Me and @cosmicsynthetics were digging the Quadrant dog-tags thing by @terribletrollstbh ~ So here’s Malkul Dagoon and Orwurm Satsan showing off their new bling <><>

The colouring kind of died and the bg was extremely lazy but I had a lot of fun on this and that’s all that matters<3

Spotlight troll 108

Hello, and thank you for helping us reach the minimum! This spotlight troll is painfully late, but I hope you can pitch in and get us back on schedule. This week we only had serial winners in our askbox, so I thought I’d also remind everyone who hasn’t won yet that your chances of doing so are great if you send us a troll.

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Anyway, the next star is…

Mixole Apello!

Creator url: erythros-anthos
Additional Information: Here’s his profile and a full body reference! He lives in a different planet from Alternia. Mixole is a fairly friendly troll who likes learning about the past, practising music, and overall being aloof. His amiable self usually vanishes as soon as he faces emotional dilemmas, though, as he doesn’t like conflicts he can’t have control over. Mixole can be pretty paranoid in dangerous situations, as he has suffered many accidents in the past that nearly killed him. Any sort of question, please direct it to my main blog!
Preferences: He’s underage, so no NSFW! I don’t mind gore as long as it’s not excessive, but don’t draw decapitation/neck injuries, please.
Special Request:
You could draw him with music-related stuff! He’s the kind of person who likes speaking with everybody, so you can draw him interacting with your trolls, too. Maybe also with his best friend/enemy Tibron Lamnde [5’ 10" ft], with whom he has an odd pale/caliginous vacillation going on.

You have until next Sunday, October 2nd to enter!

This will be the tag for the raffle entry art this week.

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- Mod Pep

popcornguy13  asked:

🚓 Osheel please.

*seel has been buggin’ me to make Osheel’s horns look less like Oshune’s. This was the compromise.*

Anyway-DID YOU KNOW; that although it was not widely used, some British Prisoners wore uniforms with arrows on them called ‘magpie arrows’-this meant they were goverment property and to be shipped off to Australia (Because all things shipped back then were marked with arrows.)

Osheel does not want to go to Troll Australia. The rest of the planet is already Murderbloodthirsty-imagine Troll Australia.

this is ugly. I kno.