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“You know,” their friend said, “if you keep daring the monsters to take you, they’re going to take it as a challenge.”

It was past curfew, and the protagonist could still taste cheap vodka in their mouth, hear the club beat ringing in their ears, the stickiness of the party, the euphoria of living recklessly. 

It wasn’t the moment for their friend’s worry, sitting hunched on the bed, waiting for them to sneak in through the window. 

So the protagonist laughed and tossed them a wink. “I would love to see them try.”

Their friend smiled. An odd smile, and, when they rose to stand, their shadow stretched impossibly tall in the light of the moon. 

The protagonist froze.

Because now that was an invitation.

“We were hoping you’d say that,” said the monster.


“Anatomically correct” mermaid references. Artists unknown. If you know either artist, please let me know! I try to always credit artists, since I am one.

And before I have anyone reblogging this saying “mermaids with cetaceans tails only make sense”, please don’t. Mermaids (that we know of) aren’t real. So really no human/fish-tailed hybrid “makes sense”.

Mermaids live in our souls, they are spirits of wild, untamable freedom and mystery. 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏽‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️

“I’m so bored of having to save everyone,” the prince said. “Why the hell is it my job? I never asked for this.”

“I’m so bored of being locked in towers like I’m the prize boys get for being a decent person,” the princess replied. “But you’re right, the power and opportunity to affect change in the world is awful. I honestly don’t know how you bear it.” 

The two siblings paused, exchanging a look. 

The masquerade of pretending to be each other began.

anonymous asked:

Any pirate prompts? Like where a woman is a cptain

1) “What is this crap? It’s bad luck to have a woman on board.”
The captain feigned horror. “Oh god, you should have said so. I would never have forced you to suffer such a thing if I knew!” She looked to her crew and smiled. “Toss the poor bastard into the sea so he’s not tainted by femininity.”

2) “I was captured by these awful pirates,” she sobbed to the navy crew. Thinking fast - not about to lose this battle, or let her crew be hanged.
“It’s alright,” the naval captain said. He wrapped an arm around her. “You’re safe now. They’re never going to hurt you again.”
Suffice to say, she dined with the captain, nicked his keys, slit the crew’s throats while they were sleeping, and took the ship for her fleet. All in a day’s work. 

3) “You can’t be a pirate!” The lord’s daughter said in horror. “You saved me!”
“Darling,” she sauntered across her deck. “I acquired you. If you want to go back, I’ll ransom you for a pretty price. If you don’t-” she turned and raised her brows. “Change and welcome to the crew. You can start by scrubbing the deck.” 

PS: The majority of my prompts are gender neutral, if you want more pirate prompts!

“Shouldn’t you be safe at home, little girl?” asked the wolf. Sharp teeth and menace. “Tucked up in a swaddle of fine things and domestic bliss?”

“I needed air,” replied she. “The trees. The hunt. The moonlight. You are not the only one born with two skins, old friend.”

“No, but you gave up yours long ago. We warned you.”

“There’s no point having two skins if the elders would have me choose one. I gave up nothing. Let me pass.”

Mer, Sirens, Sea Things

Anonymous said:Do you have any mermaid prompts? I’m writing about a couple of mermaids in love and I’d like inspiration but I enjoy anything you write!// Anonymous said:Could we get some more mermaid prompts?

1) “It will be fine,” they said. “Just keep the blanket over your legs, and no one will even be able to tell.” 
The mer’s heart skittered with excitement as they got their first look at land, their friend pushing the wheelchair with a bright smile. As they savoured something called ‘chocolate’ they longed to return the favour, mesmerised by the shining lights of the pier and the music and the people. Oh, there were so many people. 

2) The mermaid pressed close, sealing their lips to the human’s. It was a stale sort of oxygen in their lungs - but it would do the trick. The human clung to them, desperate for whatever air they could get. In the ocean, nothing warm ever came close so sweetly. They pulled back, feeling a little intoxicated, watching as the human began to strain in their arms before they kissed them again. Gave them air again. No greater treasure had ever been tossed off a pirate ship.

3) One minute, sharks. Sleek and predatory in the water, with their cool eyes and their sharp teeth. The next - her. Flashing scales stunning in the water, with a jaw just as deadly, claws slashing and snarling as she curled around the mermaid. That was how they first met.

4) “You love her?” the sea witch purred. “Your sea-shell girl? I could get her back.” 
“That’s why I’m here.” Dealing with the witch was always a bad idea, but it couldn’t be worse than the gush of water, the writhe of fish, the net that hauled her beloved away out of the ocean she belonged to. 
The sea witch smiled. 

5) They didn’t know how to navigate a tail - they were used to legs. To more solid ground than currents that slipped around, and the song hungry and burning in their throat, and the way their pinwheeling arms struggled to navigate the way that seafolk swam. Her lover had dumped her in the sea some three hours ago, some magical trade off for a fucking bitch fish who couldn’t even talk. Men.