Drawing TOPH from Avatar the Last Airbender! Was super fun and enjoyable to put together, enjoy! (▼∀▼) 

Pumpkin Spice

SPN Writing Challenge || chuckshvrley vs roxy-davenport
prompt: jack-o-lantern
pairing(s): deancas 
word count: 3156
tags: modern au - urban fantasy, witch!cas, teacher!dean, neighbors, pre-slash fluff

author’s note: big thanks to the mods for a year of challenge fun. y’all done good ♡


It’s a chilly October morning when the apartment next to his finally fills, and Dean watches from his window with a fresh brewed cup of coffee as the moving truck is unloaded. They keep pretty quiet for the most part, seeing as how it’s barely six and the goddamn sun is just starting to peek over the horizon. Good. Considerate neighbors are always a nice thing to have.

Dean sips at his coffee, wondering absently what his new neighbor is like for a brief moment, then leaves his window to finish getting ready for work. He gets all his lesson plans together, grabs the graded homework, and is out the door half an hour later.

As he’s unlocking the Impala, Dean glances over to see a man walking out of the apartment and to the moving truck. His dark hair is wild and mussed, his sweater a soft-looking blue cashmere, and his jeans are paint-stained and well-worn. He doesn’t have shoes on.

He looks over at Dean and offers a bright, kind smile and wave, and Dean is completely frozen with awe when the dying grass beneath his bare feet surges with life, becoming a vibrant, healthy green, and small, delicate flowers suddenly sprout with each of his steps towards the truck.

Dean barely remembers to wave back before he’s in his car and driving away, and he can’t get his mind to think about anything but the friggin’ miracle he just witnessed for the rest of his day.

His new neighbor is a witch. Wow.

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