This is my second tumblr account. First one was deleted. There’s not much to remember with that account. But here are my first tumblr friends that I really really cherish. :)

Fantazmico He’s my very first tumblr friend. He was the first one who TA-ed me here. Remember that I was his 100th follower and way back then, I only have 12 followers. I’ve been four months on tumblr and I’m kind of not in touch with him. But we say hi-s and hello-s from time to time. :) 

Nigzclusive - This handsome guyis my very first Filipino friend here. I can’t really remember how, but I know it was about typographies. You still owe me something though, aren’t we suppose to make a tumblr barkada? Hmmm. :p

Ohmytaemin - My first Filipina friend. Hahaha. She’s a fan girl. She’s even mistaken me as a fan girl. =)) And I haven’t talked to her in a while. Uso kasi mag load dba! :p