fantasy sleeper

Bed Time Routine

As a light sleeper, I have been subjected to quite a few of my friends night time shenanigans and I thought, what would the guys be?


You had trained yourself to be a light sleeper, it came with the territory. A soldier must be ready to protect those that they serve, and with you being one the four that was escorting the Prince to his wedding, you were determined to make certain he wouldn’t be eaten by a daemon in the middle of the night, considering that he slept like a rock, it was bound to happen. Yet still, that did not prepare you for the first night.

Being the only lady in the tent, you’d often turn in later so the guys didn’t feel uncomfortable with you changing before them, you had opted to sleep in the dead center of the tent, between Prompto and Noctis, figuring that you were the fastest and lightest sleeper, you’d be the first to strike should anything happen. You had possibly been asleep for about 2 hours when you felt a weight on your chest, and then a soft snoring in your ear along with a hold around your shoulders. You blinked awake softly, only to notice that Noctis had stretched across you and Ignis, who was on the other side of the Prince and he was now using you as a pillow. While the snoring within your ear was a Prompto who had decided to cuddle you something fierce and tight. You knew Prompto was had some muscle in his arms, but he was determine to hold on tight to you.

It wasn’t so bad if anything you were actually a little more comfortable. You went to cuddle back into your pillow to return to sleep, only for your eyes to snap open at the roar that echoed through the tent. Was that Courel?! Or an Iron Giant! Holy Hell, please don’t let it be a Tonberry! You shot up, knocking Noctis to your lap, who didn’t even seem to care that he was moved in the slightest and Prompto off you with a whine from the blonde. Your fingers twisted, ready to summon a weapon only to realize it was in the tent and coming from behind Prompto.

Only to be greeted by Gladiolus, laying on his back and snoring heavily. Sweet Astrals! He sounded like a behemoth with a hernia! Leaning over Prompto and somehow having Noctis remain comfortably within your lap, you jabbed at the man in ribs before he finally rolled over, and the snore stopped.

For about a moment, before it was directed to the tent wall!

You flopped back down to your cushion and blanket, closing your eyes to try and get some sleep. Only to nearly jump from your skin as Ignis set up like a man possessed. His green eyes staring at you with a soft glare.


“Quiet! They’ll hear you!”

You panicked softly, at the moment you were alone, “Who?”

“The custards you, twat.” He hissed before laying back and was out like a light.

You could only stare in confusion, Ignis had never referred to anyone as a twat, let alone you, he was so gentlemanly. So it was really something that threw you for a loop.  So you laid wide awake, staring at the ceiling of the tent trying to figure how you were going to get any sleep on this trip if something like this continued.

“Y/N, are you feeling okay?” Ignis inquired, as you had managed to wiggle out from underneath Noctis to step outside to greet him and Gladiolus.

At most you had maybe gotten about 2 hours of sleep, and that was after Gladiolus stopped snoring and Ignis had left. Yet before Noctis had decided that all blankets were his domain and he deserved them now! 

“Yeah didn’t sleep well is all.” You yawned softly, taking a cup of ebony that was offered to you, quickly downing it in hopes that it would keep you awake for the day. Not normally a coffee drinker, but maybe this would work.

Yet instead all it did was made your heart race, and you wanted to sleep more than anything, and you were jittery. No wonder Ignis spoke in his sleep.

You had eventually trained the boys to mind their Ps and Qs while sleep. To start with Gladiolus!

It was a hard job, yet eventually, enough poking and prodding at the big guy, he’d eventually start rolling to his side after a quick poke to the side. You’d also slap a few breath right strips across the bridge of his nose, and you’d get a soft snore, still loud, but now more of a background noise.

Next was Ignis, you were worried that he would hurt himself if not careful, yet found he only sat up and blurted stuff when he was on his back and if he drank an Ebony after 6 pm, so you got him decaf and would maneuver Noctis so that Ignis was also forced to his side.

Yet Noctis and Prompto had to be the hardest, considering that Prompto just wanted to cuddle, yet Prompto’s idea of cuddling his latching on like a baby Koala and never releasing. While Noctis need to use everyone as a mattress and become the King of said blankets by the following morning. The only thing you could do was wait for them to doze off and then you swaddled them, like two infants. Sometimes you’d have to use two blankets on Noctis, but swaddling them was the only way you didn’t wake up to a Prince laying on you, and a Photographer trying to climb you like a tree. Besides, they both made rather adorable burritos when it came down to it.

Your sleep schedule had dropped from 8 to about 7 or 6 but it was better than those first few weeks at 2.

“Hey, Y/N.” Prompto called one morning after breakfast. “Did you know you pur in your sleep?”

You blinked confused, “Really, is it annoying?”

“Not really,” Noctis muttered.

Ignis chuckled softly, “I’d say it rather soothing.”

“Yeah like a white noise machine,” Gladiolus added.

You blinked in confusion, having to wonder if you were the reason the boys all slept so well around you.




Alright so he is my favorite looking quarterback in the league, souley based on the beard….DUH. But that has nothing to do with his Sleeper pick. He plays the Patriots defense this week who have been getting worse against the pass as the season progresses. And what luck, the Bills have found their passing game the past two weeks. He has been putting up numbers and keeping the INTs to a low.  He steps it up  against the Patriots. Could be a shoot out against the Machine Tom Brady. Give the beard a chance and go for a sleeper this week!



Beast Mode is actually producing consistently which is great because he is hands down the best runner to watch in football, so sporadic. The Rams have been okay against the run, but Lynch likes to run hard and beat up on tough defenses. I don’t expect him to slow down too much this week. Start him.