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Hiii, how do you think would UF Sans, SF Papyrus and if you do Mobtale, MT Sans react to an s/o who tries to sligthly copy them. Like they sit the same way, or try to stand the same way as those skeletons, because they want to seem as intimidating as they do. But it just looks silly. (Ah also your ask box says it is closed, but your descrption says it's open,I hope I'm not sending this when your closed ) ~ bonelynomore

No, you’re fine that’s my fault. I think I fixed it. Thanks for asking♡

Uf!Sans(Red): Sweetheart…what are doing? He started to notice you copying his way if speech., but it wasn’t very…intimidating. It was just humorous. Red didn’t want to address the issue right away. He first wanted to see how far you would go. Much to his surprise you started sitting like him, well at least trying to. You looked kind of weird with your legs spread apart all the time since you usually crossed your legs. Finally, Red thought it would be best to take you to Grillby’s. You both sat at the bar, as Red continued to ponder how to address this ‘copycat’ issue. Honestly, it was funny to watch you slip up on your words when you tried to use slang like him, but it was also a little bit irritating. Eventually, a devious idea came to mind. Grillby came to bar ready to take you guy’s order. Red ordered, “The usual, Grillbz,” smirking when you attempted to say the same order. Grillby gave you a questionable look before going off into the kitchen. A few seconds pass and Grillby comes back with two bottles of mustard. Grillby approaches the bar once more placing your mustard in front you whilst practically slamming the other one down in front of Red. Grillby mumbles something about a tab, before walking away to take the other customer’s orders. Red shrugs grabbing the bottle. He eyes you out of the corner of his eye(socket??), watching as you hesitantly grabbed your bottle as well. Red smirked as he quickly chugs from the bottle before placing it back down on the bar. Red turns to you propping his chin on his hand. “S’ delicious as always, huh, darlin,” Red comments. You still sat there staring at the mustard bottle like it would kill you at any moment. “well, aren’t'cha goin to drink it?” Red chuckles. Your gaze travels back to the yellow mustard in your hands. How far are you willing to go? That’s what Red wanted to know. You took a deep breath as you placed the opening of the mustard bottle between your lips. You gave it a big squeeze before getting a good mouthful of mustard in your mouth. In your opinion, too much for comfort. Unable to fantham the bitter taste you began coughing and spitting it out. Red didn’t even try to hide his amusement of your misfortune. “oh gosh, sweetheart!,” He laughs hitting the bar with his fist in amusement. You finally are able to regain your composure, using the napkins on the bar to wipe away any mustard remaining on your mouth. “Why are you laughing? It’s not funny,” you choked out, the taste of mustard still lingering. “sweetheart, ya been copyin me all day. I just wanted to see what was up,” Red explains wiping away the tears that developed after his fit of laughter. You let out a huff of frustration as you fold your arms sinking into your seat. “aw don’t be like that darlin, you actually did pretty alright,” Red lied. “Really?” You question with a raised eyebrow. “course, but ya mind tellin me your reason? or do ya just love me that much?” Red chuckles scooting closer to you wrapping a bony arm around you. “I-” you started, but after running it through your head you decided it would just be best to keep your reason to yourself. You quickly plant a kiss on your boyfriend’s skull before giggling, “Yeah, I do just love you that much.”

Sf!Papyrus(Rus): “What?” Rus raises a eye(bone??) brow at you. “You want a smoke?” You shake your head up and down in agreement. Rus let’s out a small chuckle. He had noticed how you started slouching like he does. Rus even caught you stretching your back since your weren’t use to the unnatural posture. As well as earlier, he saw how you tried to prop yourself on the brick wall like he did. With your arms folded and your foot placed on on the wall behind you. Rus chuckled at the memory, almost dropping the cigarette in his hand. “Well…if you insist,” and with that Rus reached into his pocket pulling out the box of cigarettes. You timidly take one, before putting it in between your lips. “Here let me light it for you,” Rus offers as he digs into his other pocket. Trying to hold back his laughter, he quickly lights your cigarette. You smoothly take a breath in as if you’d done this a million times over. But just as soon as you sucked in the smoke, you began to cough and gag. Rus, obviously, couldn’t hold back his giggling and began to full on howl. You quickly throw the cigarette to the ground before stomping on it liked it called you a horrible name. “Oh - my…Honey, honestly-” Rus couldn’t even get the sentence out because he found it so hilarious. Rus holds the place where his stomach would be attempting to calm himself down. You stand there still a little shocked, but definitely unamused that your boyfriend found this funny. Rus looks at you, his smile not disappearing. He chuckles deeply before bringing you into a hug. “It looked easy,” you mumbled, your arms folded in his embrace. “easy…hehe. Honey, even if you could smoke I wouldn’t support it. Unlike you, I don’t I have lungs to ruin,” Rus trails off. “What made you want to suddenly do that?“ You shyly glance up at the taller skeleton before hurrying your face in his jacket. “J-just to be a b-bit more….intimidating, I guess, ” You admitted hesitantly. Rus grabs your shoulders pulling you away from him. “You think I’m intimidatin?” He asked his eye lights wide. You give him a faint nod, and Rus slaps a bony hand onto his forehead trying to hold back his laughter that seemed to be bubbling up again. The skeleton peeps at you through his fingers before removing his hand from his face and hugging you once more. “Hehe, thanks for the compliment, but you don’t need to he intimidating. You’re fine just being your adorable self. And…heh….much like that cigarette I had earlier…You take my breath away,” Rus finishes. “You ruined it,” You added plainly.

