Vampire Spawn
The various vampiric species reproduce exclusively by siring of living hosts. Both male and female vampires are barren and or impotent upon the transition. Though there is a very rare exception to the case. A pregnant woman who is turned can continue to bare young depending on the spontaneous mutation of the vampiric strain. Male vampires are sexually sterile leaving female vampires, who retain their fertility, to seek out living male “fathers”. It is believed that this behavior is where the myth of the Succubus originates. The Succubus being the very rare fertile female vampire.

These blasphemous spawn grow incredibly fast with no two looking alike. A single litter can possess offspring that could pass as human to the purely demonic in appearance. These children are regarded with much distain within vampire society as they are primal, animalistic and savage in nature. They are seen as nothing more than golems of the vampire world.
While not immortal, like their mothers, they can live incredibly long lives and will live to serve their queen. Many are equipped with blood sacs, which they engorge and use to carry blood back and feed their queen.  

Fertile females are both highly prized and feared in the vampire world do to the sheer power she can possess in numbers and therefore territory. Because of this, fertile mothers are regularly hunted and or held captive by their own kin.