Pee Wee: We don’t die, we MULTIPLY!! We Bebe’s Kids!!

Yall!!!! Omg!!! This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid! Maybe i was lightweight a Bebe’s Kid 😏

Synopsis of “Bebe’s Kids” (1992):

In order to impress his new girl, Robin agrees to look after her friend (Bebe) kids, only to find out they are uncontrollably rambunctious!

15 Facts

@fatmaninalittlesuit tagged me to post 15 facts about myself :) Here we go!

  1. Though I was born a US Citizen, I was actually born in Sweden.
  2. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and run with the Hogwarts Running Club.
  3. Though I love fantasy novels and films, I don’t like Sci-fi.
  4. I have watched all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer so many times that I lost count.
  5. My first job was at Baltimore Bagel, which was shortly bought out by Einstein Bros. 
  6. People often think I am ten years younger than I really am.
  7. I get genuinely sad when I think about how great season 3 of Veronica Mars could have been.
  8. I’ve dated someone I met through tumblr.
  9. I was an only child until age 20, at which time I got two younger step-brothers.
  10. My step-brother is Zirene the League of Legends shout caster.
  11. I am an avid gamer, though I really only play single player RPGs like Skyrim.
  12. I learned to sew this year and am committed to eventually making all my own clothes.
  13. Ghost Adventures is my favorite thing on television, and I have even read all of the stars’ books.
  14. I was captain of my high school cheerleading squad.
  15. I love really bad jokes and puns!

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anonymous asked:

The main thing about the make up category is while it was made for for make up/prosthetics the winner is still mainly about normal make up. There is a major bias against sci-fi/fantasy films getting awards for decades so it rarely goes to a heavy prosthetic film. Sad really.

it basically goes to “Which films make up can i recreate at home the easiest to make money off youtube with”.



This is one of the short films made as part of the Legendy Polskie cycle (”Polish Legends”). Directed and designed by a CGI artist acclaimed worldwide, Tomasz Bagiński, the cycle aims to present Polish folklore in a new manner, and to prove that fantasy films can be done well (or better!) outside of Hollywood.

The goal is to combine modern, world-class filmmaking with… some of the more typical aspects of Polish-ness, not only where legends are concerned.

This installment in the series does not require knowing any particular legend, the English subs are passable (though it’s less funny, some of this stuff is not very translate-able), so it’s pretty accessible to general public.

Also, really cool.

For explanations of some things that may perplex foreigners, see below.

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