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Hey, I’m accepting commissions now!! 

Full body: $20
Half body: $15
Doodles: $10

  • I’ll draw: Fanart, OCs, shipping stuff, fantrolls, self-inserts, AUs, etc.
  • No NSFW though.
  • Extra characters will cost half the final price!
  • Payment will be through Paypal!

If you’re interested, or have any questions, please message me here on tumblr or at ! I’ll try to respond back as soon as possible! I’ve never done commissions before so I apologize in advance if I’m awkward, haha

I wanna follow more fantroll rp-blogs…

SO… If you are an active fantroll rp-blog who blog a bunch of fantroll-related stuff and roleplays and shit, and are 18+ (not bc I do nsfw stuff, I don’t, but I’m almost 25 y/o and I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable! I’ll rp with younger ppl, and do character-friendships, but I won’t do ships, a’ight?) you should reblog/like/reply to this post, and I’ll check your blog out and maybe give a follow?

LOOL so this is my new alien/monster oc.. his kind doesn’t identify each other by name so, surprise, he doesn’t have one. though when needed he’ll probably refer to himself as prod because that’s what they do. they prod stuff and tear them apart
they’re notorious for their aggression and are actually quite primitive compared to other civilisations