Dersite Witch (Tucana's Theme)
  • Dersite Witch (Tucana's Theme)
  • Seren Mist

So it’s been a while but now it’s finally finished! ;w; I couldn’t be happier, both the track and the art are so great for Tucana omg!

The music was made by @witchoflight and the art was made by @gamzee! I have permission from both to post this. A+, would commission again (and so should you)

I’ve no interest in starting the troll bone/horn discourse but I’m always game to dispense science/biology/zoology knowledge! 

This also brings up the difference between horns, antlers and ossicones too when we talk about troll horns.

Horns: bone with keratin coated over the top. These have a capacity to heal and grow

Antlers: not bone, similar stuff but less tough and also dead. Often these are temporary/seasonal because they cannot heal from damage

Ossicones: entirely made of bone and straight up just chunks of angry sharp skull. Usually have fur or tough skin on top.

Since Alternian horns are always referred to as horns and grow larger as they age, they are most likely living horn. Y’all don’t have to head canon this but since there’s no current lore going around of trolls having their horns suddenly drop off or horrifying insect antler velvet that comes off in bleeding strips. I’m gonna say horns. Although if we wanted to get inventive we could go for ossicones with some crazy skin growing over. Or even some kind of extrapolation based on bug antenna/integument. Because why not.