electricalmonk asked:

hello there I was wondering if I could join in your quest to assist others with their sprites? I don't have my homestuck fan-art on my tumblr but if the idea of an assistant appeals to you I would gladly send you some examples of my work.

oh geez, i haven’t been here in forever!! ye, that would def be fine, especially since i need to get back on the saddle here. (thanks for sending the message - id completely forgotten this existed!)

if you send a followup message with maybe some examples, i’ll gladly add you to the blog. sorry for publishing this, but im doing so to show that i do indeed still exist

on the subject of sprite revamps, since i don’t know what still needs done, anyone who sent in one previously will have to resend them in if they weren’t submitted within the last 2 weeks. if i recognize it as a re-submit (or if you say so) it will be given precedence over any others. i should be getting bakc to these soon.


nbqworu asked:

hi there!! i've made a new blog by the name of fantrollrevamps where fantroll/fancharacter sprites can be resprited or sprited for submitters, and i'll do design or fancharacter reviews too!! would you maybe like to affiliate?? uwu thanks bunches for your time either way!

RO: Awesome! And we’d be honored UwU I’ll add you to the list now ^u^ but guys go check this person out!