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:i keep seeing people draw calypso with conventionally american beauty standards without considering that she was an ancient greek figure who's appearance wouldnt change. chances are she would have thick eyebrows and a strong nose and a deep tan and a slightly plump body. why are people drawing her with american california girl features? wouldnt she look more like a girl whos been living a solitary life on an island in the sun for thousands of years? is it the fault of the readers for not considering this or rick riordan for failing to realize this and not giving a better description? wouldnt percy have found her attractive regardless considering her kindness to him? wh???

maaaaaaaaaan could you imagine if korra was as amped about getting with asami as she was about mako? we’re talking about the girl who went up to the boy she liked and blurted out “lookireallylikeyouandithinkweweremeantforeachother” with no hesistation or fear. where did this fire go?

Here’s the thing I find interesting.

When Finn is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, he ends up massacring 18 innocent people.

When L.exa is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, she hires a man to bring her too her, knowing she’d put up a fight and probably get herself hurt, and knowing other people would probably get killed along the way.

When Bellamy is so desperate to find Clarke “out of love”, he searches for months, and almost gets himself killed but STILL tries to keep going, but puts no one else’s life in danger.

Just something to think about.

  • TLO-HOH:*makes a big deal about the blood to raise Gaia, making it sound like an absolute massacre of a body is needed to raise this primordial being that has been asleep for several millennia*
  • BoO:*needs like a drop of blood from a boy and girl*
  • bryan:here's a drawing of korra reuniting with raava!
  • half the fandom:........
  • bryan:i made a korrasami piece which will be sold in a gallery and 100% of the money will be donated to an LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline!
  • half the fandom:BRYAN ONLY DRAWS KORRASAMI!!! HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS FANS!!!!! *ignores the fact that he will be donating money to help LGBTQ people, who hardly ever have space in anything ever* FUCK HIM HE'S A FUCKBOY WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE!!!!