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{PART 28} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Tricking Yoongi proves to be easier than you could have ever hoped, as you stumble upon just a taste of what your awakened abilities can achieve. However, in your haste to serve Yoongi punishment for his crimes; you and Jungkook learn that that life and death are just a means to an end - for every living thing…must one day, die.

“To play God not only means to give life; but take it as well. As she stared into the abyss, it stared right back at her…and she finally realised the true meaning behind all things living; even herself.”

|| Warning: This chapter contains mentions of blood and scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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So I didn’t know until yesterday when I saw the bookavid’s post that books with over 50 amazon reviews help them become more visible to readers based on the algorithm.

Touch is getting closer and Trick is almost halfway there! If you’ve read them, please help my little stories and consider leaving a review. And for any other indie/lesser known books that you’ve read too. It keeps those novels afloat, which is so important!

P.S. According to the “Submit a Review” page, you don’t need to buy the books on amazon in order to review there.


Making your game great! Watch this amazing video about how to make your games even more gooder-er! :)

- Mo!

Like Limbs and Hearts, Entwined (Part 1)

Summary:  When the woven birch crown appears in the Sacred Grove, the village elders know that The God of Field and Forest, The Lord of the Ancient Wood, has decided to take a Bride.  The most beautiful girl in the village, chosen by him and blessed with his grace, is to perform the marriage rites on the First Summer Moon, thus ensuring a bountiful harvest and continued prosperity for the community…  And you are so very certain and so very thankful that it could never be you!

Warnings: a rather detailed (and sad) birth of a lamb scene, future smut

A/N: The bulk of the fic takes place around a decade or so after the events of the prologue. Also, I’m not a farmer, so don’t take any of the details I put in as straight up facts. and a special thanks to @abovethesmokestacks for being the best sounding board for ideas, ever!

The last snow had not yet melted when the First Spring Moon was upon the village.  The sky was still low and grey, but signs of renewed life began to creep back into the world.  Tufts of grass here, the fluttering of a bird there, livestock beginning to birth.  As was the ancient custom, the village Elders made their way to the Sacred Grove to thank The Lord of Nature for seeing them through the harsh winter.  Offerings of preserved meats and produce were to be left for him, along with evergreen sprigs.  A reminder that his time had come again and to beg favor for the coming season. Yet when the small group of men and women reached their destination, arms laden with gifts collected from every family, they were shocked to discover something already sitting upon the oak stump altar.  

The Woven Birch Crown, with its traditional ivy and myrtle, but accented with lilac and blue hyacinth, the blooms a colorful addition unique to this proposal.

The God of Field and Forest was calling forth a Bride.  And it was the Elders’ duty to read the signs throughout the season and prepare his Chosen to be wed at the First Summer Moon.

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Sneaky DM Tricks 2

Whenever I want to subtly create tension among the players, or make a fight more urgent (maybe their target is carrying a dragon egg to a special font and once it’s bathed in the waters it will hatch into something awful), I will artificially add urgency to the situation by speeding up the game.

The way I do this is easy: I talk faster.

I’ll ask people for their actions much more quickly and describe what the enemies do more quickly as well. I won’t pause, I’ll remove as many “um” as I can from my vocab, and I’ll roll and resolve rolls as fast as I can.

If I want to add even more urgency I’ll create a fake timer in my head or tell people they have 10 seconds to declare their entire action/move on their turn and enforce it. If they lolligag or haven’t taken their full action within the time, I will interrupt them with the enemy’s actions. Those actions are never actually anything awful, they’ll be minor actions like they point their crossbow at someone else or they’ll make a check to try to spot the stealthed rogue. Nothing that interrupts the actual game much. I call this turn-taking “fluid initiative” and I’ll write more about it another time!

In the wagon chase encounter I created I did this. As they described what they were about to do, I would pause them and move the enemies along the side of the wagon on their wargs. This made them want to move more quickly and get their action in before anything else happened.

It’s a pretty simple trick, but it’s a great one.

- Mo!

Anyway I tested my hand at drawing and the first thing I did was THIS.

Because I found the most wonderful design for a DraStu kid and I just couldn’t resist. I mean look at her. She’s the cutest lil patoot ever and I just can’t.

Out of Reach

A surprise writing thing for a human!AU SnowBaz one shot that I’m doing at 6 am on 0 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours. K here we go:


I wake up in bed oddly warm and extremely groggy. I look down at the boy pressed against me. His bronze curls are in a disarray, and there’s a bit of drool pooling out of the side of his mouth. I smile down at him, heart twisting in what can only be labeled as love.

I absolutely hate it.

