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Back in 1955 Disneylands Fantasyland was a much different place, instead of the beloved barvian influences they had a more tournament style much like some of Magic kingdom’s dark ride exteriors. Yet right next to all that was a lagoon occupied by none other than Captain hook and his crew!  The chicken of the sea pirate ship and restaurant (As it was known back in the day due to the obvious sponsorship) was a restaurant where guests could climb aboard and eat in the midst of Fantasyland. 5 years after opening they decided to round out that area and truly make it a Peter Pan themed experience by creating Skull Rock. It was really an expanded seating area, so after you grabbed your lunch at Hook’s ship you could go eat by skull rock. 

Unfortunately both Captain Hook’s Gallery (as it was later known due to Chicken of the sea dropping it’s sponsorship in 1969) and Skull Rock were shut down permanently and removed during Disneylands New Fantasyland re do in 1983. The area in which they stood has been replaced by Dumbo and I believe the Carousel. For all my Lost girls and boys out there WORRY NOT! As both of these things still live on! Yet only at Disneyland Paris! If you ever find yourself there head on over to Adventure isle! Where you can see faithful recreations of Hooks Pirate ship and Skull rock! So looking back on these photo’s anyone spot a famous Mouseketeer? 

“Popcorn Shop” 2017

Immersive environments are not just about the attractions we ride, but also about the foods we eat. One resort, Tokyo Disney, has taken the idea of themed eating in a theme park and capitalized on it. Guests can buy dozens of food items shaped like their favorite characters across the resort. While their popcorn is not shaped like Mickey Mouse, it has become a quintessential part of going to a Tokyo Disney park, and has become an unofficial aspect of the themed lands. When the Fantasyland expansion opens in a few years, it will also feature a massive popcorn mecca, where guests can sample their favorite flavors from around the parks. Based on this art, it could also feature Disney’s first popcorn-themed chandelier!

Art ©️Disney

This Day in Disney History

May 28, 2014: The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train officially opens in the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

This centrally located attraction was easy to watch come together as there are pathways going all the way around it. As sections of the New Fantasyland opened, it was easy to see that this one would be the most highly anticipated, being a family style coaster. The Mine Train has some pretty unique cars in that they sway as you make turns around the track. You can even keep up the swinging momentum in your car by rocking it back and forth. It’s interesting to be able to affect the motion of your ride vehicle! 

Fastpasses are almost instantly gone for this experience, so be sure to try to book them as soon as you have plans to visit the park. If they’re gone keep checking, I’ve been able to score last minute fastpasses just by being vigilant!


Tokyo Disneyland Building Beauty and the Beast Area – AND RIDE!!!

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Urayysu, Chiba — Oriental Land Co., Ltd. has announced the plans through fiscal year 2020 (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021) for the further development of Tokyo Disneyland®.

Beauty and the Beast Area (tentative name)

Area Overview Facilities: One major attraction, one shop, one restaurant

This new area opening in Fantasyland will let Guests experience the world of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. With the Beast’s castle and the village where Belle lives, the entire environment of this area will make Guests feel like they are in the film. Located within the Beast’s castle will be a major attraction themed to Beauty and the Beast that can be experienced only in Japan. And in the village, there will be a shop and a restaurant.

Attraction Overview Duration: Appr. 8 minutes

Description: Guests board enchanted serving dishes that dance in rhythm to the film’s well-known music and follow Belle on a romantic musical adventure inside the enchanted Castle where she dances her way into the heart of the Beast, just in time to break the fateful spell. Guests will feel like they have entered right into the film.

All Artworks: copyright Disney - Oriental Land Co.

“A friend of mine from High School played Belle in our schools version of Beauty in the Beast on stage and the year before that I got to dance with her at Prom. Two years later I went to Disney World when New Fantasyland opened and got picked as Beast for Enchanted Tales with Belle. I felt so stupid but I couldn’t stop blushing because all I could think of was my friend dressed as Belle and getting to dance with her again even though I knew it was someone else”

This Day in Disney History

October 3, 1971: Peter Pan’s Flight opens in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.

On the third day of operation, the newly opened Magic Kingdom welcomes Peter Pan’s Flight to it’s list of attractions.  You get to ride in a flying ship, and it really feels like you’re flying!  The track is above your ship so you’re suspended in air as you fly from London to Neverland. 

Lines for this attraction are almost always long, and if it’s a must-do for your family I would recommend either getting there early or making sure you get a Fastpass.

“When I was in the first grade, our teacher had us write about what we would do if we owned Disney. Being the Little Mermaid freak that I am I said I would make a TLM ride. When I found out that New Fantasyland was gonna open up a Mermaid ride I remembered that assignment. Now every time I go the Magic Kingdom I have to ride it. That ride is a literal dream come true”

ask-miss-celeste  asked:

(A new pet store had opened in Fantasyland with exotic creatures from different realms. It sold animals like baby dragons, griffons and phoenixs. But the most exotic and expensive was a single fairy kept locked up in a golden cage above the clerks counter.)

*a WereWolf came into the store, looking around*

This Day in Disney History

October 8, 2003:  Mickey’s Philharmagic opens in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

This state-of-the-art 4D show incorporates several of your favorite Disney characters and stars Donald Duck when he mischievously steals Yen Sid’s hat a runs amok trying to get it back after he looses it.  

This show really tickles all of your senses and with the loss of Horizons orange grove smell, really gives you some of the best scents on Disney property.  This is probably my favorite 3D show on property.  It fully immerses you in the experience with the 150 foot screen!