It was @thedrawingduke’s birthday yesterday which means the “Lara and Christine Vent about Monster Boys” saga continues! This time featuring Sad Monster Boys. Here’s last year’s drawing for some context.

Please check out Beka’s webcomic @fantome-stein if haven’t already. It’s on hiatus right now, but please give it and Beka’s work some love <3


Happy ValenSTEIN’s day!

I made you all Valentines because you’re all the best <3 I hope you enjoy some Frankenstein, PotO, and @fantome-stein cards!

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I couldn’t help myself, I just HAD to draw @thedrawingduke’s Fantomestein au… And I had to throw in some Phancomte angst ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m sure Raoul really didn’t mean to take the mask off, he was probably examining it or something and his hand slipped… He’s not scared or anything but he is REALLY concerned about Erik’s face. How does one man get that many stitches???


Whaddya’ mean it’s not “National kidnapping Day”??? C'mon, Daroga.…

{I know the holiday was Monday but I took a nap today instead so here we are.}

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