fantroll generator

shthed; yellow blood; guitar axe kind; singer and guitarist. free lover, loves flings but never feels the draw of settling into a quadrant w any one troll. carefree and open minded. he loves the rush of being onstage and adored.

lzyfkr; bronze blood; drumstick kind; drummer and best bro. perpetually exhausted but follows shthed out of a burning pale (and occasionally non-concupiscent black) crush and need to make sure hes taken care of. asexual and otherwise uninterested in quadrants.

Can we talk about generators for a moment?

Look at this troll

~this troll is made from a generator~

~I may have drawn this troll before, or not, i dont know. I cant tell, because its made from a generator~ it looks exactly the same as every other generater troll that exists~ 

~sweethearts, i know spriting can be weird to  figure out at first, and your sprites can look wonky~ Thats why you use a base, and pull stuff from sprite sheets. But dont use the generator. Its badly aligned, the parts look weird, and they arent blood-color matched~

~plus, we dont appriciate it when you do the minimum of work possible when creating the troll you are asking us to draw~

~this rant is over now, and i will draw this troll cause i think i may have done it before… maybe? idk.~ but just for future referece, pretty much everyone can tell when you use the generator~

~ok, thank you!~ no harsh feeling loves!~