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if trolls had school with gym and stuff(maybe it could be humanstuck???) i have this image of meerka being this big volleyball star and in class they're playing volleyball and poor aceron gets hit in the face when she spikes it because he sucks at sports. but then terrac gets him to the nurse's office and cheers him up like a bro (i just really like the idea of aceron and terrac being best friends sorry)

What a perfect ask on so many levels. I was kind of annoyed at some of the backlash to my other post and then I got this so god bless you uwu

I’m also totally Aceron in this scenario because I hated gym and volleyball especially because it was like a guarantee I’d be hit in the face, so I skipped gym every time it was volleyball week haha

Aceron and Terrac being friends is like 100% accurate though this whole headcanon is pretty spot on for a high school AU

But Terrac would be bad at cheering someone up the conversation would probably be like

“Ugh do you think Erebus saw that?”
“Yeah dude, he laughed too” 

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You should make the fantroll shipping thing right now because why not and I'm trying find good ships for you fantrolls besides the ever popular aceron erebus

Here you go kids… Officially Sanctioned Fantroll Shipping Chart® for all your fantroll shipping needs

You may notice the content hasn’t changed since the last post. You’re freej to ship like whatever you want though?? Also I will make a better one later when I have the time and patience for that