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Skarbrand. Greater daemon of the blood god, Khorne. Known as the Exiled, his own incandescent rage caused him to bear a hubris through the warp. Twisted in a plan of the rival god Tzeentch to fight his own master. Cast out like a burning meteor from the realm of the brass throne and his wings torn asunder, Skarbrand serves his lord Khorne still. A butcher who’s very presence on the field of battle causes others to lose their grip on sanity.

The Battle Masters tower is overrun by orcs from the combined tribes of Citadel, RAFM, and Prince August.  I love making detailed terrain pieces from scratch, but it is so convenient to snap together the 5 panels to make this tower and place it on the table with no worries about damage during transport or attacks by snack-stained player fingers.

Tonight I finished off the two Ika Class Mechanical Squids for my Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet.
I really like these models, the sculpts are great!
They also go really well with the rest of my fleet, and I’m definitely going to be painting up more of the models I have waiting to join the Empire on the high seas!

Happy Hobbying!