BTS Blood, Sweat & Tears (Japanese Version) Theory

*Do read my previous theory before reading this as it may help in understanding. 

1. Jungkook gets up from the bed in a room which has a window. 

This is significant as he has woken up from his dream (I will explain later on)

2. Taehyung’s flashback where he rubs his eyes and looks extremely distraught

This is significant as it depicts him waking up from this dream (Let me continue)

3. Jungkook bed have wings imprinted on it.

Links to his Begin short film where he is associated with the bird sparrowhawk (refer to my theory on begin) The symbolism of wings when he got up from the bed emphasises on his break free of his fantasy (Refer to point 1)/ his realisation of the dream he is in.

4. Jin looking at the hell & heaven portrait again ( refer to my bst korean ver theory)

Then the scene zooms in into the portrait and have 2 holes due to the opera glasses Jin look through. I am assuming that the 2 circles represent 2 scenarios.

a) What is it like in heaven/dream world

b)What is it like in hell/ reality

5. Jimin removed Suga hands, suggesting that Jimin is sick of being protected by Suga and forbidding him to see the actual truth. Now Jimin is facing reality unlike in the korean version where he is seen blindfold/covered. 

(I cannot emphasise more to read my previous theories to understand my stand.)

6. He runs from Suga. Suga doesn’t chase him.

The link to Suga’s first love short film is seen here with the piano.

Jimin have finally seen the truth and hates on Suga for not allowing him to see the reality earlier.

7. Namjoon and Jungkook where Namjoon force feed Jungkook the inky drink.

Now, This is the drink that made Jungkook hallucinate and at the start of the mv Jungkook finally wakes up from drinking this drink that make him dream/hallucinate of the surreal realm/heavens/dreamworld. The exact goes for Namjoon, to seek comfort in the dream world.

8. Same thing, the apple is the one that doesn’t allow Jimin to be able to see the reality/evil in the world. 

9. Jungkook rushes to the toilet with Suga behind him. 

Suga trying to snap Jungkook out of it but was pushed away.

The struggle between wanting to know the truth and being afraid of it is vividly displayed in this scene. 

10. Jimin and Jungkook, now knowing the truth, desperately tries to grab a hold of Taehyung with Hoseok trying to shoot a dart at him.

Let’s bring Taehyung’s killing of his father back, and Hoseok shooting arrows at him in BST Korean ver. (Again, read my BST theory)

Hoseok is trying to shoot or kill or eradicate the evil in Taehyung (Taehyung was the fallen angel/ abraxas which processes the qualities of both good and evil)

To prevent Taehyung from committing the crime and getting caught in his Stigma short film, knowing what would have happened, they tried to stop him before Taehyung could actually do what he did since this is the “dream world” and things may turn out to be better.

11. But no. Hoseok shoots nothing but water because what happened in reality cannot be change, only in dreams.

12. Taehyung flinches but nothing happens because this is but a dream.

13. Hoseok threw his medication which links to I NEED YOU.

Well he finally didn’t have to take his medication but is it really true? no.

This is again the dream/fantasized world so in actually fact he has to still take medication ( remember his short film on MAMA ? nothing but pills and mental illness)

14. Jin and Taehyung fighting scene.

In the prologue, Taehyung kill his father and called Hyung, that Hyung is Jin.

Why did suga said “Mianhae” at the part?

Jin is sorry he couldn’t make it in time to stop the tragedy from happening.

He would have punch to stop Taehyung from harbouring such evil/immoral thoughts if he had the chance, now Taehyung kind of kills Jin/ attempted murder, is this because Evil nature of humans can never be eliminated, not even in a fantasy. Since this whole story surrounds the theme of “boy meets evil”

15. Jimin and Hoseok dancing under the portrait of the Heaven and hell under red and blue lights.

i am assuming this. This emphasises the contrasting themes of good vs evil.

Red= Devil= Hell


16. Jimin runs away from Suga and find himself in a room

(The one scene that every ARMY is curious and absolutely confused)

 The Jimin that opens the door is the Jimin that knows about the reality/truth/evil

The Jimin that have his sight blocked by Suga is the fantasy/dream

Not convince? Look at their clothes.

Suga tried to protect Jimin from the reality/evil but it’s no longer possible, since another Jimin had known the truth and thus, he drops the apple that has kept him in his fantasy.

