Made another thing!

The Justice League of America, pattern by Cloudsfactory on Etsy (though the pattern has been updated since I got it, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern the most, though Aquaman’s hair gets to be more fun), as a gift (eventually) for my comics shop, fantom comics​ Just need to iron the edges and get it framed. :) I’m pretty pleased how it turned out though. 


NUTCRACKER AU SKETCH AVALANCHE! *whomp* I’ve been using this silly idea as a way to sketch and explore on the ipad using the Procreate App (terrible name, good app).

The basic story idea is that Christine finds a saves an ugly, old Nutcracker from being thrown out of the Garnier’s prop department. After a surreal battle with some rodents of unusal sizes, Christine’s Nutcracker comes to life and whisks her away into some strange winter land, hoping that she can help him break the spell that makes him a giant, creepy nutcracker. They both decide to “enlist”  (i.e., ambiguously kidnap) the powers of the Sugarplum Fairy who is under the possession of this Rat King Guy. Magic questing chaos ensues!

Characters from my comic  @fantome-stein !

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I’ve been wanting to do that style meme + inspiration map I keep seeing from all the cool kids so I combined the two! And I used Raoul as a model because he is the most cooperative and his design is so fun to push! Especially in rabbit form <3 

 These are all an homage to some of my biggest artistic influences from when I was a kid. I most certainly did NOT do justice to many of these haha! But eh, attempted imitation is still a sincere form of flattery? Maybe?

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Raoul from my comic @fantome-stein

OH! And I forgot to post this! Nobody knows how to post for family photos around here. Sketchy cast line-up for the @fantome-stein comic! 

From left to right: Christine, Raoul, The Creature/Erik, Daroga, Darius (the birb), Philippe/Phil De Chagny, La Sorelli  

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Had my first day of school today, hoo wee! For all you students, hope you have a great school year! May you never have a teacher like TC….

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Characters from my comic @fantome-stein <3 


A good family friend of ours reccomended we check out fantomcomics while we were in DC. Both times we went in, the employees were so incredibly fun and friendly, truly nerds give the best customer service.
After grabbing Lumberjanes, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool, and a few other gems I’ve been looking for, I mentioned wanting to major in sequential art. After sharing my sketchbook with them, I was asked if I wanted to draw on their bathroom wall. Oh my gosh, I was so elated!!!! I joked with an employee after he suggested I draw Groot as a toilet paper dispenser (since i had a tiny groot drawing in my sketchbook). It was so much fun, and it’s such an awesome store.
I’m really so excited that I got to go! One of the highlights of my trip.