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For seven years, television viewers, whether hate-watching or not, made the “19 Kids and Counting” show a massive hit; glued to their TVs for never-ending Duggar marathons, rooting for America’s largest and most clean-cut Christian family. Jim Bob, a self-professed Christian, obviously calculated that the gold-mine was worth con-job.

Likewise, Mike Huckabee is scamming his political supporters, hubristically comporting himself as a serious candidate when it ought to be fully transparent to anyone paying attention that he’s running simply to burnish his career and to augment his personal wealth.

Huckabee’s candidacy isn’t about helping his supporters who, by the way, are donating their hard-earned cash and limited spare time to his campaign; Huckabee’s candidacy is all about increasing his media cache, it’s about boosting his speaking fees and strengthening his hand in preparation for his next Fox News Channel contract. Former George W. Bush speechwriter, David Frum saliently refers to Fox News and AM talk radio as the “conservative entertainment complex” and Huckabee is one of the main stage players. This can’t be emphasized enough: Huckabee is taking money from ordinary Americans who think he’s in the race to win and to change things, when in reality he has no hope of winning and he knows it. But having “presidential candidate” on a contract term sheet brings with it a substantial rocket-boost to Huckabee’s earning potential.

Huckabee and the Duggars are ultimately a perfect match: they’re phenomenal hypocrites and they’ve made hugely successful careers for themselves by claiming, in practice, to be something they’re really not.

—  Salon’s Bob Cesca on the slick packaging, marketing manipulations and hypocrisies of Mike Huckabee and the Duggar family.   

I’ve been playing FFXIII and Hope is one of my favorite characters. (Despite people saying he’s whiny) the kid has gone through so much and lost a lot. Yet in the end he’s pretty smart and comes out to be one of the strongest. I like having him in my party, ayeee. It’s just a doodle, I’m still in a block where I cant draw fully yet.

But it’s still fun to draw Hope.

something i drew super quick to tell the following thing;

i decided clark will have long hair while he and bjoern will be with sea people, bc having short hair kinda makes you ‘lower class’ (like tribal mages), and defke warned clark about it and told him to let his hair grow

when he and bjoern leave and clark is really upset about it he pretty much instantly cuts off his hair bc he doesn’t want to be reminded about defke too much because he misses them, and he tells bjoern he never liked having long hair anyway, as some weird way of coping

Unlike sea people, who have heavy hair that just drops and is super rich, elf hair is light and fluffy, which is why clark’s hair sticks slightly upwards often

sea people clothes are the most primitive and simple clothes lmao, i can even imagine the material they are made of, but i can’t really describe it yet, i need to think of good irl examples sometime