17.  Breaking out of hallucination/fantasy.

a) Jimin that knows reality getting pull out of the dreamworld through the colourful but sinister time travel tunnel.

b) Jungkook regaining his consciousness

c)Ground cracking = cracking of fantasy

d) hoseok in his mental outfit = he never get to stop taking medication/was never cured of his illness

e) Where water doesn’t push Jin into it which only happens in dream

f) Final scene of glass breaking concludes this idea of dream/fantasy being broken.

18. So, throwback to I need you.

Namjoon and Jin met at the Gas station with Jin stating “Long time no see.”

This means that the boys had went their separate ways i believe in i need you era and since then, the boys were overcoming their troubles in their short films which led them to realise the evils of the world ( Boy meets evil ). So, to safely put it, from this MV Jin and Namjoon are the ones that are strong enough to cope with their troubles and overcome it, maybe because their trouble isn’t too major to begin with.

In conclusion, this MV focuses on the other possible or surreal(too good to be true) outcome. The boys had to struggle between reality and fantasy. But in the end reality beats fantasy. What has been done, cannot be undone, only in your dreams. I believe the moral of the MV from BTS is to never stay stuck in the past and move on even if the world is an absolutely corrupt and evil place thus, it ends on a good note with Namjoon and Jin interaction.

A/n: This is purely my own theory. Feel free to DM me if you want to clarify or know more i am happy to help. (: Do not take out without credits.

on a side note, the aesthetics in the MV is on point. <3 I am going sleep now after staying up to write this, pardon me if there is any mistakes.


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The Lady of the Lake - Andrzej Sapkowski

Pages: 560 Pages
Genre: YA/Fantasy
Date Started: April 18th, 2017
Date Finished: April 29th, 2017
Goodreads Rating: 4.28

After walking through the portal in the Tower of Swallows while narrowly escaping death, Ciri finds herself in a completely different world… an Elven world. She is trapped with no way out. Time does not seem to exist and there are no obvious borders or portals to cross back into her home world.

But this is Ciri, the child of prophecy, and she will not be defeated. She knows she must escape to finally rejoin the Witcher, Geralt, and his companions - and also to try to conquer her worst nightmare. Leo Bonhart, the man who chased, wounded and tortured Ciri, is still on her trail. And the world is still at war.

Yet again, Sapkowski immerses us into the world of the Witcher. The Lady of the Lake is the 7th installment (technically the 5th, but I’m including the short stories as well) and it successfully holds it’s own as an enthralling contribution to the saga. Sapkowski once again proves his mastery at creating characters that truly come to life on the page. Geralt is sassy and sarcastic as always; he does have his moments when his brooding knows no bounds. But it’s Geralt… I’ve come to expect and love it in the character. Yennefer will always be a favorite of mine, simply because she isn’t a whimpering mush of dependency. She holds her own against “stronger” male characters and surpasses them in actual depth. Ciri… is an enigma. I love her and I wanted to know how her story was going to play out but, at times, she just wasn’t as intriguing, wasn’t as spell-binding. Needless to say, she does come into her own in The Lady of the Lake as the book’s focus landed on her, more often than not.

Obviously, I can’t go much further into details without spoiling the story since it’s so far into the series. Needless to say, the plot is interesting, the characters are well-developed, and the world-building in, as always, phenomenal.

☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5 stars

Fairytale vocablist Dutch

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Inspired by the vocablist in Maltese by Maltese-boy 

Er was eens… = once upon a time

En ze leefden nog lang en gelukkig = and they lived happily ever after

Het sprookje = the fairytale

Het verhaal = the story

De legende = the legend

De fantasie = the fantasy

De mythologie = the mythology

De prins = the prince

De prinses = the princess

De koning = the king

De koningin = the queen

De ridder = the knight

Het kasteel = the castle

Het koninkrijk = the kingdom

De tovenaar = the wizard

De heks = the witch

De magie = the magic

De kracht = the power

De toverspreuk = the spell

De vloek = the curse

De wens = the wish

Het goud = the gold

De draak = the dragon

De kroon = the crown

Het zwaard = the sword

Het monster = the monster

De geest = the spirit

Het spook = the ghost

De dwerg = the dwarf

De reus = the giant

De vampier = the vampire

De zeemeermin = the mermaid

De fee = the fairy