Back to working to update these. :) Did Fantisma back in 2013 then forgot about it lolololol

The originals were drawn back in 2008. I want to re-draw them because when I first made their character sheets, I worked off the same base and didn’t work as hard on them. Mostly just due to the fact that I had all their designs in my head and was working fast to get them down on paper. So, I want to make a more in-depth char sheet for my ladies. Then hopefully, I can do something with them. Might not be a game like I wanted but might be another type of game (my hubby keeps pushing a card game on me) or a comic. 

Decided that I need to work on my own stuff more again so I am going to be splitting my time between COLORS and Maledonna. :) 

First, on the Maledonna side, I want to re-do the character sheets I did. To add more info and more drawings. I also wanted to update the old drawings since I drew them in 2008 @___@;;;;

Here’s a little preview of the updated ref pose for Fantisma. :) Much more to come! 

Name: Fantisma

Age: 27 (at death)

Origin: Tombstone, Arizona, USA

Demon: Ghouleh

About Ghouls: A Ghoul is a mythological monster from ancient Arabian folklore that dwells in burial grounds and other uninhabited places. “Ghouleh” is the term for a female Ghoul. 

About Fantisma:  Fantisma was a saloon girl who was betrayed by the man she loved. Her untimely death left her with un-finished business.