“Fantasy II” - Fenster

Sitting in a coffeeshop alone on a Saturday night, emotions shielded from the reality of the situation by an earlier immersion into The Moon & Antarctica, I wanted to find in my inbox something folksy and meaningful, but without being too cute or possessing an excess of whimsy (I also didn’t want yet another Fleet Foxes clone - they are everywhere). Enter Fenster, a deceptively unique pop duo that is much more than the warm tunes and smooth voice you initially hear. The sudden shifts from minimal percussive parts to multi-layered, compelling movements laden with some guitar and handclaps are unexpected, yet well done (especially with the second-long lull to engender some excitement) - not to mention the inclusion of radio voices, static,  clicks-and-clacks and all sorts of little things not often associated with these sorts of tunes. I’ve only heard this track, but it has me anticipating the rest of Bones, the LP due March 2nd on Morr Music. [link]

- Tyler Hanan


I was tagged by chortlebrah so here are 10 of my favorite video game characters of all time :)

Aigis - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Oerba Yun Fang - Final Fantasty XIII

Aqua - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Katherine - Catherine

Elizabeth - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Alice - Alice Madness Returns

Emperor Mateus - Final Fantasy II

Ruvik - The Evil Within

Roxas - Kingdom Hearts II

Minato - Shine Megami Tensei: Persona 3

So I’ll tag ten people to make a top 10 list of their own :) shwit the-empress-arcana the-moon-arcana cactuarqueen junes-boy steviewaffles caerberus scottieskyline xxcrossbonezxx verryfinny

Please have fun with your lists :)

Final Fantasy III 'Heroes of Dawn' OC ReMix
  • Final Fantasy III 'Heroes of Dawn' OC ReMix
  • PacificPoem

Final Fantasy III: Heroes of Dawn - PacificPoem

[Deep Under The Water; Chaos Temple, Dead Music (Final Fantasy I); Rebel Army Theme, Reunion (Final Fantasy II)]

From the Final Fantasy II ReMix album Rebellion

Untitled II (2015, Molested Development) // Download

This is a collection of covers/edits I’ve done over the past 5 or so years for your listening pleasure/displeasure. Only the last two tracks are covers. The rest are edits. Tracklist is as follows…

  1. Blame Game: Originally by Kanye West.
    This was made when my girlfriend was away for the night and I was feeling lonely. I’ve always wanted to work the piano from this song into my own sound for years.
  2. Out Of Touch: Originally by Hall & Oates
    Basically, I wanted to make one of my favourite songs become seriously unattractive to the ears. I love it.
  3. A Bao A Qu: Originally by Boris
    Couldn’t resist a slight edit of the 7″ version of this track. Not much is changed.
  4. Lavender Town: Originally from Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow
    This is my favourite cover. Junichi Masuda’s original version is fun enough to listen to, but sometimes I wanna hear the song forever and with a bit more drama. All music was recorded in my parents lounge room when I was 18.
  5. All Of The Lights: Originally by Kanye West
    Listen to the last few minutes. …there it is!

Download for free here


A subspecies of American Doxie, the Atomie is a fae-type magical creature only discovered in the last 70 years. Interestingly, they are actually a mundane creation. The intense nuclear energy harnessed by the United States government during the time they call World War II affected the biology of some American Doxies. It turned their skin green or jaundiced even and caused it to become dryer and more abrasive. It made them more aggressive. They live in special reserves created by the American Wizarding Congress but they often travel away, both to meet with other tribes and to spite the AWC.

They give off a particular energy that combines their own magical biology with the nuclear radiation they’ve absorbed. This energy has a minuscule plague property and only slowly rots the environment. However, if emotionally disturbed, the atomie can cause this plague property to accelerate very quickly.  

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