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-Final Fantasy IX

-The Walking Dead (Daryl and Carol Esp pls I love them omg save me)

-Left 4 Dead


-White Knight chronicles

-The Evil Within

-Gansta. (Doug I NEED DOUG)

-Tokyo Ghoul (Touka and Ayato man I need more sibs)

“Fantasy II” - Fenster

Sitting in a coffeeshop alone on a Saturday night, emotions shielded from the reality of the situation by an earlier immersion into The Moon & Antarctica, I wanted to find in my inbox something folksy and meaningful, but without being too cute or possessing an excess of whimsy (I also didn’t want yet another Fleet Foxes clone - they are everywhere). Enter Fenster, a deceptively unique pop duo that is much more than the warm tunes and smooth voice you initially hear. The sudden shifts from minimal percussive parts to multi-layered, compelling movements laden with some guitar and handclaps are unexpected, yet well done (especially with the second-long lull to engender some excitement) - not to mention the inclusion of radio voices, static,  clicks-and-clacks and all sorts of little things not often associated with these sorts of tunes. I’ve only heard this track, but it has me anticipating the rest of Bones, the LP due March 2nd on Morr Music. [link]

- Tyler Hanan

(( Can we all just stop for a second and agree that just because we dislike a game in the FF series it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s complete shit and has nothing going for it and that you’re just of a different opinion than other people in the fandom??? ))

Final Fantasy villains and their motivations

I: Rogue knight who uses a complicated time paradox to live forever
II: Despotic Emperor who wants to rule everything because grr, I’m evil
III: Ancient wizard who wants to destroy the universe because he doesn’t want to be mortal.
IV: Alien wants to take over earth because grr, I’m evil and humans are weak
V: The Giving Tree wants to destroy the universe because fuck it
VI: The Joker wants to destroy the world because he’s just a nihilistic fuck
VII: Long Sword supersoldier wants to destroy the world because mommy said so.
VIII: Sorceress from the future wants to… Compress time? Why????
IX: Androgynous furry who wants to destroy the world because he doesn’t like being mortal either

Haven’t beaten anything past IX 😅