1. Atemmu Kannan;Tyrian;Land of Crypts and Tombs;bowkind;Prince of Light;reconditeDynastic

2. Sethku Tyrais;Violet;Land of Waves and Frogs;shankkind;Knight of Space

3. Akaden Castos;Indigo;Land of Caves and Demons;dartkind; Bard of Time

4. Kallim Arctus;Blue;Land of Snow and Melodies;hammerkind; Maid of Rage

5. Siamun Murran;Cerulean;Land of Obelisks and Candles;switchkind;Witch of Doom

6. Shaada Mistro;Teal;Land of Corridors and Whispers;sheildkind;Rouge of Mind

7. Isissu Spiria;Jade; Land of Woodwinds and Zephyrs;slingkind;Seer of Hope

8. Mahnna Specto;Olive;Land of Forests and Towers;wandkind;Heir of Life

9. Mahado Aurous;Yellow;Land of Heat and Traps;staffkind;Mage of Blood

10.Jhonno Vermil;Bronze;Lands of Eclipses and Steel;axekind;Page of Breath

11.Bakura Diabon;Red;Land of Cliffs and Ruins;bladekind; Thief of Void

12.Kisara Dracis;Mutant;Land of Sands and Mist;clawkind; Sylph of Heart

guys i am finally making a nonsarcastic fantroll and it’s actually REALLY FUN??

he doesn’t have a name yet, and i’m not even sure about his design, but he is a tealblood who works in the museum archives and thinks he was ~born in the wrong century~ and is often far more obnoxious than i drew him here and also on the weekends he likes to “borrow” poofy historical dresses from the museum collection and wear them out to party

some more doodles of my fantroll!! I wanted to make his design, especially his face, a little more distinctive and I really like this

I’m trying to come up with more details about him but it’s hard because I only want to draw him… I’m remembering why I decided sometime in high school that I probably wasn’t destined to be a writer after all