Ardyn went to his chambers and sent his MTs to collect Prom from wherever he’d passed out
So they drag Prom in and drop him on the bed
Ardyn comes out from his shower and sits himself down to examine Prom while he’s out
And that bared neck is too tempting
just begging for a hand wrapped around it
Being a creeper and dragging his thumb across freckles
A half hour later the room is mostly dark except for the desk light where Ardyn is reviewing reports
Prom started to wake and he turns in his seat to watch
Can see the point where Prom has woken but is faking sleep still
trying to suss the situation out as best he can before he opens his eyes
Ardyns like a lazy satisfied cat
leaning over the back of the seat to watch him


ffxv swap hairstyles for glaive trio. long hair+braids=happiness

nyx: wanted to keep all the details while making it a different style. hopefully it still looks fine and wispy like the original. also the ponytail is off center.
libre: tried something different with the longer braid but i’m not sure about it.
crowe: stubble or no stubble? idk. the hair is braided(ish) into three parts before becoming a ponytail.