what i love about richard is that he always plays these super brooding aggressive characters and he has such a huge physical presence but at the same time he is the biggest fucking dork who makes character biographies and wears adorable jumpers and is upset cos no one ever gets him socks for christmas and does cbeebies bedtime stories and is such a humble person omfg


When Lanny won his fantasy football league earlier this year, he went nuts. Hollering throughout the house, laughing, dancing… he did it all. He immediately went to our weekly calendar board by the back door and wrote this. He then turns to me and says, after he declares he is the “Dark Lord of Fantasy Football,”
“This has to stay here until next season.”
“Next season?!”
“Next season.”

And here we are, 6 months later, still without our weekly calendar board.

This morning I’m getting out of the pool and checking my phone and I see this text.

Next month he’ll know my weekly plans.

CMONNNNN, football season.

Our regular boyfriend doesn’t get turned on by the incest fantasies. My husbands brother is coming to visit in a few weeks. I wonder what I could do to get both of them to call me Mommy and then convince to fuck mommy like good sons should do. Any ideas of how I can get two brothers to drive their hard cocks deep in their “mother” after a day full of teasing and role-playing?