Mt!Sans(uh…sniper??) “Another drink, please Grillby!” You managed to slur from your mouth as your fifth drink was carefully placed in front of you. “Kitten? Uh…maybe you should slow down a bit,” Sniper warns placing his hat on the bar beside him. You shake your head abruptly. “I- have…t-o be like Y-you,” you stutter out. “Y-you can down L-like twenty drinks,” you add trying to swallow the sip you had taken before. Sniper stares at you bewildered. Honestly…things were starting to slowly line up for him. Your attire slowly changed to be like his. You began to use slang at home, and papyrus had corrected you prompting you that ladies shouldn’t use slang like that. Finally….all those times you started asking people of they “wanted a bad time” made so much sense. Sniper faced palmed himself as he let out a chuckle. How could he have not noticed sooner. Of course,you’d do something like this. That’s who you are, and once again you have proven to him that you are only able to get even cuter. “A-another- please-” Sniper quickly covers your mouth pushing the drink in front of you to the side. He lazily waves Grillby off before saying, “Just put in on my tab,” Sniper whispers picking you up from your chair and carrying you out of the restaurant. At home you both sat on couch, Sniper holding you in his arms. “Need any more water, darlin?” He asked. You grunt in disapproval before cuddling close to the skeleton. “Noo…I just want…to sleep,” you saw slowly. Sniper chuckles buzzing your neck. “That’s the best idea you’ve had in a while, hun.” And with that settled the two of slept the rest of the night away. Sniper planned to ask more about your actions when you were more….sober. Needless to say, he felt like he needed to keep a closer eye socket on you for now on.

(These were long, I’m sorry if the last one seemed rushed. I had fun writing this one thanks for asking @bonelynomore I hope you enjoy♡).


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The Nymphs had their own public – that is, state-sanctioned – temple in the very heart of Rome: the Aedes Nympharum, seat of the public records in the forum, which was burned down, like the nearby senate-house, in the rioting over the death of Clodius. (Fantham’s Italian Poets & Italian Gods, 10)

Temples often served as archives for public records in Rome, but for how often we and ancient writers alike seem to devalue the nymphs, this is a an unusual  responsibility for them.

Cicero gives us some idea of what was held in this archive during his accusations about its purposeful destruction. In Pro Caelio, he calls them “the census of the Roman people and all the public records and registers,” ie. the registers of the censors. In Pro Milone, he specifically calls them them the records of the recensus - census data taken to facilitate grain distributions. As this was in the direct aftermath of Clodius’ failed grain law, burning the evidence makes for a compelling narrative for Cicero’s legal arguments and modern theorists alike.

According to Richardson’s Topographical Dictionary, the temple was located in the Campus Martius, likely connecting the Porta Fontinalis and the Ara Martis. But he goes on to say the census records were presumably only stored there temporarily. Why? Were they too important for a temple of mere nymphs? Cicero’s rhetoric doesn’t read that way, though of course it couldn’t include anything undercutting its arguments. He is also ambivalent on the nymphs themselves, certainly roused to courtroom anger of the destruction of their temple, but using their semi-divinity as a discussion point in his philosophical works.

While Juturna, Egeria, and Carmentis had individual places in Roman myth and cult, we hear nothing more of the temple of the nymphs after its disastrous end.

Book Roundup: Women in Antiquity

These are a selection of source books and scholarly works on the fascinating (and often overlooked) subject of women in antiquity:

Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves: Women in Classical Antiquity, by Sarah B. Pomeroy, an essential study of the lives of women in Greece and Rome. “The first treatment to reflect the critical insights of modern feminism.” – Mary Beard

Women in Classical World: Image and Text, by Elaine Fantham, Helene Peet Foley, Natalie Boymel Kampen, Sarah B. Pomeroy, H. A. Shapiro, “The first book on classical women to give equal weight to written texts and artistic representations, it brings together a great wealth of materials–poetry, vase painting, legislation, medical treatises, architecture, religious and funerary art, women’s ornaments, historical epics, political speeches, even ancient coins–to present women in the historical and cultural context of their time.”

The Sacred and the Feminine in Ancient Greece, by Sue Blundell, Margaret Williamson, a collection of essays exploring the intersection between women and religion in Ancient Greece.

Daughters of Isis: Women of Ancient Egypt, by Joyce A. Tyldesley, an extremely readable overview of the lives of women in ancient Egypt.

The Woman and the Lyre: Women Writers and Classical Greece and Rome, by Jane McIntosh Synder, “The pages of Snyder’s text are filled with stirring revelations about women’s achievements."—Susan C. Jarratt, Composition Chronicle

All titles link to the book’s Amazon page.