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anonymous asked:

Which Marvel characters do FOX own? Everyone always says Xmen and Fantastic Four but are never specific, like, which villains do they get with those? I heard they also have the Skrulls so?

Off the top of my head the characters FOX have been confirmed to own the rights to are - all mutant members of the X-men, X-Force, X-Factor, The Brotherhood, the Hellfire Club, and the New Mutants, Deadpool, Old Man Logan, Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Silver Surfer, Magneto, Moira McTaggart, Apocalypse, Mr Sinister, Dr Doom, Onslought, Kang, Galactus and his Heralds, Juggernaut, The Shi’ar including Gladiator and Vulcan, the Super Skrulls, The Brood, Legion, Mastermind, Sentinels, Phoenix Force, The Watchers, Shadowking, X23, Daken, Sugarman, Sauron, and Annihilus (plus the negative zone).

Characters FOX and Marvel share the rights to - Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Skrulls (but only FOX can use Super Skrulls).

Characters FOX are expected to at least partially own but it hasn’t been confirmed yet include - The Starjammers, Alpha Flight, and KaZar. 

As for X-Calibur, FOX clearly own the rights to the mutant members such as Shadowcat and Nightcrawler but I’m pretty sure Marvel own Captain Britain and his supporting characters so I’m not sure what would happen if either FOX or Marvel wanted to adapt that.