The Zodiac Signs’ Hogwarts Houses

Gryffindor: Aries, Sagittarius

Ravenclaw: Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius

Hufflepuff: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Pisces

Slytherin: Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn



This is one of the short films made as part of the Legendy Polskie cycle (”Polish Legends”). Directed and designed by a CGI artist acclaimed worldwide, Tomasz Bagiński, the cycle aims to present Polish folklore in a new manner, and to prove that fantasy films can be done well (or better!) outside of Hollywood.

The goal is to combine modern, world-class filmmaking with… some of the more typical aspects of Polish-ness, not only where legends are concerned.

This installment in the series does not require knowing any particular legend, the English subs are passable (though it’s less funny, some of this stuff is not very translate-able), so it’s pretty accessible to general public.

Also, really cool.

For explanations of some things that may perplex foreigners, see below.

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Disney’s steampunk-era lost world fantasy adventure film, “The Island at the Top of the World,” with a valley of surviving Vikings discovered by airship explorers (the airship is built into a cafe in Eurodisney). The plot is similar to the adventure novel “Thyra, Romance of the Polar Pit.”

of course there are social reasons for needing more diversity in film & i will defend those with my life & soul. but also, from a purely practical standpoint:

i have prosopagnosia. i am faceblind. if the cast of your film is Generic White Guy (x5) i am not exaggerating when i say i literally cannot tell these people apart. please make your characters different races, different genders, different body types, different anything. please let me enjoy a film without asking “whos that? is this the same person? are we meant to know who that is?” thank you