In the witch kingdom Hyalin, the strength of your magic is determined by the length of your hair. Those that are strong enough are conscripted by the Witch Guard, who enforce the law in peacetime and protect the land during war. However, those with hair judged too long are pronounced enemies of the kingdom, and annihilated. This is called a witch burning.

Witchy is the story of a young witch named Nyneve. Terrified of the Guard, and of being enlisted, she hides her long hair from everyone but her mother.

Hey,  do you like fantasy stories but wish for more diverse casts? Witchy is about queer witches of colour from all over Asia and Oceania, also written by a queer asian person, me, Ariel! It’s very good and currently reaching the climax of its first arc - plus it’s only about 110 pages right now - that’s only like, an hour or so of reading!!! and if you don’t trust me, here are some features on it that might change your mind:

mental floss
women write about comics (also includes an interview)

And of course, you can read it here, or sponsor me on patreon!

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Confirmed: Final Fantasy VII Remake’s battle system will be dramatically different from the original.

While director Tetsuya Nomura noted quite recently that much of the core of FFVII will remain the same, sweeping changes will be taking place within the battle system. Rather than falling back on the original game’s Active Time Battle style of combat, Nomura says fans should expect “dramatic changes” that will bring FFVII into modern times.

“We’re not going to be changing it into a shooter or something like that,” Nomura mentioned in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK. “We are going to be bringing dramatic changes, but we want to make sure it’s still recognizable.”

Additionally, Nomura told the magazine that he was looking toward his own Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children as inspiration for the visual side of things. “Don’t intend on utilizing the 3D models of Advent Children as is because, well, it’s a different technology, and it’s actually been almost ten years since Advent Children was first released.” (source)