hi this is my new davekat baby ive just been calling him kidd. hes rlly loving and p loud but he deff has shy bouts and tens to be rlly clingy w his dads. his eyes are sensitive x2 combo so,,,

he likes tying on capes and zoomin around the house like hes flying ?? how cool is it that his dad can fly ??? wow ???? and his other dad is so so smart wow ?????? he loves them sm


oldish stuff I’ve had on my drafts for months.

He’s some tealblood with a bird dad who uses his spray cans to vandalize other people’s property and also uses it as a weapon, then his bff kills him accidentally because she’s the worst and he ends up becoming a sprite combined with one of her weird bombs [now he’s got 6 arms!!! sort of ]

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted anything with this guy before????

Dersite Witch (Tucana's Theme)
Seren Mist
Dersite Witch (Tucana's Theme)

So it’s been a while but now it’s finally finished! ;w; I couldn’t be happier, both the track and the art are so great for Tucana omg!

The music was made by @witchoflight and the art was made by @gamzee! I have permission from both to post this. A+, would commission again (and so should you)