I met Simon Snow when I was 11 years old when he moved in across the street. My step-mother and I went over to welcome him to the neighborhood because she’s so sickeningly hospitable like that. Simon was the only one to answer the door, his foster parents apparently out doing errands. The first thought I had about him was that he was beautiful. His eyes were a calming blue that I wanted to stare into forever, and he had moles that formed like constellations on his skin. The thought that followed was to hit him and run like a little kid with a crush. Because that’s what I was: a little kid with an instant crush on the beautiful boy across the street. I didn’t know what it was that pulled me toward him so fiercely, and - if I’m being honest with myself - I don’t think I wanted to know.

He held out his hand for me to shake. I took it and gave him the firmest grip an 11-year-old could muster. He smiled at me and it was like staring into the sun. “Hi, I’m Simon. Simon Snow.” I gave him a small smile back and retreated my hand. “Basilton Grimm-Pitch,” I said. He snickered, “That’s too much for me to say - or remember. How ‘bout I just call you Baz?” I felt my face heat up in that moment. I was blushing at a fucking nickname. “Okay,” I said. He smiled even wider and I felt myself falling for him instantly. Crowley, I was already so gone for that boy.

Now, 6 years later, we’re still best friends.

But that’s all we’ll ever be. The thought sickens me and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Simon Snow, the boy with the beautiful hair and eyes. Simon Snow, the boy with a constellation of moles spread all over his face, neck, and chest. Simon Snow, the bravest and boldest boy I ever knew to stand up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. Simon Snow, the most oblivious boy I’ve ever met and the fastest scone consuming beast I’ve ever seen. Simon Snow. My best friend…

who is completely straight and very out of my league.

I notice how he’s curled into me, making my typically cold skin warm from his furnace of a body. I told him once that his heat was sometimes unbearable, and he commented back at me with, “So, are you saying I’m hot?” and even added a cheeky little wink. I blushed so hard I had to bury my face in my hands. I never brought it up again.

I shift carefully as to not be so close. Part of why I moved was in case Simon freaked out - which is irrational by how touchy of a person Simon is. The other part is because I cannot stand to pretend like what I feel is platonic nor can I live in a fantasy world, tricking myself into believing Simon would ever feel the way I do. Not even I am that cruel. I feel him stir next to me, obviously feeling the shift in the bed from my movement. A bleary blue eye peaks up at me, and I feel my breath stop short in my throat.

Simon grins up at me, sunshine and all things pure in the world showing through. He closes his eye and wraps his arms around my waist in an attempt to pull me back into him. I comply and slide up against him as if we were two perfect puzzle pieces that finished a grand picture. It felt so right, but I knew it was wrong. This isn’t what I want it to be. Yet I savor every bit of it. I take in the soft features of Simon’s face, the way his hair is a curly mess splayed out on the pillow, and the drool stain on the pillow beneath his chin. My breath is still caught in my throat. Even if I can’t have Simon like I want, even if I can never kiss him and hold him and flirt with him like I want, I still have him. I still have Simon Snow in my life, and that’s all I could ever ask for.


I chuckle lowly at him. He does this every time he spends the night; he wakes up for 5 seconds to murmur me “good morning” only to fall back asleep for the next hour. “Good morning,” I whisper between the sheets, “I love you.” He’s already back asleep, but I say it anyway. I always do. And he never knows, and he never will. Merlin forbid if he ever heard me.

A single curl is draped across his forehead and I reach out, wanting to move it out of the way. I brush my fingertips across his forehead, noticing the dark contrast in my skin compared to his. I always felt like that described us - his lighter skin representing his personality shining bright and catching the attention from everyone like the sun, while my darker tone describing me as someone to be kept hidden in the shadows, cursed to only admire his light and to never be a part of it. I keep my hand lingering longer than what would be considered acceptable. I haven’t even moved the bloody curl yet. Crowley, I was beyond the point of no return, wasn’t I?

Suddenly, Simon shifts closer to me, nuzzling his face into my chest (so much for moving that curl). I’m frozen in his arms, every muscle stiffening from the contact. If I was asleep, I probably would have unconsciously wrapped my arms and legs around him, completely consuming him in a tangle of limbs and warmth. But I’m not asleep. I’m wide awake and lying in bed with my best friend, whom of which I’ve been in love with since we were 11, and all I can do is just lay there and try my best not to move as he fucking sighs in the softest most content way possible against my chest.

Simon Snow is going to be the death of me, I swear.


Thanks for reading! I’m thinking about making a part 2 to continue into the morning but mostly I just felt like writing angst and pining from Baz. Maybe I’ll do Simon’s POV next? Idk we’ll see!

Part 2

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