oops poorly constructed fan character


school starts in a few days and some stuff happened so I needed to get my motherfucking chill on. and I wanted to practice chibis.

Ok so all I got is

Her name is Cherin. Strife secubi are scissorkind and ½ scissorkind, scissor-weapons can be disjointed at will, although she is good at BREAKING THINGS. The ∞. I put there because it looked kind of like scissor handles l o l.She likes to organize things into rows.


Lives with Auntie and Uncle, Auntie is a botanist, Uncle is obsessed with topiaries styled into the shapes of stupid things that don’t look like topiaries (clouds, afros, etc). Most of her household chores were comprised of gardening. When at other houses SHE SUBCONCIOUSLY FEERS THAT SHE WILL HAVE TO MOW THE LAWN OR PULL WEEDS OR SOMETHING OF THE SORT. First weapon was Uncle’s hedge trimmers.


Her sheep lusus grows ludicrous amounts of wool, so SCISSORS. everyday. ALL THE TIME. Most of the furniture in her respite block is made of the wool trimmings, she owns a lot of wool sweaters, there is always a lump of wool in the bathtub AND SHE IS OFTEN ARGUING WITH SHEEPLUSUS ABOUT HER UNSEEMLY COAT SHEDDING. Horn shape is based on scissors from 2nd century Asia minor. (ty wikipedia) teeth are and horn edges are blunt, but the base of the horns on the bottom side are sharper, like knives. teeth are based on the insidy parts of kitchen scissors.

instead of freckles, as a troll she has grooves on her horns where the colors change :U