Guess who's back...


Well, Back isn’t the exact words, or word in this case as it is singular, but it’s as accurate as I can get. I am able to access the digital world, and with it, the rest of civilization, once again.

I succeeded in my initial task of becoming a member of the United States Navy (HOOYAH NAVY), and am now in sunny California to train in a more specialized path to prepare for my future job in the fleet. With this, I have the freedom to be a connected human. But, life as it was is no more. I tend to wake up around 6am, and am usually crawling into bed about 10pm. I am also on West Coast (or XaddleDatter) time, so I am 2 hours ahead of my matesprit and some friends, and 3 hours ahead of my moirail and other friends. This will make for complicated scheduling.

I mostly wanted to make my presence known, and my appreciation for the support I received prior, during, and continue to receive. It made a world of difference. I can’t explain how knowing I had people standing behind me really did give me the motivation to not just make it through the day, but do awesome.

Once I get the ropes of things where I am at, I intend to come back to more regular geeky shenanigans, but I cannot begin to explain the culture shift I am still adjusting to. It is all good, but a challenge, and one that I am excited to meet, and nervous. Nervouscited with a smile.

Fantrolltime. I love you all. And miss your crazy. Decimama’s coming home, even if it’s just as a weekend warrior first. Get the house in order, kids. ^.^


Hello friends, vesatileBohemian here. I solemnly and excitedly announce that this blog is on a temporary hiatus. The mod will be out of contact for 2 months, starting 1.6.15. I am joined the United States Navy and will be at boot camp. This is an exciting and challenging time for me, so please bear with me and I will return with a vengeance once I am rocking a uniform with pride.

If there is anything I need to see, specifically art, posts, chat logs, and actual personal interest things, please tag #vb_hiatus  so I can directly look it up when I have internet access again. General reblogs and fun things need not apply. I also have #versatilebohemian for things for me not RP related. 

Blessed Be, friends! See ya on the other side!