With Fanticide on the way, I felt it was about time I started working on my army. Here is my ‘Monster’, which is a Reaper Frost Giant Princess. I’m pretty darn happy with her - I mostly copied the style of the painted one from their site, as I liked the blue colouring on the skin and hair, and added some pretty basic furs/hide colours. The last shot is a comparison with the guy who’s gonna be my Leader (from Hasslefree) just to show how bloody huge she is.

A definite arrow-magnet.

I shall name her Svalbard.


Juuust a couple of Confrontation goblins with double-handed-swords - they’ve been sat in one of my mini boxes for an age and I finally got round to painting them!

This is because Luke and I had a go of Fanticide this weekend, and we both used my old Confrontation minis - me using my Kelt Sessairs and Luke using goblins! It really inspired me to paint up all the old fantasy stuff!


Pathetic Goblins versus Shallow Dwarves.

Three Goblin Shamans led their horde down from Mount Mistake to raid the Shallow Dwarf settlement before the dwarves return home from slaughtering Uruks who had been looting their ancestral graveyards.
This leads to a race before time for the Shallow Dwarfs to stop the goblins getting away with any of their gold dredgings.  Additionally the dwarfs eye up the goblins as useful slaves so therefore intend to capture as many as they can.

The wind howls terribly and denies the dwarfs the use of their crossbows and cannon for the first half of the battle.  The crossbowmen advance to better positions.

When the winds die down a blinding rainbow fills the sky blinding everyone.

The battle hinged around a goblin shaman with his gongman racing off with some treasure while the Dwarf River-Lord chased through the village after them.  Other goblins attempted to intercept but were too cowardly actually engaged him and his Chalkstone hammerer guardians.  The River-lord captured the shaman and rescued the only portion of gold that the goblins dared manage to touch.

Though many were captured the goblins fled.